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Zion 03-28-14 08:02 PM

Altar of War Book Released
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From GW's site:


Altar of War
Battle in the 41st millennium is a bloody affair with conflicts raging across the galaxy. Every opponent represents a new challenge and each army has their own battle tactics. On the battlefield, you have hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways you can play games of Warhammer 40,000.

The Altar of War compendium is a collection of 63 missions (that first appeared in digital products) presented in a handy hardback book.

The missions encapsulate all the methods of war being fought across the Imperium and beyond. Each one is tailored to the specialist tactics and unique weaponry of many of the factions fighting in the 41st Millennium - from the rapid shock assaults of the Space Marines to the insidious incursions of the daemonic legions. Each mission is designed to challenge your tactical ability and this book features the Altar of War missions from:

- Space Marines, including Sentinels of Terra and Clan Raukaan
- Dark Angels
- Imperial Knights
- Eldar, including lyanden
- Tau Empire, including Farsight Enclaves
- Tyranids
- Chaos Daemons
- Chaos Space Marines, including Black Legion.
I already have a number of these, but not all of them so I'm kind of tempted to pick this up.

mayegelt 03-28-14 08:20 PM

Depending on the price I might look at it. But I assume it will be £30 for rehashed tat :P
Very disappointed in GWs current direction of squeezing every penny from every customer as it seems everyone has to have a copy of the rules + army book + allies + dataslates + strongpoint + escalation +... +... +... now just to play a simple game. Even charging extra for the rules set for Kill Teams back in December annoyed me.


At least they are producing content though I guess. Used to be long long ago you were lucky to see any real content every 3-4 months min.

Zion 03-28-14 08:44 PM

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Honestly I'm not against paying full price for a consolidated bunch of missions that are digital only and spread around a bunch of supplements and the like. The book is likely cheaper than buying all of those things too, a boon for anyone who doesn't want every single thing GW produces just to get the stuff they do want.

venomlust 03-28-14 08:46 PM

Could also split the price among the members of your gaming group, if that's a possibility. More nefarious methods exist, but I don't think I need to go into more detail.

Zion 03-28-14 08:56 PM

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Originally Posted by venomlust (Post 1647938)
Could also split the price among the members of your gaming group, if that's a possibility. More nefarious methods exist, but I don't think I need to go into more detail.

Aye, splitting costs is very possible since you'd only really need the one book amongst a bunch of people to play it.

Not to unlike what some groups do with the core rulebook actually.

mayegelt 03-29-14 09:59 AM

At least with the core rulebook you seem to be able to pick up a copy of that on ebay for £10-20 now :)
But yeah I know some people who share a collection of rulebooks as we have local schools that have gaming groups come into where I work (Library) and have communal books to share in the group. So with about 20 of them that play in 1 school it means every couple of months they each have to throw £1.50 into a pot to buy the latest book so they can all have a look and use in the club.
Though as the above hinted at I think a few of them might photocopy the core 10-20 pages for making army lists and stuff while at home.

Worthy 03-29-14 12:05 PM

I'm glad they made Altar of War into an actual physical book.

Here's hoping all the Tyranid dataslates get the same treatment and are put into 1 physical supplement codex.

venomlust 03-29-14 02:24 PM

I love the cover art. Seen this picture before and think it's incredible:


Not exactly sure what the guy with the sword is doing, he could be killing daemons and such. It does make for a good picture.

Zion 03-29-14 03:05 PM

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@venomlust He's obviously trying to murder the sky. :P

venomlust 03-29-14 03:13 PM

That's what I love about 40k. Everything is capable of being murdered.

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