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Kompasshorn32 01-22-14 01:37 PM

Just a short Tale...
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Few words for a Dorn's hero... :so_happy:

Kompasshorn32 02-11-14 04:00 PM

Just a short Tale #2
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I know you've been waiting for something new! this is what BL has not yet ... :grin:


The dark atmosphere was illuminated by lights and fiery tails drop-pod fall semi-Iberian. The dull thuds of impact with the air detonations echoed in sequence as contiguous and apparently planned detonations.
Four aircraft descended roared toward the square of the queen, where no more than an hour before they landed other capsules. Two lean perfectly on the pavement, one fell into ruin, the fourth went to land in the garden of the Queen’s villa.
From the two drop-pod landed in to the square coming out 24 Chaos Space Marine of the Black Legion, the team leader cover in a gothic ancient and powerful armor move first to check the condition of the squad into the crashed pod: just 3 of the crew was alive!
“Brother Dacrux armed and ready to the battle” was the first to spoke.
The team leader nodded, after a static discharge of communicator said: “tactical squad ebony on the march!”. All preparing their bolter and training moved to the villa following their commander Juzar Shu.
They walk on the top of the hill and stop in front of the estate’s entrance called Queen’s mansion where two marine shot the gate hinges so was possible go over.
“Now let’s to gather with us brother in arms inside of the courtyard, then follow to the quest!”
“Sir, we know exactly what we looking for!?”
“Something of high value, as gene-seed or a might full device, we are her to discover and catch it!”.

from the com-link was a sound of static.
"Sir, we landed and all of us is ready! "
Juzar put his hand to the transmitter and replied:
"Well, we reach!"
There was no answer ... only the rustle of static ...
“Hurry!” said Juzar.

Crossed the line that divided the gate of the villa in semi-darkness, not caring about anything except to cross quickly that area. Once it broke through the door along the room until you reach the side of the garden where he had landed the drop-pod of the Black Legion bros.

Creepy courtyard in the light is dim, only the glow of tracer produced a pale light. In the barren park lay in silence the drop-pod, It found no signs of a struggle, but what was clear that companions of the vehicle had disappeared!
"They will already be entered in search ...!?"

"Mmmm ... I think that there is someone waiting for us ... hidden in the shadows! Carry on!"
“Now… where we have to go Sir?” Ask a brother
“Inside the villa! I mean, somewhere in the deep of it we found what we looking for… but also someone who do not allow as this!”

Reached a side entrance and follow the auaspex indications.
Just before entering heard a rustle, a gesture ordered the usual training group. They realized that there wasn’t a guard!

“Dam! Fast and accurate.”
“They are two! …were going to take me too ...”
“Do not waste time! this is undoubtedly the right way! find what we need and let's all collapsing!”

The order gave determination and courage to the squad.
Went down to the narrow stairs and dark dungeon endure numerous attacks, but the command "Stay close, get ready," was crucial.

In a dark corridor is freed of a series of traps, throwing a brick recovered from wall. In a intermission room, suffered a new attack from what they termed the: "twins shadow", managing to get all unharmed.

Reached, follow sign of auspex, a deep well. The commander Juzar threw a chemical torch lighting up was possible seeing at the depth of the bottom a cruel chimera. They gone in with bolter’s shots. So they could retrieve a device to replicate the cells of gene-seed.

Grab the device run upstairs to see again the starry sky. No one was injured, despite the attacks unexpected and terrible that they had to undergo four times.

Gylf and Ruhl undermined part of the villa before it is abandoned, then forthwith reached the square where awaited a Thunderbolt.

When they was sitting inside airship Dacrux brother told a story:

Once upon a time ... on a faraway planet in the Galaxy there was a family with four brothers and two sisters. One day a spaceship of Blacks Templar arrived on the planet to refuel and make repairs. They saw that the planet was inhabited by a proud and combative people, so they did a recruitment drive. Two young boys of the family, Igor and Efrem, were taken ... perchance! Before excluded, because apparently buried alive by a landslide, were hired because they reappeared shortly afterwards safely! Their ability to withstand terrible attacks and stay alive was the demonstration of their "holiness” said:" the Emperor protects”. However, they were not well clear is why, they abandoned their chapter. Maybe because they possessed psychic powers!(and you know how the Templars hate psionic power!) Does anyone claims they were charged with defending a precious treasure on a planet not well explained ... This is the legend of the saints Igor and Efrem.”
“Today their legend is over…” said someone.

