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Iraqiel 01-09-14 03:17 AM

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Hmmmmm very busy month for me, but I'll see what I can do.

First up - My Praetorian squad of purifiers

Second (maybe) - A bottle of Port! No wait... Tyrranid Warriors

humakt 01-09-14 06:26 PM

I have posted up the latest entry thread for December here https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...89#post1500489

It has all you current number of entries according to my figures. If there is a problem PM me. If you could include a list of months you have entries it will make things quicker for me.

Nordicus 01-11-14 02:51 PM

Nordicus 01-11-14 06:50 PM

You know what? I'm gonna enter one more; A Herald of Slaanesh!


Nordicus 01-14-14 07:59 PM

And here is my second entry; Herald of Slaanesh.


Ring Master "Honka" 01-14-14 11:31 PM


here is my entry for this month war buggy

to the un trained eye its a mini cooper but trust me its a war buggy

humakt 01-15-14 12:11 PM

Damn fine work @Nordicus .

Nordicus 01-15-14 12:17 PM

Thank you very much :D

LokiDeathclaw 01-18-14 07:29 PM

Iraqiel 01-19-14 07:12 AM

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And here I have that praetorian squad. Two five man Purifier teams, which I plan to field as one 10 man team in a landraider redeemer. Unsure if I'm going to be able to get the warriors done this month though, sadly.



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