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Wookiepelt 12-10-13 01:48 PM

After-School Warhammer Club Secondment!!!
Guess what!?! I'm to prepare a trial lesson plan for presentation to the Head Teacher in the New Year with the aim of my "secondment" as the parent volunteer to help organise and run the daughter's weekly after-school Warhammer Club!!!

Hmm... next year could get VERY interesting!!! What have I gotten myself into this time? :shok:

lokyar 12-10-13 01:51 PM

this sounds like it will be hilarious xD.

I wish you luck mate

Wookiepelt 12-10-13 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by lokyar (Post 1447033)
I wish you luck mate

I'll probably need it and a fair bit of patience as well! lol

Tawa 12-10-13 05:48 PM

I'm naff with kids, so rather you than me mate! :laugh:

Good luck with it! :good:

Wookiepelt 12-10-13 09:34 PM

This is what I've come up with so far. Remember that this is for 7-10 year olds... What am I blatantly missing? Comments?

Warhammer Club Objective and Planning Outline

Game Play Objectives
  • Skills acquisition (mental maths, strategy planning, reacting to changes positively)
  • Appreciation of rules
  • Appreciation of big-picture and small-picture concepts
  • Acceptance of personal strategy miscalculations and recovery plan formulation
  • Conflict resolution options (rules or otherwise)
  • Teamwork/Leadership concepts (Singles & Team matches)
  • Gamesmanship
  • Post-game tactic analysis (Lessons-learnt concept appreciation)
  • Making friends and having fun!

Gaming Options
  • Understanding campaign/game scenarios
  • Singles matches
  • Team matches
  • Relevant tactics for various campaign objectives
  • Victory points concept
    • First blood
    • Slaying the Warlord
    • Line breaker
    • Capturing Objectives
    • Special victory point rules for specific characters

Planning of Army List
  • “40K in 40mins” or “Patrol Clash” gaming concepts (1x HQ, 1x Troops & 1x Other, limited to 500pts)
  • Understanding unit make-up and chosen equipment & war gear capabilities
  • Function and tactics for various units
  • Strengths and weaknesses of unit types

Basic Rules
  • Sequence and deployment assignments
  • Game play phases:
    • Movement
    • Shooting/Running
    • Assault (Charge & Combat sub-phases)
  • Player and game turns

Tawa 12-10-13 09:38 PM

Nothing I can think of off the top of my head. :)

Reaper45 12-11-13 12:43 AM

The only things I'd add is

The value of Research, (word that how you wish.) Such as Why tactics that work against necron fliers are not effective against Chaos fliers.

fatmantis 12-11-13 01:19 AM

you've missed the big ones..
teaching them an alternative to PC.xbox etc..
life lessons on accepting defeat and how to deal with it..accepting victory and how to deal with it.
time/project management..i.e getting models/project/list finished in a set time frame.
handwriting--clear and concise army lists
reading!!!-the rules/codex's require a lot of reading
take out the slaying the warlord/first blood, make it lighter

parents of the kids i teach after school..not so keen on the "whole death war side" so focus more on the skills

Kreuger 12-11-13 07:13 AM

Hmm, if you're writing a lesson plan you might need to structure those topics and objectives differently. Professionally, I'm actually an instructional designer. Let's start by talking about writing learning objectives. And for that I would highly recommend that you read Bloom's taxonomy of verbs. Which is a system for categorizing the words used to elicit actions or meet expectations at different levels of thinking. Words like acceptance and appreciation don't really convey a concrete learning objective that's directly measurable. You might also want to check out this page on the (ABCD) Audience, Condition, Behavior, and Degree for learning objectives. A really good objective hits all of these.

Let's look at this on a more specific level. Let's say you wanted to teach the turn sequence or the force org chart, there are a number of ways you can do that through playing the game and discussing the experience. Before you ever get there if you wanted to describe the learning objectives for the kids they might go something like . . . .
  • Student-players will memorize the turn sequence in Warhammer 40k and be able to recite it 100% correctly.
  • Given a copy of the main rule book or a codex, student-players will be able to identify the Force organization chart with 80% accuracy.
  • Student-players will memorize the different types of units in the game: HQ, Troops, Elites, Heavy Support, and Fast attack 80% of the time.
  • Given a variety of miniatures in a game situation student-players will be able to identify the force organization chart choice for miniatures in use during a game 80% of the time.

