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Septok 12-07-13 03:45 PM

December's always a pain for me, and this one's going to be worse than usual. A week in, with a good few exams to come before Christmas, so I'm going to be snowed under with stuff to do. Logically, that means it's a Real Life Card for me this month.

Jacobite 12-09-13 09:20 PM

Finished my entry, pretty hard not to since it's only one mini, now I can spend the rest of the month finishing off stuff from last month's failed attempt to paint 20 Terminators (15 out of 20 wasn't a bad effort I thought). I'm pretty darned stocked with how he's turned out:



More pictures in my Minotaurs log.

Nordicus 12-09-13 09:43 PM

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I changed my mind and will make a Herald of Nurgle instead!

(Yeah the black silhouette makes him look more menacing doesn't it?... Well... Or just like Batman.)

Iraqiel 12-10-13 12:49 AM

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Brilliant work there Jacobite, sorry i can't plus rep you for it... yet.

iamtheeviltwin 12-10-13 04:21 AM

I am working on another unit of knights for my empire army. Last unit to finish out the 2000 pt level of the army. Should have them done this week.

Here they are:

Nordicus 12-21-13 06:49 PM

I made it! My Herald of Nurgle - Now extra slimey.



Originally Posted by Jacobite (Post 1445785)
I'm pretty darned stocked with how he's turned out:

You can be. That is one awesome looking model. +rep!

Iraqiel 12-22-13 05:42 AM

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Oh no! I posted this in the other painting competition thread by accident. Oh well... Copy paste powers, aid me!

Hmmm in the very real looking offchance that I don't get a chance to finish the last two days before I fly out, here is my squad of seven (to be legal) interceptors.


Old Man78 12-23-13 09:21 PM

Ridiculous late entry from me, may the painting gods be merciful


Mossy Toes 12-25-13 08:14 AM

Missed last month, missing this month--crap, I'm gonna have to make every remaining option, including to double up on the second two entry month, if I'm going to scrape through this.

Ring Master "Honka" 12-27-13 07:46 PM

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