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Iraqiel 12-17-13 12:01 AM

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Thanks very much for all the years of providing the net's best wargaming forum, Jez.

Mr Wizard, welcome on board. I only hope you are a little less nefarious than the picture suggests!

Svartmetall 12-17-13 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by Iraqiel (Post 1460969)
I only hope you are a little less nefarious than the picture suggests!

Hey! There's nothing wrong with being a little...nefarious...


Stormxlr 12-17-13 12:11 AM

Welcome to the community Phil, I am rather new here myself. Got into 40k only half a year ago =3, its great community here hope you will enjoy your stay!

The Irish Commissar 12-17-13 12:19 AM

Thanks Jez for all the hard work you put in building heresy and welcome Phil

JAMOB 12-17-13 12:38 AM

Jezlad, you the man. Phil, welcome, and good luck. You'll need it :crazy:

morfangdakka 12-17-13 02:00 AM

Jezlad, thank you very much for all your hard work over the years to make this a great forum.

Ok mods time to get the cooking oil and bacon out so we can properly welcome phil into the family that is Heresy.

tu_shan82 12-17-13 02:41 AM

This is probably for the best, not only will the site benefit from all the benefits you've mentioned, but it will take a lot of pressure off of yourself too, not having to worry about the tech side of stuff, plus you'll never find yourself in the position where you have to sell your minis to help fund the site ever again. In fact, I think you should reward yourself and buy something nice from FW for yourself, like a thunderhawk gunship or tau manta or whatever you fancy as a reward for all the hard work and dedication you've put into the community, before responsibly investing the rest of the money from the sale of the site.

PS> Welcome to the fold Phil, I realize that you'll mostly be doing the tech stuff, but I'm hoping that your exposure to our community will inspire you to become a hobbyist yourself, come on you know you want to, one of us, one of us, lol.

SwedeMarine 12-17-13 02:48 AM

Thank you for the work youve put in Jez, this site will not be the same without you

And welcome to Heresy Phil. If youre not a hobbyist I would suggest picking up a mini and slapping some paint on it however as most of us spend a bit of time doing just that. ;)

Archon Dan 12-17-13 07:15 AM

I'll echo my thanks to Jezlad for many years of hard service. And welcome to Phil. Let us know if you need any witches "liquidated."

revilo44 12-17-13 07:31 AM

Jez your a legend for setting up and keeping heresy going. Hope you stick around. And wecome Phil.

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