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kiro the avenger! 02-10-14 09:11 PM

Cool, I like 1 4 and 8, the rests heads looked either to long, too short or one going up, one down which is just :alcoholic:
My favs probs 1 and 4 though...
But that me :)

The Irish Commissar 02-10-14 09:23 PM

I like 1,4 and 7. 7 is odd but would look really cool if used in like a stabbing motion

Jonny B 02-10-14 09:29 PM

I'd rather be hit by 6, probably just cause a scratch :)

Jonny B 02-10-14 09:30 PM

But I do like 6 if the teeth could face the other way

venomlust 02-11-14 01:30 AM

Yeah I should have done that for the vertically flipped blades, but didn't think about it. I would definitely build them facing the proper ripping direction.

1 seems like the right balance between a huge/heavy forward facing blade and a backup blade to add even more weight to the swing and be able to use double-sided.

4 just recreates the classic 2-bladed battleaxe in 40k. Pretty cool. I'm equally tempted between these two. Maybe I'll do 1 for the obligatory Aspiring Champion and 4 for the regular Skullcrushers.

Man I can't wait to build these!


venomlust 02-11-14 02:53 AM

And now I see this, making me second guess the chainaxe decision (only a little).


I might have to magnetize and do both, hahah! I'm hopeless... :laugh:

When I lengthen the haft, I think I'd like to sculpt something like the haft on this guy's crozius:


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