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humakt 02-03-14 02:58 PM

Army Painting Challenge - Febuary 2014
The new thread for the challenge.

Septok 02-03-14 03:21 PM

Frostheart Phoenix for me this month. This is going to be the last big entry for me this year - if this month is going to be tough, the others are going to be murder.

Also, why is it so easy to break models' heads off by dropping a spray can?


emissaryofdark 02-03-14 09:14 PM

Feb entry
1 Attachment(s)
Cant believe I've stuck to this every month so far!!!

Staying with Tau again this month as not got many units left to paint.
And as i have a week off this month i'm going go big with a unit of 20 kroot.

Been ill the whole of my holidays so got no painting done, going to have to use one of those real life cards
I hang my head in shame but will catch up next month.

KjellThorngaard 02-03-14 11:18 PM

Placeholder for my entry. A High Elf Great Eagle. Gotta do some web browsing to look at eagle pics before I start.

Jacobite 02-04-14 06:09 AM

Taking a break from Minos this month, need to, if I paint another bronze mini I think I'm going to scream (painting over 75 of them in 10 months will do that to you). Doing Penal Legion instead. This month it is a Company/Platoon Command Squad:


Nordicus 02-04-14 07:18 AM

I'll probably do a Noise Marine Champion or a Daemonette "champion". Haven't decided yet :P

Relise 02-04-14 09:43 PM

Im having a month off this month. All my weekends are booked so theres not enough time to finish a unit. I will build and undercoat March's entry instead.

Asmodus 02-05-14 08:10 PM

having failed for the first time to produce a completed monthly project ( 3 man Raven wing). i will finish and add 3 more Raven wing, 2 squads in a month.. if i'm allowed of course.
RLC recovery?

Old Man78 02-06-14 07:27 PM

Have to re-enter my second entry from last month as they never got a look in, if that is okay


Iraqiel 02-07-14 12:05 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Placeholder for one Grey Knight Grand Master.


OK! Basecoated and ready to go!



I panicked and did it all super quick, so now I think I'll do something else... maybe some paladins to make the most of that terminator box I just plundered?

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