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Khorne's Fist 02-02-14 01:58 AM

New to this.
So it looks like the flighty nature of my gaming group is finally going to get around to Malifaux, so I spent a little time checking out the models. Good looking minis is the single biggest factor in me picking a force in any system, so when I came across Sonnia Creed and her pet witchlings, and those frankly stunning death marshals, I was bitten, and bad. Next pay day I will be pulling the trigger on the two boxes.

Now that I've decided what I'm getting I suppose I should ask are they any good in game? It doesn't matter a whole lot for me as half the pleasure is on playing with nice minis, but it'd be nice to know all the same.


EDIT: Oh yeah, these are cool.

Stormxlr 02-02-14 08:40 AM

Wow i never checked malifaux but this models look incredible! Made me want to play the game and paint the hell out of this suckers =3

Khorne's Fist 02-02-14 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by Stormxlr (Post 1549649)
Wow i never checked malifaux but this models look incredible! Made me want to play the game and paint the hell out of this suckers =3

That's what swung me. Their new plastics are stunning, as good as any resin or metals I've seen. Makes you wonder what GW were at with fail cast.

Stormxlr 02-02-14 12:57 PM

@ khorne's fist how are the prices compared to gw? Those undead marshals look really hard to paint, though if done well should look amazing. How do you like the game so far?

Khorne's Fist 02-02-14 09:40 PM

The two kits above amount to less than 40 from one particular discount online retailer, and I'm led to believe that the 9 minis would amount to a full size warband. Seemingly most games are played at 50 pts, and these would amount to a little over that. Add in the price of the rule book (25) and your fate deck(4.50), and you're done.

jondoe297 02-04-14 01:50 PM

Why hello and welcome to the joys of Malifaux.
With the advent of M2E (I keep bleating this) Wyrd have done a pretty could job of leveling and balancing.
Sonnia creeeeed is a ranged master, blowing shit up with fire from a good distance
Hopkins is an admirable henchmen and has some good synergy with Sonnia (can give out burning which allows them both to shoot stuff thats out of LOS)
Witchling stalkers are very solid minions
Death Marshalls are ok, some think they are a little overpriced, but they have a very nice ability that can completely shut models down (pinebox)
Malifaux is very different in that you dont write an all comers list, in fact once you found out your opponents faction and the strat n schemes you then pick your crew.
But you have a very solid start there for sure, and prob (including upgrades) well on your way to 50SS crew (which is kind of the accepted sweet spot for games)
There are some great podcasts and blogs out there, I have started a thread referencing some which I would highly recommend checking out!

Khorne's Fist 02-04-14 03:58 PM

Thanks for the feedback jon. My primary reason for picking a faction in any system is always which has the best looking minis. Nice to know they're actually useful as well.

Khorne's Fist 02-22-14 02:43 PM

Very handy crew creator on the Malifaux site. This is just from the contents of the box.

Guild Crew - 50 SS Limit.

Sonnia -- 3 Pool
+Cherufe's Imprint [1]
+Reincarnation [1]
+The Mask [1]

Samael Hopkins [9]
+Witch Hunt [2]

Purfying Flame [3]

Death Marshal [6]
Death Marshal [6]
Death Marshal [6]

Witchling Stalker [5]
Witchling Stalker [5]
Witchling Stalker [5]

jondoe297 04-04-14 11:55 AM

So, how you finding faux?
Had much chance to get any games in or expand your crew?

ChaosRedCorsairLord 04-04-14 03:07 PM

Can't believe I missed this thread. Looking good Khorne's Fist, are you going to go with the traditional colour scheme, or experiment a bit?

I picked up the plastic Lady Justice crew and the mini-rulebook on sale a couple weeks ago. I haven't had enough time to build anything and frankly I'm a little daunted by how fragile the models look (especially lady justice's sword), but seeing those assembled Death Marshalls has inspired me to start building so I can have my own. Did you end up pinning the two jumping death marshalls, or is the hand-coffin joint strong enough to hold their weight?

Wyrds new plastic kits are just absolutely gorgeous and I love the epic poses and sense of movement they have. I'm so glad GeeDub has been more of a dick lately, otherwise I would have probably never noticed or taken an interest in any of these other, awesome games.

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