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Straken's_Fist 01-26-14 01:55 PM

Wargaming snobbery and 40k hate

Just wanted to talk briefly about my FLGS and how myself and others have noticed the more time we spend there the more we notice an air of snobbery amongst some members that is kind of dragging the whole atmosphere down. I was wondering if anyone else here has had similar experiences.

What I mean by this is that (especially lately) there are a few regular members who will immediately go on a rant about 40k if anyone so much as mentions it. Then they will go on about it for ages; how broken it is, how expensive it supposedly is, and then how much better other gaming systems are.

Don't get me wrong, people have every right to critcise 40k, and I often point out things that I see wrong with it. However, I wouldn't go on about it for 10+ minutes multiple times everytime I am in the club, and I wouldn't do it so it interrupts and disrupts peoples gaming.

What gets me is that if you don't like 40k and are happy playing other systems, why would you spend so much time talking about something you don't even like? If you are playing Infinity, Malifaux, Helldorao, Warmachine etc why go on about 40k constantly when you could talk about these gaming systems?
Hardly anyone ever plays 40k there anymore, and I think it's because you cannot even bring up the words Games Workshop without someone going off on a rant about it. I do not feel like I can really play it there anymore because of this. Maybe it's because I am just not a hardcore gamer? I play Malifaux and recently Infinity but still love my 40k, mainly because it still has by far the best/deepest background that I have come across. I like all of them for different reasons, so I don't get how people who supposedly hate 40k talk about it all the time.
So what if 40k is unbalanced? If you want a highly balanced well tested gaming system, play something else, there is so much choice out there and none are very expensive to start and play.
40k - for me at least - is for fun, beer and pretzels gaming. And that is what I happen to like the most. Does it have problems? Yeah. Do I go on about it constantly? No. Am I better than 40k gamers because I play other systems? What the fuck. No. I find it pretty pathetic that people would have to feel that way, because it seems to show that they don't have much going on outside of gaming and the only way they can define themselves is through their gaming.

I would understand and sympathise if people didn't have a choice to play anything but 40k in their hometown, but in this instance they do, so I don't get why people have to be so snobby about it and go around with a air of arrogance just because they play different systems.

End rant.


MidnightSun 01-26-14 02:21 PM

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I've always tended to find that all tabletop gamers tend to band together - we're all playing with plastic space men at the end of the day, whether they're Menoth, Acontecimento or Tyranids, so there's usually a pretty good spirit between everybody. What I do find is some people who are very elitist within their chosen game, but that's generally because they're arseholes in all other spheres as well.

Pssyche 01-26-14 02:37 PM

Couldn't agree with you more.

The other night I played a game of Apocalypse at the Gaming Club I frequent.
Was in there for some six hours and had a real hoot, even though I lost through a couple of schoolboy errors early in the game.
It happens.
I noticed a lot of people looking across patronisingly at the pair of us and could hear the comments about how crap 40K had become with the addition of this, that and the other...

Funnily enough, at our table there was no arguing about rules and there were certainly no tears, which did happen at one table close by.
In fact, all that happened at our table was that we had fun.

I thought that was what it was all about.

Jdojo18 01-26-14 03:58 PM

Strakand, come to Michigan and play at my FLGS. We have a huge gaming community and the only problem we have are a few power gamers. That's only because we have some of the best players and painters in America at the store. We have Greg Sparks, Brad Chester, Chris Borer, and others that are there every week, so some people bring uber cheesy lists to compete at their play level. Aside from that, we dont have too many whiners. There are a few people that left 40k to play warmahordes, but everyone is excited to see the different models on the table

Einherjar667 01-26-14 06:06 PM

Wargaming snobbery and 40k hate
This isn't a symptom exclusive to wargaming unfortunately. As an active professional musician and professional artist, I see it everywhere. It's best to just ignore it and remember that they're just the obnoxious and vocal minority and press on with doing what you love. You have to remember, there are more of us than them.

scscofield 01-26-14 06:38 PM

This is more a problem with douchebags at your store I think. I would either call them out about it or mention the issue to the store manager/owner. Douchebags come in all flavors of life and is not a 40k exclusive thing.

Einherjar667 01-26-14 06:50 PM

The bast advice I can give is to not let it push you away. If that happens, all the positive people will follow and only the douchebags will be left. These kind of people just want to shit on something you love for what ever insecure reason. Tell the manager if it is interolable, but outnumbering them is important, get more 40kers to come to your shop to play, just make them shrink basically.

Words_of_Truth 01-26-14 08:42 PM

I find a lot of people who bitch about Warhammer have had a bad experience with it in the past and have failed to get past it and have let it build up so it becomes venomous and they naturally grasp and every little negative that springs up from it.

The Irish Commissar 01-26-14 09:40 PM

I had a similar experience with someone where i beat them badly in 40k. He got pretty thick about it and ever since comes in every week and just gives out about 40k and how crap it is and really puts off any one trying to playing their game. Stupit childish behaviour like that really annoys me.

fatmantis 01-26-14 10:26 PM

now before you read my comment bear in mind i am a very aggressive person...so when i hear this type of comments im straight up in their face and tell them to shut up..play your game and leave me to play my..people are entitled to thier opinions but i am at my wits end with all this GW hate at the moment..sick to death of hearing about the cost and the rules blah blah..if you dont like move on..but shut your mouth.

now as an owner of a LFGS i dont allow this type of behavior..if i see it i stop it immediately..i will not loose customers due to small minded idiots. as for power gamers we are lucky we only have 1..and he really gets every body down..so i played him beat him twice now he hasn't been seen for a while haha.
but again as an owner i try to keep the environment as cool as possible.

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