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Terricus 04-10-14 04:15 AM

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Terricus 04-10-14 04:21 AM


A little bit of touching up on the terminators and layering some gold on the tac marines. Will be drilling their bolters when I finish.

Terricus 05-05-14 03:34 PM

Hey guys, I am back from vacation and am picking up from where I left off. My iron and crusade armor guys will be posted tonight. Now I ask a question, for all of you who have used the sicaran battle tank varients which one do you enjoy more? The venerator (anti tank) or the regular sicaran with the accelerator cannon? I'm ordering one of the tanks along with some more night lords stuff from fw at the end of the week and am havin trouble deciding.

Varakir 05-05-14 09:06 PM

Those marines and termies look really nice - strong colours and i like the shade of purple :victory:

Afraid i have no input on the tank but i'll look forward to seeing it painted :)

Terricus 05-06-14 11:45 PM

What do y'all think? The bronze one (which will be painted gold over the bronze base) or the silver color on the shoulder pads and helm?
(Sgt. Oren Crassus)
Group shot of the squad.

Dakingofchaos 05-07-14 11:25 AM

Night Lords look good, but I think the rhino could do with a wee bit of tidying up; just little things like the red section 'splodging' onto the blue. Like the loyalist nailed to the front though!

Terricus 05-07-14 04:06 PM

Thanks for the reply, yea looking at it I think I need another red and I am also going to use blood for the blood god paint for the blood on the dead ultra.

Terricus 05-11-14 01:42 PM

Update time! It is my night lords 7th company for the pre heresy campaign my groups is playing.
Sevatar and his dread escorts

Close up of my contemptor

Terricus 05-11-14 01:47 PM


Storm raven(will be played as a storm eagle)http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/05/11/5esa3ady.jpg

And one of my new mkIV squads, I went with the mkII shoulder pad because I like the size of it.

Finally sgt. Charon Terricus (later becomes the praetor of the 7th company)

Terricus 05-11-14 01:51 PM


I used a mkIII torso, mKIII executioner chainsword(or heavy chainsword), night lords upgrade helm and the new vanguard vets running legs from gw.

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