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torealis 01-16-14 07:34 PM

In His Name! A truescale Imperial blog (updated 31/10)
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Hey guys,

I've been building a modest guard force for a few months now (metal valhallans) and been getting a good amount of inspiration from here.

I've been sharing the progress with friends on Facebook and I thought it was about time I joined the ranks of project logs on here.

So, here we are, the first model I have to share is my deathwatch captain WIP.

I've expanded the force recently to include all sectors of the emporium, so expect a lot of different stuff.

As for the model himself, I've got for a superscale for my deathwatch (while truscaling all my other marines). I wanted a fairly commanding but slow and purposeful pose, and I can tell you it was a right turd to get! Straight legs are difficult.

torealis 01-16-14 07:38 PM

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Here's a group shot of my deathwatch with a model I'm thinking of using as my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, but I'm not sure about him.

He's based on a conversion I saw on here, by @slah which I shamelessly stole!

As for the deathwatch, a further note on upscale marines, one of the real joys is you have much more room for accessories! I decided that more = more.

Jacobite 01-16-14 07:53 PM

Mother fucking hell I just got hard. Bloody awesome work! I wish I had the time and lack of miniatures to do a True Scale force. Where are the spacers? Legs and waist?

torealis 01-16-14 08:27 PM

Thanks bud! I'm really proud of them. Their were inspired by a log on here, by Veteran Sergeant.

For the deathwatch, 2 in the legs (upper and lower) and one in the waist.

Effort wise, it is a ballache, but the others (more to come) are easier and less time consuming with only one spacer at the top of the legs and at the waist.

Happily, the arms seem to be scaled properly for upscale, and are a little gorilla-y for normal size marines.

torealis 01-16-14 08:29 PM

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Here are a couple of size comparisons. One has both marine scales, a Valhallan and an early stage on my inq, the other has a Cadian and a truscale marine of the size that will make up the bulk of my force.

torealis 01-16-14 10:53 PM

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Right, before I nip off to bed, I should probably introduce the actual guard that started this force.

I'm planning on doing a 110 man company, 9 squads of 10 divided into 3 platoons each with a command squad with an overall command hq.

What with Valhallan being metal and all, I've done my best to convert some, or they get a bit dull. I decided to have the lasgunners standard, and left them largely alone conversion wise. You'll see two group shots that total 56 men, giving me all the lasgunners I need with 2 spare.

The paintjob is simple, but I think effective. I've gone for a Cold War Russia feel, with olive green being the dominant colour. The whole army will be on my catfight bases (made by mounting the base with the modular movement tray from WFB.

Another shot shows a WIP shot of the sergeants, all of whom will be converted eventually, hopefully with some head swaps coming...

Then you'll see an early WIP of Chenkov, who will be studying maps on that table. The command HQ will all be mounted on 40mm bases, and look fairly relaxed.

There's also an army shot that I took quite a while ago, that shows a blurry shot of more parts of the project. To follow are the heavy weapon teams. I've made and undercoated all 9 teams I think, with some conversions. All 9 special weans are made and painted and I'm making some plasma gunners for the command squads.

The tanks in the background... ill photograph them this weekend and post them up. my friend and I are rather proud...

Varakir 01-16-14 11:32 PM

The pose on that first model is superb mate, looks like he's just walked through the door and everyone inside has realized they're in deep shit.

Great start to your plog and will look forward to seeing more :victory:

torealis 01-18-14 02:43 PM

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Clearly I need to prove myself before getting more responses... so here you are...

Some early prototypes of my Cadian veterans I'm working on knee and elbow pads for them.

Also, two of my converted Valhallan special weapons. They're especially important to the force, given the lack of variety inherent in the guard metals.

Varakir 01-19-14 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by torealis (Post 1515321)
Clearly I need to prove myself before getting more responses... so here you are...

Unfortunately the project log section can be a bit slow depending on who's on/time of day when you update.

Sometimes you'll get 10+ posts, other times you get nothing. If you want direct feedback try posting in the painting section as that's generally a bit busier and will encourage more people to look out for your plog.

I'm sue once this gets going you'll have plenty of people following it as your models look fantastic :victory:

torealis 01-19-14 08:16 PM

Thanks for the advice buddy.

I'll also put a link in my sig too

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