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Gret79 02-13-14 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by locustgate (Post 1569985)
Wait what does spikes on spikes mean?

It means your first set of spikes wasn't big enough. :grin:

DarkDisciple_Nahum 02-13-14 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by neferhet (Post 1570009)
well...i always wanted a titan. now i can be happy with a little titan.

Same here I always wanted a titan of my very own :) I was thinking of getting a warhound hound but have put that on hold with all the knight stuff floating around.

Words_of_Truth 02-13-14 02:43 PM

Wonder whether Horus Heresy armies will be able to use it, I'd love a mech army with that as the center piece.

HokieHWT 02-13-14 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by Jolnir (Post 1570041)
Perhaps they are simply a negative?

Marine with spikes = 1 x -1 = -1 (evil)

Marine with spikes on spikes = 1 x (-1 x -1) = 1 x 1 = 1 (good)

But put spikes on the spikes on the spikes, then we're back to Chaos.

Sick model, BTW. I'd look forward to seeing them around.

Winner, winner chicken dinner! You beat me to it:laugh:

gen.ahab 02-13-14 04:59 PM

13 Attachment(s)
For one reason I imagined them being sleeker. Somewhat like a warhound titan, but much smaller. Ever play Armored Core? Something on that scale. Not entirely sure why, given all other examples of AdMech tech.

The Irish Commissar 02-13-14 06:05 PM

Looks a bit cartoony but then it is a bad picture after all.

venomlust 02-13-14 06:14 PM

I'm just curious how/if they'll truly bridge the gap between regular stuff and super heavies. Probably cheaper, and probably won't have D weapons if the points discrepancy is large. After reading the weapon descriptions, it sounds like battle cannons all over the place. I'm hoping that melta in the picture is better than a multimelta.

Time will tell.

Jace of Ultramar 02-13-14 06:33 PM

Nice, I'm looking forward to this.

Jacobite 02-13-14 08:03 PM

Oh great gleaming fucksticks.... that's all I need. Another nice mini that to paint.

Tawa 02-13-14 09:12 PM

Send me your cards and pin numbers Jac.

I'll keep them safe for you.....

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