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iamtheeviltwin 02-01-14 04:36 PM

Snuck my second entry in here at the last minute. It's been sitting unpainted on my bench for about 6 months. Here is my Farseer/Spiritseer for my Harlequins. Click through my project log below to see a few more pics.


Mossy Toes 02-01-14 06:41 PM

That is a beautiful color scheme on that Vindi, Grimzag. Very crisp, with a good color contrast.

KjellThorngaard 02-02-14 02:45 AM

First of my two entries. Just waiting for the laquer to dry on the second before I take pics and post them.

Bretonnian Trebuchet:

Old Man78 02-02-14 09:39 PM

Well here is my effort a wee Land speeder, my second entry never even got a whiff paint unfortunely


KjellThorngaard 02-03-14 02:39 AM

Second entry, ten more High Elf Sword Masters. Just to prove they are new, I included on of the first batch. Happily they are a perfect match.

humakt 02-03-14 02:56 PM

This months thread is now closed. February thread is now open. Entry thread will be posted up later in the week.

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