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jigplums 12-29-06 06:52 PM

Bad Trader Thread
This thread is to let others know when another Heresy member has been a Bad trader. Remember to be honest but not petty, this is particularly important when posting about a bad trade. Try to give all details possible of the trade good and bad. DO not let this become a FLAME WAR thread. If there is excessive flaming your post MAY be deleted and you could also find yourself banned from the trade forum.

Updated to include a list. Note that these are HERESY MEMBERS usernames only.

- Serpa.


Greyskullscrusade 07-24-07 03:59 AM

Do not trade with a Josh Callahand, for more info (email and such) Pm me and I will tell you all I know.

Captain Micha 02-08-08 02:12 AM

I don't know if he comes here or not but here is one for you guys


Sure thing

Scott Andrews
399 Talbot St.
St.Thomas, ON
N5P 1B7

Steve Jones
14 Penwarden ave.
London, ON
L4M 8P3

Steve Jones
215 First Ave.
St.Thomas, ON
N5R 4P6

the guy has several pseudonames and aliases as well. on warseer it was Imma_De_Freakin_Pope

I need:

Any Eldar stuff

Imperial Guard

I have:

Beasts of Chaos

High elves

wood elves

and other random stuff.

was also a thing in his signature from time to time.

Bartertown ip:
Warseer ip :

Lybra7 09-01-08 12:45 AM

This kid sent me fewer models then discussed and he shipped them in a box that fell apart. DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM.

General Panic 10-11-08 05:17 PM

Not from this forum BUT:

<Do not post personal details. Usernames are fine, addresses are not - Jez>

Traded an ork army, chaos army and BFG chaos fleet, was supposed to recieve 2 plastic baneblades, a chimera and a sentinel, he never sent them (although he claimed too, but had no receipt to show). Here are some photos of the stuff of mine he has:
[/spoil]I'm willing to offer a reward for the return of any of my stuff and/or information that helps me pursue this matter via legal channels...

Djinn24 10-11-08 05:45 PM

You can contact out mail service (do not know the info off the top of my head) about mail fraud. I do not know how it would interact with you being out of country. Also I have had dealing with the Spanish mail service and at times they can be slow.

Chaosftw 04-01-09 01:37 AM

Mine is not serious but I would defiantly not recommend trading with Master Kashnizel unless you have a lot of time. I have been trying to get TWO little SM jump packs from him for several weeks now for this coming Sunday tournament. I told him I would pay for everything including the rush shipping. He says fine. Then today I get an email saying he did not send them rush they will get there fast enough... well shipping to Canada is 7-10 work days meaning I wont get them to late next week at best.

So unless you have time up the ying yang then by all means trade with this fellow.

Also make sure he sends first because its been a week and a half of excuses why he has not sent yet.



Master Kashnizel 05-12-09 10:21 AM

I must admit that I have been a bad trader. I had to many delays and in the end, could not ship to him because he needed the items quickly. But I have learnt from my error and will never be late with a shipment again, never!

Thursdayisgod 05-21-09 09:56 PM


Marc Patenaude

andrew indelicato

Backed out of buying/trading from me, I listed on ebay and they never followed through. Not a big deal since I obviously didn't get ripped, but it did cost me listing fees. Just beware that chances are you are wasting your time by negotiating deals with them.

TerranRaida 08-21-09 02:38 AM

Izual AKA Justin Wu - he said he would send me 1 Assault on Black Reach Space Marine captain in return for 3 dollars. i sent my 3 dollars and its been over 15 days and nothing. i did a cross reference on the email he sent me, [email protected], and it came up with other websites saying tha the was not only a bad trader, but was scamming other members, and has over 10+ accounts linked to him. in my reading, he also attempted to blackmail said site.

he apparently the owner of Rogue-Market.com i sent him many private messages, and once i recieved no pms, i emailed him and i got a very bland "its in the mail, your cash has not come" email back, and havent heard anything since.

i am not too disheartened by this, as it is only 3 dollars, but its still dissapointing that someone would take advantage of a persons good will.

TerranRaida/Zach Morgan

also, i recieved a letter from my dad today, he lives in California, i live in Virginia - it was post marked the 18th. today is the 20th. so it does not take 2+ weeks for it to arrive.

UPDATE: its been another 2 weeks since he said he would send it (because he didnt send it the first time) and still no mini

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