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wulfen777 11-21-13 03:13 PM

Hiho there

First post here...:blush:

It took me quite some time but finally, like finally, at long last I can now proudly present the official release of my very own miniature line:


What do I have in stock?

Generally said I provide finely sculpted miniatures for games, painters and collectors.
My miniatures will be provided unpainted and unassambled, cast in a high-quality tinn alloy.
Slotta-Bases will be included. My miniatures and bits are suited for 28 to 30 mm heroic "scale".





(For all the heretics here)

And bits

Bascinets with Klappvisor and side-pivoting visor.

Everyone does skulls, but what about other bones? There you are:

And more arm-options for the Cultists for those who like variety:

That's it so far - Not the biggest of product lines, but I promise more stuff will follow...^^

For those still reading and wanting to know where to get these:
Right now the only place where you can buy RuneCast-Miniatures is the PK-PRO Online Shop.


Look out for this banner to get to the place:


Ok, that much from me for now, more mumbo-jumbo on my blog: http://runecast-sculpts.blogspot.de/



revilo44 11-26-13 04:40 PM

Looks good. Really like the cultists. I take it there resin?

Varakir 11-26-13 06:30 PM

Nice stuff - seconding the nod for the cultists.

With the extra arm options for the cultists, does that mean their mutant arms are separate pieces?

They could be used for some really nice servitors in an inquisition force.

wulfen777 11-27-13 06:09 AM

@revilo44: The pictures are done using resin masters, but only because they do not reflect as much light as metal miniatures do and thus provide better pictures.
The sold miniatures are metal castings.

@Varakir: Yes, the tentacle arms are all separate parts and can easily be replaced with the arm option bits I provide or with whatever you chose.

Khorne's Fist 11-27-13 09:47 AM

Very nice. I can see those cultists making a very nice looking addition to an AdMech army.

DarkDisciple_Nahum 11-28-13 01:00 PM

Also loving the cultists. Had the same idea (use as servitors) when I saw them. I would love to get some for my Word Bearers!

wulfen777 11-29-13 09:16 AM

You are very welcome to get as many as you want...^^

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