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Vaz 02-03-14 06:13 PM

Your Top 5 Artists/Bands Right Now
I can't decide an order on mine. So, here's my top 5 of the moment. Love to hear you guys and your favourites.

1; Ceekay Jones - he's only done a couple of releases, but his hooks are insanely good when he's contributed. Can rap, can sing, can play guitar, has awesome ink, and the most impressive moustache I've ever seen on a bloke, and still pull it off. An all round lad, effortlessly cool, and a bit of a man crush.
2; Bliss n Eso; the guys who introduced me to Ceekay Jones, a pair of incredibly good, and fairly unheard of hip hop duo from Australia (locally, anyway). Their lyrics hit home, and are incredibly self-centred, but capable of evoking an emotion that makes you feel, "shit, that applies to me, brother".
3; Hilltop Hoods; another Aus hip hop group; these guys introduced me to Australian Hip Hop, which feels a lot more old school flavoured, Public Enemy sort of thing. Their songs are less all about the self, but a lot more morally, politically minded, more about making a statement and drawing attention to uncomfortable truths we ignore and lies that we tell ourselves to make life easier by fitting in with being sheep.
4. Audible Mainframe; I'm in a hip hop mood, since Christmas, and this is another band, this time from Boston, I think. Their lyrics are less about self-improvement, like BnE or Hilltop, but more about just enjoying life; they lost a band member to cancer a year or two ago, and the songs they put out are just nice to kickback and beer to.
5. Citizen Cope; this guy isn't Hip Hop. He's just pure, chilled out, rock, that you can listen to all day long. I don't want to compare him to anyone, because he's unique as far as I'm concerned; one of the most surprising voices I've ever heard. Found him doing the advert to Sons of Anarchy, then realised he did one of the songs for "Coach Carter" (Let the drummer kick), and followed him since. Saw him with the lass in Paris, one hell of a weekend. Absolutely fantastic guy, we met him in a cafe the next morning and spoke for like two hours about pretty much anything and everything.

So, check them out guys, if you've got your own, post them, reasons why, and spread the love for some artists.

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Moriouce 02-04-14 12:02 AM

What is beeing played most Right Now is:
1) Avantasia. The Scarecrow is one of the best songs I know for the moment. (Metal)
2) Within Temptation. They have kept a good quality over a long period of time. (Metal)
3) Craig Armstrong. Just love his composition. (Instrumental)
4) Danko Jones. Great fast music, you'll get hooked! (Rock)
5) Otyg. A all time high for me. (Swedish Norserock)

Jacobite 02-04-14 06:18 AM

Christ... ummm.

- Gaslight Anthem: The one and only musical constant in my life really. I love these guys, their music may be simple in terms of composition but it's heartfelt and Brian Fallon's voice and songwriting are a battered train track right to my happy place
- Zack Hemsey: A very under rated musican who is only becoming known now and the only rap I will listen too since his lyrics aren't about pimps hoes and just how many dollar bills he snorts charlie with before wiping his ass. He does both instrumental and lyrical tracks.
- John Dreamer: Pretty awesome instrumental tracks.
- Bastille: Just been listening to some of their covers, No Scrubs and What Would You Do. I love it when artists take shit music and make it listenable.

There we go, that's 4. I never learnt to count.

High_Seraph 02-04-14 07:30 AM

1. Lacuna Coil, Just been my favorite band since I heard heaven's A Lie on headbangersball too many years ago to want to think about it.

2. Delain, close second favorite I just like the music they put out.

3. Within Temptation, again just love the music they put out.

4. Nightwish, I just like the music they put out with both Tarja and Anette.

5. In This Moment, just a good honest rock band.

There very simple and accurate I guess as there is no real order beside Lacuna Coil being top spot.

Varakir 02-10-14 11:51 PM

Nice to see some love for Aussie Hip Hop - Haven't heard Ceekay Jones before Vaz so cheers for that :victory:

I haven't listened to anything new for a while, mostly just been listening to:

- Sage Francis - Amazing hip hop artist/poet type

- Dilated peoples - more Hip hop, very solid group in the same vein as Jurassic 5

- Tilt - Female fronted punk band from forever ago, bit rough but great songs

- Urthboy - Aussie hip hop artist, actually has had some new material out recently

- Faithless - because i always listen to faithless.......

I've also been a little bit obsessed with the soundtrack to the new Disney film Frozen - I do love me a good musical number now and again.

Nacho libre 04-01-14 05:06 PM

Here you go.

1. The dead kennedys
2. The exploited
3. The mack(my friends band, you should check them out on reverb nation)
4. The sex pistols(some songs)
5. Green day(pre dookie albums, I don't like most things after that)

Bindi Baji 04-01-14 10:57 PM

Massive Attack
The Cure
The Pixies
Queens of the Stone Age
The Go! Team

Technically that is 6;
oh dear, what a pity, nevermind :picknose:

iamtheeviltwin 04-02-14 06:38 PM

This is going to be an eclectic mix, but my music tastes have been all over the place recently:

1) Dream Theater - Still my #1 Band, best Prog Metal band and their most recent album is an excellent piece of work
2) Infected Mushroom - highly technical electronica...good stuff
3) Babymetal - J-pop and K-pop have always been guilty pleasures combine it with quality speed metal riffs and the its been fun
4) Imagine Dragons - Popular band right now, but I like the sound
5) Caravan Palace - not sure why I got hooked into electro-swing, but few groups do it as well as this one

(Glad to see so much love for Within Temptation, figured I wouldn't add them to my list since others had listed them.)

JAMOB 04-03-14 04:07 PM

Alexi Murdoch - musically fascinating stuff based on guitar and voice but with other cool stuff
Pink Floyd - of course
Bo Burnham - music is decent but he's hilarious so I'm counting him
Simon & Garfunkel - just an awesome sound
Chick Corea - well really jazz in general, but he's my current favorite

ntaw 04-03-14 06:32 PM

Top 5 bands....hmmm.....

Propagandhi - progressive punk/thrash-y stuff from Winnipeg
Medications - used to be Faraquet, DC based three piece rock
Giraffes? Giraffes! - 2 piece instrumental rock, VERY technically proficient
The Weakerthans - folk rock from Winnipeg
Sean Pinchin - blues/folk from Mississauga, this guy KILLS at guitar. Seriously, look this dude up.

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