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Jock 07-14-08 10:09 PM

Yeah Yorks just down the road for me, in fact was there just 2 weeks ago for the wifes b'day! Great place.

If i'm ever down Hull way who knows maybe get a game sorted.

Drax 07-16-08 12:15 PM

thats fine by me Jock - always looking for new opponents!

Jock 07-22-08 02:28 PM

Well i went to my local GW's Sunday games thing where they rent a little hall and have a few games. I was a bit dissapointed as the game was IG v Nids and wasnt very entertaining, it was more of a whitewash really. I think the Nid player lost 3 genestealers, the IG guy, his entire army.

The worst thing, which the GW guy confirmed is that i cant really get a game till i have an army, so looks like i may have to wait some time. I had thought previously GW would let you use theirs for an introductory game.

I may have to try further afield for possible guys to game with, one area i'm looking at is Newcastle, its only 2 stops on the train and even if i could get a couple of decent lads to get games even once a month with i'd be happy.

I've yet to try the Middlesbrough lot out as i thought i'd give darlington a bash first and although i wouldnt rule it out, it didnt blow me away. Atmosphere didnt seem too friendly apart from a couple of guys, though there was more my age and above than i expected. Funnily enough the friendliest were the young kids lol.

So if anyone knows of any clubs etc in Newcastle i'd be happy to go along for a look.

Drax 07-22-08 03:48 PM

was it the place i told you about? if so, thats because it isn't a gw, its independant - gw should be able to provide something for you, even if its in limited numbers and not quite your ideal force

Jock 07-22-08 03:57 PM

Nah i havent went to the Middlesbrough one yet, this was a little thing the Darlington GW organises a couple of doors from their store. Though id try the closest first then go further afield.

Da Red Paintjob Grot 07-22-08 07:57 PM

Im near enough york, tell me when you are in and my templars'll cleanse you. BTW, is your name by any chance Gav?

Jock 07-22-08 08:13 PM

Cheers though need to wait til i paint an army :(

And nope name aint gav, though youve intrigued me!

Mart007 07-23-08 11:36 AM

To be fair, one of our gaming group'ee lives in York, My bro! (I am one of Drax's gaming buds!) We could do a meet up in a York pub at some point? To prove we aint wierd or anything? It wouldnt be regular, but better than nothing!

Jock 07-23-08 11:47 AM

Yeah Yorks certainly not far from here, in fact i think its just one stop on the train. So if there ever was anything going off down there i'd certainly be interested.

Drax 07-23-08 11:52 AM

shall we sort something then?

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