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Jace of Ultramar 03-19-14 02:46 PM

Creating game scenarios from movies
So, a friend and I are looking into creating some game scenarios from movies, using 40K armies, for casual fun. At the moment we're going to start with the Battle of Hoth with predetermined units such as Reaver Titans for Imperial Walkers and Warhound Titans as Scout Walkers. The FW Tarantula weapons platforms will see use as the Rebel Laser turrets while Stormtalons will do the job of Snowspeeders. Everything is WYSIWYG and we aren't creating special weapons for anything to try and mirror Hoth to an exact scale. Obviously, we aren't conforming to the FoC for this.
Our first match up is Chaos vs Space Marines with myself facing 3 Reavers and 2 Warhounds along with Chaos Warbands. I'm throwing 4 Stormtalons and my entire Space Marine army at this barring the use of anything with a Rhino Chassis, the Rebels didn't have tank type vehicles beyond the snowspeeders and neither will I. Sounds like a list cause, but, that's kind of the point :-)
Anyway, thoughts on this and recommendations for other film battles to play around with would be greatly appreciated

Iraqiel 03-19-14 02:57 PM

6 Attachment(s)
However, different victory conditions for each side. Chaos is to destroy all void shields and fortifications, Space Marines is to destroy 1 chaos reaver titan and survive until turn 4.

For me, I'll have to think further.

Jace of Ultramar 03-19-14 03:11 PM

I forgot to mention the victory conditions. Its similar to what you've mentioned with the exception that I have to get through the end of turn 6. Destroying a Titan isn't even in there. I should post the scenario when I type it up.

neferhet 03-19-14 04:01 PM

sounds lots of fun! :)
a fun scenario could be the Starship Trooper battle where they capture the brain bug: an all infantry & aircraft IG list, pitched against swarms of tyranids in openfield, with the objective, being the brainbug itself, inside a zone mortalis area at the centre of the board (the underground tunnels)

morfangdakka 03-24-14 06:05 AM

Sounds like fun. There are many different senarios. You could do a scene out of Battlefield Los Angeles you could IG or SM going to destroy a Chaos temple. Robot Jox having two big bots beating each other up.

Kreuger 03-24-14 07:26 AM

I could see making a skirmish out of the 'battle of the mounds' in the original Conan the barbarian.

Or the siege at the end of Willow.

You could totally do a "Predator" scenario using Necromunda and a stealth Kroot. Or an Aliens scenario using a burned out spaceport and imperial guards and either genestealers or hormagaunts.

The Irish Commissar 03-24-14 08:59 AM

Or you xoykd do three hundred using space marines against cultist.

Gret79 03-24-14 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Kreuger (Post 1639058)
You could totally do a "Predator" scenario using Necromunda and a stealth Kroot.

Damnit, you beat me to it :grin: - although I'd have said to use a scorpion exarch not a kroot. A SM kill team vs Karandras would also be funny.

There's also the old favourite - Starship troopers. Get a load of guard, fight re-sqawning nids till you die. Take turns to play the guard, The winner is the person who lasts the longest.

Drohar 03-24-14 12:59 PM

After thinking for a while I came up with this – haven’t tested it but it might be fun.

Aliens scenario
Colonial Space Marines
Marine Commander or Captain or Chaplain (Ripley)
Eight Tactical Marines (Colonial Marines) (Auto pass look out sergeant)
Techmarine (Bishop)

Aliens (Tyranids)
7x squads of Hormagaunts (no IB rule)
Hive Tyrant (only melee weapons)

Place a fort in the middle of the table and deep strike Newt (random model with 1W 4T S3+ everything else is -)to the middle of the fort – roll scatter as normal. Deploy Marines from a random table corner and their mission is to reach the fort to find survivors.

One 7x Gaunt squad leaves the fort towards the marines (All gaunts in the game must move straight towards the marines on every movement phase and cannot attack Newt before she joins marines) And another Gaunt squad is deployed from the opposite table edge from which the marines arrived. And every turn 7x gaunts arrive from the same corner.

Once the marines reach the fort and by becoming to base to base contact with the model they find Newt. (Newt joins the squad)After finding Newt roll a D3 and add +2 to the roll if Techmarine is still alive – the result if the amount of turns you have time to get out of the planet before it explodes, to get out you must leave the table from the corner you arrived.

On the next Tyranid player turn he gets to deep strike Hive Tyrant to his chosen location 24” away from the Marines.

Tyranid player wins if the Commander or Newt dies or all Marines die or if the planet explodes before the marines leave the table edge.

Marine player wins if the Commander, Newt and one other model leaves the table in time.

Jace of Ultramar 03-24-14 02:00 PM

The Hoth Scenario
And now, the scenario.

Duration: 6 turns

Chaos objectives: March within 18" of tableside (under the shield). Destroy Shield generator. Secure door objective for base invasion (must be within 6"). Land warlord on table from reserve. Enter base with Warlord.

Marine objectives: Destroy any one Titan. Destroy one unit of scoring chaos units. Slay the warlord. Have one scoring unit until turn 6 to launch evacuation Thunderhawk.

That's it. We set up length wise on the table. There are restrictions per side that go to this tune.

Chaos: No fliers. Must deploy units with backside of base/transport touching table edge. Cannot deepstrike any unit before shield generator is destroyed.

Marines: No scouts. All fliers are skimmers. No unit allowed that uses a Rhino chassis. No Landraider chassis vehicles. Cannot fire at opposing units until it has passed its 18" mark for the shield. Unit must be under the shield to qualify as a legal target.

That's it for now. Lists are forming up to look like the following.

80 Cultists
30 Chaos Marines
3 Chaos Reaver Titans
2 Chaos Warhound Titans

And that's just what I know from what I'm told.

Pedro Kantor
60 Space Marines
5 Stormtalons

This should be good. :grin:

Please, share thoughts along with C&C.

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