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Mart007 07-23-08 11:53 AM

cool! and that goes for Da Red Paintjob Grot as well! Tho I would add we only really have people over the age of 20 ish... you said you have a wife so I reckon you must be!

We are in the pub tomorrow night, we can work out when everyone can kinda thing.. Oh Anchient is a new recruit as well!

Drax 07-23-08 11:56 AM

what mart means is that we are all old gits in our group and with gamers under a certain age mart feels even older and more concerned about other people's opinions regarding him spending time with younger people - he doesn't mean any offence to younger gamers

Mart007 07-23-08 12:00 PM

Well, yeah, its just our gaming tables are at each others houses - so yeah, you made that sound dramatic, but I think fair enough imo! (I'm 30 - not 60 or anything like that!!!!) lol

Jock 07-23-08 12:18 PM


And yeah im 27 at the moment so no worries there.

So are you guys just a bunch of pals who game together then? Not an actual club as such?

Mart007 07-23-08 12:19 PM

I guess you could say pals! But at the rate we are going we may have to sort some kind of club out!!

Drax 07-23-08 12:21 PM

yeah, we are a group of mates.

me krom and mart have been gaming against each other for a few years (but mart and krom have been gaming for years, being brothers and all)

we have recently met Ancient from seeing him on here as well

krom_stormbrow 07-23-08 01:50 PM

This all sounds like some kind of sausage fest... dis..gusting.

Yea, I'm up for meeting in a pub in York. If we do get more, e may have to set up a 'roper club or something.

Red Orc 07-28-08 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by Drax (Post 145595)
... Red Orc: Heresy Online's Official Gaming Pimp!


Well, my work here is done...

Looks smug, exists stage left.

BTW, that's going in my sig.

:matchmaking cyclops:

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