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beenburned 07-10-08 07:32 PM

Dwarven blackpowder fluff.
Hi there.

A quick question here.

I'm going to be starting an army of dwarves, and part of my fluff is that my dwarves have all shunned blackpowder weaponry, so no thunderes or cannons for me.

What I'm asking you friendly people is:

Would this anti-blackpowder army be against newfangled contraptions such as flame cannons and gyrocopters, or could I feasibly take them without ruining the fluff?

I realise a lot of this is down to what I think would be best, but I value your oppinions on the matter. :good:

Cheers guys.

Snorri O'dubhda 07-10-08 08:27 PM

Well as far as dwarfs shunnig black powder it is quite easily explained in dwarven fluff. Dwarves are very stubborn and some are so much so that they will only use the traditional way and as such still distrust black powder and feel it is less reliable than the centuries old solutions of crossbow and grudge throwers.
As for the more modern contraptions you want to add, it can be explained by the fact that although the lord is very traditional, he may have been joined by a very inventive engineer that has brought along his invensions. However, in a game with the modern weaponry the traditional theme wont be very noticable and as such it will just look like a force with out cannon.
But as far as army make up, it is completly up to you, and you can use anything that fits your style of play.
Good look with dwarfs.

beenburned 07-10-08 09:08 PM

Thanks for the reply.

The main reason I'm asking is at the moment, the only other army I'm going to be able to fight is a dark elf one, and I feel the mobility of the gyrocopter would be pretty handy, but yeah, I like my fluff in general.

I think I'll justify it to myself by, as you said, taking a master engineer and fashion some wonderful story about how this madcap engineer got together with a very tradition bound army.

Pariah 07-10-08 09:53 PM

Well, on a fluff note. The gyrocopter would not be able to do bombing runs, so you lose half its tactics. But again, I think I'm out-dated. The copter is steam powered, and so a lack of black-powder is not a concern.

Trigger 07-11-08 10:16 PM

Just use miners to make up for your lack of mobility. No cannon does free up lots of lovely special slots.

Red Orc 07-12-08 12:39 PM

Black powder weapons are basically a form of explosive, which to me connects with mining - blasting charges and whatnot. The way I think it worked, was that some inventive (but mad) engineer started thinking about directional blasts... "I wonder what happens if we put a blasting charge in a metal tube?" and there's your first black powder weapon.

But if the hold's engineers were more into crazy contraptions and steam parts, things that fire gouts of flame etc, it could be because the hold traditions are more to do with high-temperature metalwork, ore processing or whatever, rather than getting the raw stuff out of the ground.

They might even look down (hard for a dwarf) on other dwarfs, considering themselves artists and craftsmen sorry craftsdwarfs as opposed to the grubby and thick mining dwarves.

Just a thought. Use it if you like it, don't if you don't!

:fluffy cyclops:

Trigger 07-12-08 01:12 PM

Or just say your dwarfs are from a hold connected to Barak Varr and that powder weapons would be too unreliable if they were called to go to sea. Very Dwarf-like!

Red Orc 07-12-08 08:00 PM

Nice one.

Yeah, I was thinking of Barak Varr too. I like their semi-steampunk kinda vibe (I would love to see Barak Varr Squats in steam-rockets for 40k!). I think it's transferable to any hold really, you just need a reason.

I think it's easier to come up with a fluff justification why not to take something, rather than a reason for taking it.

Perhaps, 300 years ago, the lord of this particular hold was killed by an exploding cannon - since then, Black Powder weapons have been banned; or maybe they're tunnel fighters and they've found flame cannons to be more useful in confined spaces; or maybe they don't want the noise of the Black Powder weapons bringing down unsafe tunnels; or...

:hoping this is helping cyclops:

beenburned 07-12-08 09:58 PM

Haha yeah this is great stuff, and I appreciate this, and all your awesome ideas. It's really helping me as I'm completely new to the whole fantasy side of warhammer, but this is definitely helping me along.

I've been coming up with draft army lists for a few days now, as well as sorting out my fluff. I'll post my final list with fluff at some point, but yeah thanks very much guys :)

Honking_Elephant 07-27-08 08:09 PM

I think one other solution, that we touched upon, was if you are indeed gonna be having them as a small sea port, then black powder would be shunned cos if it gets wet it useless, so, for reliabilty, they are going around scewering people with bolts and bolt throwers. You could combine this with some of the options as well, but it is up to ye of course.

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