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styrofaom04 07-18-08 04:08 PM

Who Can Kill the Nightbringer?

I have a Chaos Space Marine army and my buddy has a Necron Army. He wants me to do some kind of Kill Team Vs. his Necron Nightbringer. (before you start, I know it like brakes all the rules.) NO HOLDS BARRED! Point for point! 360pts Any suggestions? Don't worry about what models I have, I will buy what i need but it has to be Chaos

Cole Deschain 07-18-08 04:57 PM

You might wanna take that statline out....

Morgal 07-18-08 05:19 PM

would be fun...know nothing of SM

for IG.

HQ choice with hso and a powerfist.
4 plasma

then 2.
las cannon equiped anti tank squads all spread out.
maybe a comisar in each squad w/ power weapon or fist.

pew pew.

basicly shot him and then hope he does not get the charge because if he does not your power fist gets to swing because you he won't deal more wounds than you have troops.

rinse repeat...cheesy...yes

cooldudeskillz 07-18-08 06:00 PM

for chaos space marines use abbadon and a dreadnought with twin-linked lascannon, just keep shooting him with the lascannon untill he gets close enough then unleash abbadon, ive killed a nightbringer before with just ababdon so i think you will win.
Or take lots of sorceres and get the gift of chaos power, if you roll a 6 you will turn the night bringer into a chaod spawn lol there god is not as powerful as the power of chaos.

if by you can only use chaos means you can use chaos daemons. then use the skull taker, one 4+ wound and then the night bringers dead( unless he gets lots of saves)

styrofaom04 07-18-08 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by cooldudeskillz (Post 148168)
turn the night bringer into a chaod spawn lol there god is not as powerful as the power of chaos.

lol I like that. Just to see his face when his all powerful god turns into a chaos spawn! :laugh:

Wrath of Khaine 07-18-08 06:21 PM

Posting his statline is copyright infringement, so hurry up and remove that! Don't bring the heat upon Heresy! I'm sure a Mod will wave his wand around the actual numbers for you, but be careful in the future..

On the topic.. As many lascannons/missile launchers as possible. Just dump out devastator(or Havoc) squads.
Or you can have some fun and use ALL scout snipers. He will drop.

Da Black gobbo 07-18-08 07:17 PM

That one is easy, 10 ratlings!! just shoot, and keep shooting.

Pseudo 07-18-08 07:32 PM

Any tank?

Don't remember 100%, but isn't the nightbringer a regular footslogger? So can't he only move 6" + 6" charge?

For hilarious effect, take a single, unupgraded rhino and move 6" away from him a turn while firing the twin-linked bolter. He'll catch you eventually, what with 'run', but it'd be the ultimate embarrassment if you kill him with a unit that doesn't cost 1/10th of the Nightbringer.

beenburned 07-18-08 07:43 PM

That bolter wouldn't be able to wound him I don't think, not if he's t8?

Perhaps some termies to powerfist him in CC and autocannon him whle he gets to you.
Abaddon is a good idea too, and possibly kharne?

Yeah Kharne and some termies get my vote....you should be able to fit them in 360pts...possibly. If not take a squad of devastators with LCs instead of the termies. Or a daemon prince. Kharne and a daemon prince could do it together? in the points? I'm not sure. But you can give the prince the spawn of chaos power thingy, which would be absolutely hilarious.

Wrath of Khaine 07-18-08 07:48 PM

You could also be sneaky and stick a Dire Avenger Exarch in there, and just instantly kill him with the Diresword...

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