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Hewbear 12-01-13 11:47 PM

A rookies Daemon painting log.
**Disclaimer this is my painting and i suck i know, but im only just starting to paint and im desperately in need of brushes haha**

I have a large and ever growing Daemon army which been neglected so i thought i probably should make a start so yea heres my start on a squad of bloodletters (which is about 6 hours of painting)

The first 5, based with Valejo Black then dry brushed with dark red then lighter red. Then touched up with black :)

3 Finished Bloodletters, fully painted :P

So yea thats what i got so far, any constructive critisim would be nice :)

fatmantis 12-02-13 01:42 AM

well not a bad start bud...a few things the white is very overpowering..maybe use a dark yellow base and work up to a bleached bone.
as for the skin its a bit blochy...try doing and all red base coat then use a wash then just apply the highlights. takes a bit longer but the overall look is better.
im no expert painting but im my humble opinion dry brushing works better with things like cloth and fur..on Armour and skin it makes it look chalky.
but keep up the good work...there are fantastic painters here who will give you some great advice.

Hewbear 01-07-14 08:48 PM

Right so update. Not done any painting over christmas, so its took like a month to finish 5 bloodletters and start Skulltaker. Heres the finished Bloodletters, following the advice i received i painted the metal solid and made the horns a lil darker:http://i.imgur.com/RnsspCch.jpg

And then Skulltaker, primed black then messy first coat on skin, gonna try not dry brush this. 1 coat dark red on skin. The details eill need touching up black but im guarenteed to slip up so ill finish skin then touch up:

Deus Mortis 01-07-14 09:02 PM

Again, not a bad start. A small tip on the gold; if you wash it with Druchii Violet, it helps to bring out the recesses just a little bit more.

On the horns, again I would recommend a wash with something like Agrax Earthshade, because at the moment it looks a bit flat. The wash would bring out the recesses of the horns and make them look a bit more realistic I feel.

Other than that, all I have to say is I was much worse when I first started painting and keep up the good work!

torealis 01-07-14 11:14 PM

Painting wise, you're off to an awesome start.

My main advice would be to rebase on circular bases, square looks so out of place in 40k

Loki1416 01-08-14 02:02 AM

Don't knock your painting, those really arn't that bad imo. I've certainly seen worse! Just look at ebay and "pro painted" lol. I'm liking what your doing and think that if you keep going at the pace your doing that your skills will be awesome.

Varakir 01-08-14 02:32 AM

You've got a nice jump in quality from the first to the second pictures - your colour choices are solid too.

Your base coat on the skulltaker looks good and is another improvement over the bloodletters. There's hundreds of great, fancy techniques out there but the base coat is the most important to getting a nice looking model.

Try base coating the bone parts with a dark brown, then use bone over the top and wash with a light brown wash.

Use the same technique with the gold too (replace bone with gold).

I'd also advise keeping the yellow for the eyes or going for a brighter green - the face should be the focal point of your miniature and the yellow draws attention far better.

Don't forget to do your bases too. Some drybrushing over sand & grit gives a huge boost to aesthetics.

Will look forward to more pics - keep it up :victory:

Nordicus 01-08-14 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by fatmantis (Post 1436322)
my humble opinion dry brushing works better with things like cloth and fur..on Armour and skin it makes it look chalky.

I thoroughly agree with this. Usually I use drybrushing on bone, metal and cloth - But never flesh. It's a technique that is good for a matt surface shade, but when doing it with flesh it does appear dry and chalky. In terms of how to paint flesh via layers, I have described how I do it in my tutorial of Pink Horrors. I would gladly give you the color combination I use for bloodletters if you want to give it a shot :) You can see my colortheme in my project log, on the very first page - The link is in m signature.

Beyond that, shades would be a natural next stage for your painting skills. Aggrax earthshade for bones, Nuln Oil for metals etc. It's a fast and effective way of giving your models more depth.

If you are in doubt of what a shade actually does, here's a quick comparison shot for you:
The guy on the left is simply painted and the guy on the right has been painted in the same color and given a red shade. Personally I would recommend doing this on flesh and skin instead of drybrushing, as you still get those nice shadows going, but the effect is more fluent and flesh-like.

As others have said, you're definately not off to a bad start. Don't devaluate your skills, as it can be a tough area to start on if you don't have any tips to go on.

Hewbear 01-09-14 09:42 PM

Thanks guys!! The comments are fantastic! Really, the little tips all really really help. Nordicus, that tutorial is fantastic thanks man! The bases will get sorted at some point aswel, im really unsure about basing my models on either square or circle bases. I really wanna try fantasy but i only ever play 40k :P ive done abit on skulltaker, followimg Nordicus' advice in the flesh and Deus Mortis' on the cape i think its coming along nicely, it may need a little more highlighing on the flesh but we shall see:

Oh and i realised whilst doing the cloak that ive lost the spiney bit >.< any ideas?

Varakir 01-09-14 09:55 PM

Fantastic result on the cape, you are obviously picking this up rather quickly :victory:

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