From under the smoldering rubble of the Villa came out two individuals dressed in Lorica armour, both had a bolter and something similar to a Halberds of Caliban. They walked slowly but clearly determined, they had lost just a battle ground ... then a voice deep and throaty hissed: “What they've got... isn’t what they mean!”

They left the mansion of Queen behind them, along with fallen foes and comrades, the sky as to hide it all began to fall thick and heavy flakes of snow that seemed to be falling drops of a dim, night rain ...

Baron Spikey 02-11-14 07:52 PM

Why are you representing your own fan fiction as BL products?

Malus Darkblade 02-12-14 01:34 AM

I'm waiting for the hard copy release.

Kompasshorn32 02-12-14 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by Baron Spikey (Post 1567289)
Why are you representing your own fan fiction as BL products?

it's just a graphic set to chase a dream!

Kompasshorn32 02-12-14 07:32 AM

easy #2

Originally Posted by Malus Darkblade (Post 1567745)
I'm waiting for the hard copy release.

I think it will never be possible ... GSG

Beaviz81 02-12-14 02:30 PM

Maybe you should just do the simple thing. Post the whole story here instead of having it as downloadable content (something I really hates) and drop the covers (it makes it reek of pretention and arrogance when you do that).

KIS. Keep it simple.

Kompasshorn32 02-16-14 05:21 PM

Trick #3
2 Attachment(s)
Number three... (p.s. for all "beloved" foes, I will not posting for a while! Stay tune!) :shok:


I don’t believe, I know! I've seen!
In the darkness beyond the time (and space),
the path will be broken.
The pulse of a star,
huge and perennial,
will be the driving signal
of a theory of mankind…

Holy Terra, in time before history, 8th Millennium BC
In the city of Gerico, a Neolithic site of human habitation for a long time, almost even the inhabitants remember precisely by whom, when and how the foundation has taken place.
Thick walls of stones and rocks surround the homes. Some mighty towers were erected a bulwark…

Near the stairs of the Shrines of the Luna was sitting in wait Thot, the day was at its beginning and the heat in that summer, wasn’t still torrid and annoying. To pass the time waiting for he began to make calculations on the ground with a stick and few little stones.
With hurried pace and shortness of breath, looking around as if she was chased Šyn arrived.
“I finally got some positive signs! I think I have found out who he is and where Kur!”
Thot abandoned his calculations and said: “Good! Tell me everything! Where is it?
Is a male? How old is he?”
Šyn crouched near Thot catching his breath.
"The prophecy of Lettatia" is the right one, it reads:

the most noble of them will come back soon
it will be easy but not identified.
No object will need to know it,
his word, though young,
will mark his return ...

“So there! Now. we just have to get Mejiddo as we had indicated Kur!”
“If you stay alive leave tomorrow morning at dawn!?” said Thot.
Šyn nodded. “I have to deal with a matter, but ... yes, it should be possible tomorrow ...”

“First, however, we will pass by Kudz! Only there will surely find a caravan to joint for have more security for the journey to north!” said Thot
“Well! I'll see you soon!”

The sun had come just barely illuminating the lands of the Dead Sea and the two men were already en route to Kudz.
To accompany them in the short path had as companion Dheyron Cheldwaith, a bard, with his three companions, Ghil, Ataher and Drag, stopped at Jericho before reaching Kudz. By their presence was possible to thwart some attacks of marauders.

“The road up to the city of light is dark, but you can avoid this darkness with boldness wise!”
It was the verse of a song sung by the four warriors travelers.

The city of Kudz was an important step in the caravan, in particular the presence of his Temple of Universal Peace. The build huge and elaborate for that era! In his outer courtyard was possible to organize and find what was needed to make a journey.

Thot and Šyn being psykers recognized by lordship, could enter into the inner space of the temple.
They need information on events related to excessive float Immaterium that slowed the return to Earth.

In that place they found gathered many scholars and psyker. Thot feel the presence of a psionic of class extreme ... he was seized with dizziness after a psionic shock. A man who helped him before he fell said:
"Is that young guy who is so powerful! Wezuŕ, the him name, has been here for a few days! If you listen you will know amazing things!
Sat not far from where he was the guy who responded to a question about souls.

