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Angel of Retribution 07-11-08 04:18 PM

Who's gonna win the end war?
I don't know if this thread has been done before (I looked and couldn't find it) and i was just curious, who do you guys/girls think is gonna win in the end war. It has to end sometime, who is gonna come out on top, with logical explanations on why if you can....

CallumM27 07-11-08 04:31 PM

well it will probably be someone like the nids or orks cos they seem to have an endless supply of warriors to throw at the other races but I'd like to think the Imperium because once some of the primarchs awaken or heal or return then they'll muster the entire space marine army and go on one massive crusade :P

skad567 07-11-08 04:53 PM

I'd think Nids just because of how rapidly they adapt to change.

fearlessgod 07-11-08 05:07 PM

I think the Imperium will win out. If the Primarchs return or the Emperor awakens, a re-energized, stronger Imperium is posible. Plus, if (and I said if) the Emperor could reunify both the loyalist and traitor Space Marines, there would be no stopping humanity.

Barring that, Nids and Orks are the best bet to win out. Their numbers are too great for the Imperium to deal with, unless all the Space Marines were united against them.


cooldudeskillz 07-11-08 05:51 PM

chaos daemons have an unlimited supply of troops so can't loose so therefore will probally win.

Dies Irae 07-11-08 06:14 PM

if chaos space marines and loyalist space marines are acting together, nothing will stop them

if the Void Dragon wakes up, nithing will stop the necrons

if the Eldars manage to take back all of their lost words, they will destroy the entire galaxy

if the main Tyrannid hive-fleet come in the galaxy, nothing will stop them

if all orks are together under a powerfull leader(like Traka), nothing will stop them

if the humans(Imperial Guard) accept the Greater good, there will be peace in the galaxy.

if the daemons manage to stay out of the Warp, they will win.

the most probable of this facts is the arriving of the main tyrranid hive-fleet

Prepare your lasgun....

DrakeBluedragon 07-11-08 06:35 PM

Ultramarines....they have GW on their side :P

jakkie 07-11-08 06:47 PM

Necrons - the only reason they were defeated last time was because all the C'tan turned on each other and the Eldar managed to lock the Nightbringer in stasis. plus they are unaffected by he warp.

Eldar - they are the most technologically advnced, but a dying race. if they can finally overcome their problems and defeat Slaanesh, the rest of the Galaxy may stand a chance

Orks - they are almost infinite in number, do not feel pain, have no fear and grow stronger he more they fight. If the Necrons dont fully wake up and exterminate hem, they could be poised to take over the Galaxy. they dont kneed one all-powerful leader to launch a Great WAAAAGH, the just need several slightly less powerful ones to strike a certain planets to plunge them, like Armageddon, into a never ending war.

Tyrannids - If the Necrons dont wake up in time, the Nids will "remove" all life from this Galaxy and move on, leaving their star-gods to starve. they, like the Orks are innumerble in number, and can adapt to any event or terrain. they have, presumably, already truimphed in other Galaxies,and there is no reason why they shouldn't do so again.

Canadish 07-11-08 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by DrakeBluedragon (Post 144021)
Ultramarines....they have GW on their side :P

This man argues a very good point folks :P

Well, the whole system is designed so that no one can win...but in my heart I'm rooting for the Orks to win! :mrgreen:
They are the true heart of the hobby, no one hates da Orks! :laugh:

Saint7515 07-11-08 08:01 PM

It all depends on who the nids fight first.

If they fight the orks - Nids win. they get toooo massive to stop, just due to the VOLUME of organic material they would garner.

If they the Necrons, its a toss-up between Orks, imperium, and Chaos; cause' Crons don't produce any digestible material. Even in the game, the wounded (that don't stand back up) get teleported back to a crypt for more strict repairs. HOWEVER; when eaten, they arn't getting rebuilt; and no sigle force can stop the Nids. The metal isn't indistructable, it just grows. If disollved? bye-bye metal. The problem is that the Nids probably can't get anything from eating the Crons. I know it says in the books that Nids avoid Crypt worlds, but Nids ARE life in its most primal form, something the necrons are programmed to stamp out. With Crons gone and Nids not growing back hives from removing them, the shear losses will feed the deamons of chaos to a size unimaginable, the Orks will have more focused enemies to fight, and the Empyrium will keep on chuging along do to its size.
With 2 of the 3 splinter hives coming in surrounding the Tau empire, and the one that is halted by the marines is right on top of thier 3rd expantion. The other two: they are gonna blow right through the Tau empire before they fight Majority Crons or Orks. in other words - they gone! Both groups of eldar are hosed, since the are dying faster then they are reproducing; end of story; I don't care that the dark eldar have a webway city. They are doomed by Chaos invasions. Harlequins have a shot @ living forever in the Webway, but as seen w/ the experimental codex, they don't make an army themselves. All that is left is Humans, Chaos humans, and Orks. Orks make up the majority of life in the Milky way right now, Humans and Nids coming in behind. Chaos will keep fighting until the Eldar + Emporer are gone, then nothing will hold open the Eye of terror as too little will be feeding the deamons. If they hold out, they can win, but they won't hold out. The empire? only runs due to its volume. If wars begin to stop, they will have too much time to think about themselvs, and the entire thing will colapse unless the 'emprer's long lost sun' or some such bull can pull it together.

I'm banking on the Nids myself, Orks in the second slot, Humans third (until they collapse in on themselves being the last man standing)

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