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Sigur 01-21-14 02:44 AM

[Commission] Tau Kill Team and army
Hey peeps, I'm currently working on a few Tau models. It's a Kill Team with a little army attached lateron. :)

First the test mini for the Kill Team's colour scheme:




It's a team of six Stealth Suits. Those are supposed to look proper "behind enemy lines" so there's some wear and tear going on and some dirt and soot. The old "getting in/out of stealth mode" effect was considered but dropped. The model is still WIP as I'm still figuring out what colours are to go where. I probably will add some orange marking as well. Hope you like the guy so far. :)

Shas'Ui 01-21-14 04:19 AM


Possible tutorial maybe?

zxyogi 01-21-14 12:14 PM

Liking that very much!
Got a couple of boxes of unbuilt Tau that my Son bought and left, lost interest.
Thinking of building them myself.

Once again VERY NICE work!

Wookiepelt 01-21-14 12:37 PM

Wow... if only I could do camo like that!!! :so_happy:

CubanNecktie 01-21-14 02:38 PM

that is some perfectly balanced camo on what I usually find as a very boring looking model. have some +rep this morning

Ddraig Cymry 01-21-14 03:45 PM

God damn that's nice! :good: Really want to know how you did that!

Sigur 01-21-14 11:31 PM

@Shas'Ui , Ddraig Cymry: Thanks for the comments, guys! :) And for the gif. :D As for tutorial: I don't know, I'm sure it's rather obvious. First splats in a light beige, then splats in a red brown, then splats in a darker brown, black spots, add white spots into the larger black spots and that's it. I used some real world camo scheme as a template of course and if you look at those via google image search it's usually rather clear which splats go first. I really don't want to come across as rude but personally I'm not a huge fan of tutorials, especially when it comes to something which is really just a fair amount of work with no tricks behind it or anything. In my opinion nothing ever beats sitting down and trying out things.
@Wookiepelt : Thanks very much!
@CubanNecktie : Cheers. I kinda like the new Stealth Suits. The 'eavy metal paintjob is very, very plain though. Oh, and thanks for the rep of course. ;)

Alrighty, here are three more guys who aren't finished at all:


The guy in the left I converted a little to have him flying around, guy in the far right is the comms guy of the kill team, thus he's got a large antenna on his backpack.

See you tomorrow, I suppose!

locustgate 01-22-14 02:38 AM

I despise you :cray:.

CubanNecktie 01-22-14 03:52 AM

I'd love to see them against similar toned terrain. would look awesome "in the field"

Sigur 01-24-14 05:11 AM

@locustgate : :D It's okay, most of the time I despise myself as well.

@CubanNecktie : I hope so. Once they're more "done" I'll put them on my little sandy presentation thing.

New update!


really not so much new, but that's the full team now (sans gun drones of course).

Fly guy in the left was converted, second from the left is Comms guy, next to him is leader guy (with some additional thingies added to his jetpack and the encouraging fistpump/pointing fist, then we got assaulty guy and "other fusion gun guy" and "other burst cannon guy". All still very WIP of course. Bases I might have to redo a little.

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