“Souls are eternal, but them can be consumed ... by monstrous soul eaters. The times are short, the animation takes place with the formation of the embryo, the metempsychosis allows the coexistence and fusion of two, or more, different souls where the characters of one of the two, will be the ruling of the conscience of the person ... but this can happens only because you have activated the chakras… The times are short, the Webway became narrow… some thousands of shamans will have to sacrifice ”

Sitting not far from Thot and Šyn a woman pulled from a bag some wooden tablets. These began to vibrate in his hands, she took out three tablets, putting the other in the bag. After she put the three tablets on the ground and looked at them. Wezuŕ ceased to prophesy, and turned his eyes to the woman and said: “Star, sword and Throne… the plays begin!”

Thot and Šyn went out this place and taka a look for who would have been able to accompany to Ar-Mejid. Soon they found three magos, the new order of Omnissiah, their names were Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar. Their caravan was headed in Mesopotamia and would be able to hold up close of Caesarea. At dawn the next day they left for Ar-Mejiddo.

During the trip commented the impressions feel in the meeting with the guy in the temple. Šyn said: “That’s an "emotion" felt like the only one time, when faced a powerful mad psyker at Issaar”.
“It 's true” replied Thot,”But in this new situation the guy was totally in control of his power, a true miracle!
One of magos near their hearing about Issaar intervened and said, “that place attracts runaway psyker since it was forged a mighty warhammer by cultist of Omnissiah … probably the device is no longer in that area but remains psyker-halo that attracts misfits!

“Great is the nebula that surrounds the minds and the galaxy!”
said Šyn, citing the shaman Ghémra.

After traveling for 80 miles reached the fortified city of Mejiddo. old as the hills but still never as their native Gerico!

Following the psyker perceptions were able to locate their friend reborn in the body of the third child as the bishop of the city. They managed to arrange a meeting with the guy who was not named Kur but: Gelyon.
He had not recognized them. Gelyon had agreed to meet them because curiously feel strange static shock in their presence.
Accommodated in a stand of the royal stables, Šyn and Thot caused the chakra’s anticipate opening of the guy, so he was able to recognize them.

Awarded the reminiscence, Gelyon was a river of words and stories! He reported that:
"Sea of Souls is undergoing changes, will soon no longer possible the metempsychosis! I've been chased by individuals who call themselves Harlequins, a kind of Eldar ... they're guarding a monstrous and sickening building, a craftworld they call Black Library, which is designed to contain all the cosmic wisdom!

Šyn asked: “why you were born here and not in Gerico?”

Gelyon replied: “As I have said time is running out! And because here there will be soon a great battle! Did you know that Magos had forged a mystical weapon?”

They agreed that "Yes, someone had talk us about that ... and what you know about the gathering of shamans?

“The gathering? Who have said this to you?”

“We listen this information into the temple of Kuds by a guy called Wezuŕ”

“Wezuŕ!? Have you seen him!? He is an outstanding shaman! Also he will be here!
It 's true the 1800 are traveling to the council, but someone will have to remain in Mejiddo to deal scourge!...”

After a short break, he said:
“A foe is concentrating its power in a mysterious cave filled with works of art made of a xenos material: prodigious and perverse at the same time: is “warpstone” ... the gods of Chaos are gaining might and it will be increasingly difficult to counter them!”

That same day as Thot and Šyn resumed their journey to the port-city of Caesarea where they would be shipped to the Anarolia ... the intention was to find out what the 1800 wanna do…

…Sed libera nos a malo!

Kompasshorn32 03-27-14 05:41 PM

Trick #4
I'm a liar!:grin::grin::grin:


I whispered your name dropped from the highest,
but I did not answer or courage ...
then I yelled
the “Emperor protects!”
And an unknown energy flowed into me,
and made me feel the might of Astronomican!
I am the hammer,
the edge of your sword,
the gauntlet of your fist!

Elysian drop troops, isn’t a mission save and rescue! The Grey and Blue droop troops are call to hard duty, where all guardsman give their important contribution for the defense of the empire and the will of the golden throne!

Venixxa a large hive town of one of the world Segmentus Pacificus, Aquaduplus sector. The planet is for the 95% covered by water. The emerged lands are located at the poles (which completely inhospitable and uninhabited) and a long, narrow mountain range that connects the two ends to the sides of which extend large faults ...

