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dutchy1982 02-10-14 03:50 PM

Dutchy's Various Works
With the recent release of the new Dwarfs, I've rediscovered my love for the short stacks. The last time I collected and gamed with Dwarfs was in the mid 90's so I suspect a lot has changed since then.

I have a number of Dwarfs left over from the Battle of Skull Pass boxed set. I'm hoping to go for a more CC heavy army rather than gunline. Initial thoughts for the army is going to be 2 units of Dwarf Warriors (1 unit with HW/S and the other with GW) these will be followed by a unit of Hammerers.


As you can see they've had basic work done, but they're no where near the standard I would like. The bases of the army will be the the Dwarf Ruins from Scibor Miniatures, these will have a snow effect on them eventually (When my next delivery arrives :grin: )


The Champion of the Dwarf Warriors is nearly complate, just a few final touches and then I'll start on the other Dawi.


The colour theme I'm going for is a muted green and cream, these Dwarfs aren't intended to be from a rich hold, hence why the gold and bronze is going to be less common.

I promise I will use a decent camera next time around.

C&C always welcome.

torealis 02-10-14 04:15 PM

That's some exceptional work on some normally plain models.

Jacobite 02-10-14 06:40 PM

Looking very nice Duchy, I'm quite a fan of the muted tones. Are you thinking of doing come rangers or miners as well? Fit quite nicely into the theme is all.

dutchy1982 02-10-14 07:00 PM

Thanks both. Yes I have eight miners to paint from the box set as well.

dutchy1982 02-16-14 07:28 PM

So a week has passed and it's time for an update.

Manged to sort my camera out, to get an accurate photo of the model I painted last week plus what I've worked on this week.

First of here is the Dwarf Warrior Champion I painted last week.


Basically it's a Catachan Green and Screaming Skull scheme. I'm trying not to use too much Gold as I want my Dwarfs to be a little less ostentatious than other clans. I also wanted a bit of variety aside from the usual Blues and Whites you see Dwarfs in. The base is from Scibor miniatures and once my order arrives from GW I will be adding snow effects to all the bases.

After that fella, I painted up two more hand weapon dwarfs and the standard bearer:


Hopefully by next week I should have near enough broken the back of this unit and then can start on the Miners and Thunderers that also came in the boxed set.

I've also had a delivery from Scibor come this weekend that should help me give a little more character to the army:


To be honest I can't wait to paint these up. I'm thinking some may make good unit fillers.

As always C&C welcome.

Tawa 02-17-14 03:59 PM

That's a very nice scheme you've got going. Very clean and even :good:

dutchy1982 02-22-14 11:30 AM

Dutchy's Various Works (Updated 22/02/14)
Okay with another week gone, I've managed the sum total of one Dwarf!

Real life keeps getting in the way dammit!

However that does bring the total Warrior count to five. I would like to get these boys being produced a little quicker but I don't want to ruin the quality. Preferably I would like to improve the painting style on later models as I go along.

The Dwarfs have now had their bases fully completed as well with the Snow Effect from GW being added to the awesome Scibor bases.


I've still not thought of a decent hold name and I'm thinking along the lines of Karak-Kallin? But this needs work, my other army is an O&G army and I regularly play against Skaven and Chaos opponents, so ideally the fluff needs to be set around that. Anyone with a decent idea please let me know, I need all the help I can get.

Between painting these Dwarfs I have been working on the Thane/King, who is still very much WIP.


I'm thinking this will probably be a leader. Those people with a good knowledge of the GW range will realise this model usually comes with Shield Bearers. Well I've had this model sitting around for some time, it was originally bought for the shield bearers so I could use them in my Night Goblin army to carry the Warboss to battle :)

As always C&C welcome.

Iraqiel 02-23-14 12:54 AM

6 Attachment(s)
Really liking the colour scheme and the work you've done on your thane! The colours really work with the 'gaulish/celtic' theme that GW has gone for with the dwarves.

Also, WOW that is some nice scenery!

dutchy1982 02-25-14 12:39 PM

Dutchy's Various Works (Updated 25/02/14)

Originally Posted by Iraqiel (Post 1586665)
Really liking the colour scheme and the work you've done on your thane! The colours really work with the 'gaulish/celtic' theme that GW has gone for with the dwarves.

Also, WOW that is some nice scenery!

Thanks very much! It's good that the Scibor scenery fits in with the Celtic theme as well.

I love that scenery so much that I'm not mulling over an army presentation board using them, with drawers for the army book and rule book. If I ever get around to organising myself to go to a tournament.

In the meantime, I have completed four more Warriors and the Thane is finished (I think).


This means that the throng is starting to take shape:


So with this in mind I've started mulling over army lists for a small 500 point force which can be built upon in the future. So far my thinking for Karak-Kallin is:

Dwarf Thane
HW/S - Rune of Speed, Rune of Cleaving

Dwarf Runesmith
HW/S - 2x Rune of Spellbreaking

10 Dwarf Warriors
HW/S Full Commmand

10 Dwarf Thunders
Shields, Full Command

Total 496pts

All C&C welcome!

SwedeMarine 02-25-14 12:54 PM

Very impressive work dutchy. And i just spied your work area in the Show us your work area thread. Your a luck SOB. and it also make me realize how much i miss Europe.

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