So if we break down the last objective:
  • Audience: student-players
  • Behavior: identify force org choice
  • Condition: given miniatures to look at deployed for a game, e.g. in units and ready to play
  • Degree: 80% accuracy

If you want to knock the headmaster's socks off you can write a lesson on a specific topic for warhammer, like learning the turn sequence, and break it down into measurable criteria.

I wish you the best of luck, but I think trying to teach a 7-10 year olds everything in one session is way too much. I used to run a league (during 2nd ed) and teach people to play and paint, and generally 10 years of age was the youngest possible gamer we would let join, and even 10 was pushing it. Anywhere under 14 and there was a good chance I was babysitting while the parents shopped around.

A couple of further questions:
  • Do you expect this to be a hard sell, or was the headmaster interested?
  • How many kids do you expect to join?
  • How long will each session be?
  • How many lessons are you expecting to teach?
  • Will you be teaching both the game as well as painting and assembling the miniatures?
  • How many sessions do you hope to have before the kids are really gaming?
  • Will there be other adults helping or supervising?
  • If so, do those adults know warhammer?
All of these things could play into how you go about running this club.

Depending on your expectations there's a lot of latitude for what and how you are going to teach.

Let me know if this was helpful, or if you have any questions!

Best regards,

edit - it might be a good idea to break your club's plan down by topic and set some goals.

So a "Goal" would be a more general outcome like 'learn the game' or 'learn the turn sequence'. So maybe each club meeting might have 1 or 2 goals, with each goal supported buy several objectives. For example the first meeting might be all about explaining the concept of the game and the background, and sharing the books and letting the kids look through the miniature photos and some real miniatures you have.

It might also help to structure the game play objectives in the order the kids will need to learn them.

Wookiepelt 12-11-13 08:36 AM

Thanks all the advice so far. Its starting to feel very much like a problem solving brain-storming session on a topic close to all our hearts! This is one of the real reasons why I love it here on Heresy Online!!!

I guess at this point I should add a bit more background about the club here.

1. It is an existing club that runs for 1.5 hours every Friday after school and has been active for the past 5 years, lead by one teacher only (no experience in gaming, simply there to supervise kids in terms of discipline and general behaviour).

2. There are about 20 kids typically, mostly boys but with since the daughter joined, there are a couple more girls who have come out of their closets and are now openly and actively participating.

3. Kids in the club all have their own armies, codices, rule books, etc., typically from their past B-days & X'mas presents.

4. Bulk of them tend to be C:SM, Orks & Tyranids (from what I've seen so far when I go pick up the daughter).

5. School will only allow the gaming aspect of it. No painting (supposedly toxic fumes by "concerned" parents) or modelling (OMG, they have to use scalpels to cut their toy soldiers?!?) due to the usual Health & Safety risk assessment issues.

@Kreuger - You've just double my bedtime reading list! Nice! (no... seriously, thanks!)
I like how you've expanded on my initial brain-dump and help organise some of my thoughts. BTW, that initial list were items that would covered over a period of time, definitely not in one lesson! Being a professional engineer working in the subsea oil & gas sector, we have a tendency to look at the issues at hand, come up with viable solutions and get on with the job. The training in us doesn't really catered for the teaching side of things... especially not to 7-10 year olds! :biggrin:

@fatmantis - Agree with your thoughts and toning down of the more graphically descriptive aspects!

@Reaper45 - Definitely so on the topic of research but I am dealing with 7-10 year olds so will have to discuss this a bit with the teachers on the best way forward!

So my currently plan is now to organise all this into two bits. The first is to outline the overall objectives followed by breaking that down into the various sub-topics (i.e. rules, unit types, etc.) and then agree with the Head Teacher and Key Stage Lead on the actual contents for the "lesson" and come to a consensus on what is realistically achievable with the kids.

More on this soon.

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