For the annual Carnival feast, the Inquisition in according to Departmento Munitorum has arranged a special supervision by the Imperial Guard to the danger of riots caused by cultists and fanatics of Slaanesh and or Tzeentch.

For the occasion Vexxia it always has a luxurious dress made of lights, colors, flags, artistic decorations, and it’s this abundance of luxury and "lack of brakes" that makes it easy to creep of the pitfalls of Chaos!

Men and women wear colorful costumes, shapes and cuts ranging from super-classic to the most unexpected and whimsical!

Thousands of floats for three nights and three days turning in parade for the big boulevards the city, transforming everything into a great party: half way between an chaotic orgy and a refined worldly representation.

Sitting at his desk in his office the governor, Valto Bazzaton, was doing the briefing by the security forces. He rang the com-link internal and the droid-secretary warned of the arrival of a member of the Inquisition: Lady Calyma Maelstorm.

The great door swung open and of Hexagon, Lady Malestorm made her entrance with her hair swaying as his gait and the steps with a nervous noise of heels ...

Bazzaton rose from his chair and greeted the entrance Inquisitor pointed to the place that they had reserved.
"With your permission I do from my trusty Abeston summarize the elements of our briefing" ...

After she have accommodated on the big seat nodded, then the young secretary with a few lines summed up the talk.

The parade, as usual, follow the three concircle created by the three major boulevards of the town, starting from the outer path call Huge-Ring for ending to the innermost called Core-Ring.

Lady Malestorm asked: “Where is the most critical point of the parade?”
She was told by Bazzaton: “For sure are the three steps on the narrow passage between the rings of avenue, with regard to general security, and the passage near the district Dorshdure, which is located in the path which corresponds to the second round: the boulevard Mid-rings !

Bazzaton went on defining things to do: "For the path of the rings there will be Guardsmen in carnival costume, and every quarter for every two blocks security personnel and paramedics also airships there will be three battalion of drop troops Elysians”.

Lady Malestorm expressed his intention to go to the district Dorshdure, where the situation could be more dangerous as a result of his experience as a witch hunter, hard and effectively to the foes cultists!

After the questions of responsibility for the safety of the area, some explanation, clarifications and warnings, the meeting ended with the toast ritual.
"We keep our guard up and gaiety alive!" was the motto suggested by governor greeting the staff and the Inquisitor.

When everyone had left the Hexagon and the governor was not until he turned to Abeston and said:
"Put into operation the detectors that we did swallow our employees! The three-day has begun! Emperor protect us!

it said to poison ivy,
but is equivalent to candid rose…
pinky thornless roses are ever quotes!
(Tina Thornshell)

The carnival had begun, the governor at the HQ controlled in live conduct the kermes. During those three days would have only a series of small naps, almost like a navigator engaged in an ocean race!

The parade had reached the second ring. The governor had just finished his nap of few minutes and stood in the control room, turning to the servant vigilant ask about the situation, him turned to report when a warning light began to flash. The servo controller turned around and informed his superior:
"There are problems in the district Dorshdure. second ring! Believe that the Inquisitor is out of control!"
"Put me in touch with the commander of the area!"
"It 's already in line!"
"Colonel Laryew send at the coordinates I give you a group of Guardsman! And something have happened to the Inquisitor supervisor"
"This is an operation to save and rescue?"
"No! It is to recover, if necessary, our-contact-we do not know if it has been kidnapped or has departed voluntarily! Absolute priority and full alert! The danger level is huge!"

The captain Jjx of the Elysian droop troops received orders by com-link from his immediate superior in rank. He gathered 40 Guardsmen and shown the landing site of each one explained:
“We will be divided into 4 teams, the first will enter from the patio of the building, the second from the north, the third from the east and the fourth will separate into two groups that remain outside in stand-bay!”
“No questions!”
“Ok! The task is high risk, but we are here for this! Come and stay tuned!”

A blimp was on the affected portion of the city is brought in a few moments on the drop zone. The captain made a last check and gave way to the troops with Grav-chute.

The team one slipped into the ear, ending in the courtyard and was greeted by a long download bolters that wipe out the components, only a guardsman survived intact because he entered in the building through a window on the tenth floor!

The teams two and three received the same treatment on the lower floors, no one was able to enter the stable! Then was sent the crew four, that moving from side entrances stood up to snipers. They was unable to reach the Inquisitor but it was possible to locate she and see what was taken away!

