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Wilder 08-04-08 10:54 AM

Shame, I was hoping the third would redeem the first two.:(

Angel of Retribution 08-04-08 02:44 PM

The book bored the crp out of me, i couldn't finish it for the longest time. But i liked the first movie, it wasn't perfect, but it was pretty decent. The second one truly sucked and i don't have high hopes for the third, but since i watched the other two, i'll have to watch this one...

PieMan 08-06-08 09:57 AM

i liked the first one but i dont get what was so bad about the second one. i liked it

to anyone who wants to watch the third one:DON'T

Marneus Calgar 08-06-08 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by Marcus Antonius Primus (Post 156602)
I didn't even know there was a ST3...

I didnt know there was a ST2... :P

Jezlad 08-06-08 03:18 PM

I like all Paul Verhoeven movies. His quirky little adverts are awesome.

Remember the nuke board game in robocop? :wink:

Lord Sinkoran 08-06-08 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by Druchii in Space (Post 156668)
Tbh the only reason Starship Troopers rates so highly with me is because of the action scenes being the closest thing to Imperial Guard vs Nids movie wise.

same hear. I want a 40k movie.

Morgal 08-06-08 09:04 PM

The book was awsome....
I have no idea how one could call the movie and the book related.
It's like jerrasic park inspiring the land before time...

EndangeredHuman 08-06-08 10:14 PM


Those.. animations...:ireful2:

Man, that film looks like it's either a) Mostly set in a single trench during day or night. b) using rehashed scenes of things blowing up from the first film or c) trying to make us laugh at the low budget props and over-polished actors.


Col. Schafer 08-09-08 04:23 AM

The first movie was ah... morbidly funny? The second was lame except for the line
"Hurry up and grow we need more meat for the grinder!" (or something to that effect)

We need a "bill the galactic hero" movie.:laugh:

chromedog 11-05-08 10:38 AM

I'll second that call.

Trooper Bil, reporting for duty, you bowb-head! I'd salute, but I can't get the other arm working right.

I had the nickname in highschool. I read SF (there were a few of us) and a bunch of us had read Bill. Harry Harrison is still one of my favourite writers.

ST3 is dire, but the marauder suits are almost cool.
I got a copy as a birthday present (but i got 'plan 9 from outer space' from the same guy last year, so things are improving. I'm expecting Star Trek:Nemesis next year.)

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