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Oztoon 03-10-14 12:07 AM

Fun Armies
So I've been playing 40K for almost a decade now and it's dawned on me that folks these days just play to win or make the most broken lists with the newest codex. Now yes the hobby does include playing games and trying to win but I find that recently people have forgotten the point of having fun. So! Ihave decided to build a "fun army". By that I mean an army that might when but will also lose but will be fun to play and to play against none the less. My future project will be to due a Tyrant's Legion from Imperial Armour. So my question to you is what are or is your "fun army"

LukeValantine 03-10-14 01:57 AM

My fun army is my competitive army. I never take net lists, but instead design my army to sapport itself in interesting and enjoyable ways. I tend to us ehighly mobile forces to as they tend to be more dynamic and lest static. For example my csm army has 30 marines in rhino's and a full bike squad. Is it optimal? No, but its flexible enough that I can take most armies with at least some chance of victory.

Iraqiel 03-10-14 03:41 AM

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All my armies are fun armies! i only play to enjoy myself and have a game that my opponent enjoys too, even if i make them fight hard for a victory.

The Irish Commissar 03-10-14 09:05 AM

My favourite fluffy army is my artillery guard army at 2000 points it's just wave upon wave of guardsmen backed up by morter squads with maxed out griffins and basilisks.

Gret79 03-10-14 09:35 AM

I've been taking Black Legion - I've managed to get a 2k army down to about 18 men in power armour..

With Eldar, my fun list is 2k of aspect warriors - Nothing else bar a farseer and an avatar.

Battman 03-10-14 09:43 AM

For fun I enjoy playing just about any army, but in particular I only choose armies that I think will be fun to build, play, fun fluff and won't have me being destroyed each time I play.

I genrally play Orks (fun to play and model), little bit of space wolves (fun to play, fun fluff and model) and tinyest bit of Black Dragons (fun to model ad fun fluff).

That is all

Mokuren 03-10-14 11:37 AM

I play Sisters.

When I don't play Sisters, I play Sisters with the worst the IG codex has to offer. Mostly infantry. Sometimes I add Inquisition to get a land raider full of DCAs, because why not, I had 500 points and didn't know what to do with them.

When I don't play either, I play Chaos. I keep telling myself one day I'll finish that daemon princess of mine, which is 320 points alone by the way, and she's accompanied by cultists, thousand sons, khorne berzerkers, terminators, raptors and warp talons, and just one heldrake.

I gave up on winning a long time ago.

KahRyez 03-10-14 11:53 AM

With my original crons I was somewhat competitive, as were my old csm amry(which has now been sold). It was all about being a little competitive and getting the prize back then, a thirty dollar prize for a five dollar entry fee wasn't too bad ^^

Nowadays I tend to make my purchases based on fluff, wither it be more destroyers for my red harvest cron army, along with models for Ini-herit's small kill team.

As for my dreams of the new CSM army I'm building? It will take a while to build up, but the fluff for them was fan built on this very site(The Dark Talons as found here). And while the fluff is somewhat scattered about the threads, I like em, and want to field my CSM as such. Which means I'm not going to run big blocks of plauge marines, noise marines, drakes and the like.

Also I want to build a fluffy mercenary company using the tau codex, being lead by a kroot shaper piloting a crisis suit complete with trophies and markings showing him as such.

SilverTabby 03-10-14 12:14 PM

I play Sisters and Tyranids. I build lists based on what models I like, or a theme (I have a pentitent army, full of Penitent Engines, or a very points inefficent poisonous nid army). I have played in one tournament and hated the 'win over everything else' attitude, so only play for fun with friends. I don't care if I win or lose, so long as there's at least one moment (on either side) of "OMG did you really just pull that off?"

Jace of Ultramar 03-10-14 01:40 PM

Well, I don't netdeck my armies, I write up my own failures and successes that my armies have accomplished.
However, I do think my armies are fun.
White Scars; Bike Captain, 3 Bike Squads, 2 Stormtalons
Ultramarines; Sicarius and two Tactical Squad for allies.
Crimson Fists; Swiss army knife army as I've tried to acquire multiple options for it, can be fun or aggressive.
Dark Angels; this is just two DV boxes put together and is somewhat fun.
Space Wolves; not so much fun as fluffy, but, it holds its own.
Blood Angels; just starting this one.

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