The servo-droid in HQ informed the Governor that the signal of Lady Malestrom had begun to work!
"You're moving to the south, in the direction of the fort of the first ring!"
"Warn the team in the area! Ready to take action! High alert!"
Gave this order call the colonel Laryew and ordered him to retrieve the fallen and… fix the damage.

Received the orders Captain Prexdum made landed the guardsmen respectively on the bastion of the north-east and south-west, also a third team was passed from the underground.
Despite the precautions and tactics were also heavily decimated their failing to reach the Inquisitor Malestrom who saw escape aboard an aircraft Valkyrie!
Again, the servo-droid announced the move of the warning in the body of Inquisitor: north-north-east, towards the forest of Redwood.

Bazzaton immediately contacted the commander of the troops in Elysian instance on planet.
Commander Vahii mobilize immediately and send two company in the North-North-East, priority! Reach Valkyrie fugitive with on-board Inquisitor, it is unknown if knapped or escape! We must to take Malestrom at any cost! Arriving at her as close as possible! I am contacting the imperial forces of Adeptus Astartes for support, they coming soon! At work! Immediately! We will send the coordinates of the launch site when the Valkyrie will be in the area!
"Sir yes sir Governor, the troops are ready! Within a couple of minutes they will be flying!"

The communication is closed and Bazzaton estranged pictoscreen sat at his desk and began to concentrate.

From long time, perhaps shortly after leaving the Schola Progenium, did not use his psyker ability. After a short delirium was on-line and link his source: an astropath command Astartes Grey Knights.
"Ah, how long!"
"It's true ... and it would have passed each other if this is not an emergency!"

"Please contact the command of the Grey Knights and send a squad to Venixxa. We have a problem with an Inquisitor turn away ... or kidnapped ... by Chaos”
The link was interrupted.

Bazzaton sighed. He took a sip of Amasec, got up and looked out the window at the parade,
it was concluded on a regular basis! It was a big operation going on, but had not affected the masked parade! The party would end as usual!

The Valkyries in flight carrying the troops of the 69th and 81th were given the coordinates for three minutes before the launch.
When they were flying over the redwood forest, coming above a low rocky mountain with some caves.
The commander of the expedition, Hauwx, contacted the officers and gave them orders: Land on the target. Enter in the cave. Eliminate all foes. Retrieve the inquisitor!
If not possible, to circumscribe the perimeter and wait for further instructions!

The Elysian droop troops found no hostility until landing. Waiting for them but there were teams World Eaters.

The Elysian compact and well-directed, despite the many losses did retract the foes.
The World Eaters in the cave put up a fierce resistance, but with the tenacity of the teams 7th and 11th was broken! The Chaos Marines left the field.

But a terrible nightmare waiting for the men! In a corner of the cave, they saw sitting on the ground next to her and Malestrom was a dreadful entity!

Only three Guardsmen came out unscathed from that place! According to the orders created a security cordon in the area.

Not pass more than 15 minutes that came down from sky a large group of Guardsmen carrying two squads of Grey Knights Astartes.
As soon as can possible see them in their gothic gleaming armor, they more fast as possible entered the cave.

There were rumblings, flashes, flames and a mild earthquake then … from the cave on the lower rocky mountain surrounded by redwoods came the Gray Knights... not all those who had entered ... but who had survived carried with it the Inquistor Malestrom.
Soon they reached a Valkyrie. Embark quickly vanished in the sky.
"Mission accomplished! Guardsmen return to HQ!"

No more than two hours after the conclusion of the operation, while Bazzaton was intent to coordinate the closing of the parade was contacted by the tactical command by astropathic way.
Operation Complete! Inquisitor Malestrom save! The ship gray –Pontius Maximus- will keep her in custody and will investigate the case. For now threatens foiled! Great job!

Bazzaton received the news with satisfaction. He went to the servo-droid for a final order of routine poured himself a glass of amasec and looked down from his office that the parade was finishing with its lights and music ...

ubi maior minor cessat et
Mundus transit et concupiscentia eius

The carnival is life, the carnival is a mystery ... a smile appeared on his face or… was it a grimace?!
“It’s time”, said to himself, then took off the mask.

Beaviz81 03-27-14 11:05 PM

When you got rid of the pretensions you actually write quite well.

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