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tyranno the destroyer 11-05-13 11:55 AM

Nice character Kutu I like the sound of him :D

RoleplayKutu 11-05-13 02:52 PM

Thanks, I hope we get more members fast:clapping:

DasOmen 11-07-13 08:26 AM

we've got two, i'd really like 3 more for this. definitely need a watcher, that part is required.

tyranno the destroyer 11-08-13 05:55 PM

watcher is required? How interesting

DasOmen 11-08-13 07:00 PM

Well the watcher is who you guys are linked to. you two mind poking some of your friends to see if they'd mind joining?

DasOmen 11-10-13 06:09 PM

In an attempt to gather some more interest in this... Here's a few radio broadcasts for you.

Sp00k: It's that time again ladies and gentlemen, more stories and this one from the lips of the raiders themselves.
static on a distant signal broke over the radio at a newly raided caravan camp just west of the new Arizona trading post. Claude and Clide were out back checking over what loot there was, Jesse was doing his normal thing with his cleaver, carving up the corpses and putting them on pikes, mattresses, and generally tossing them about to keep people away from us while we did our business inside the camp. it was a pretty sweet score we'd landed. some energy weapon convoy with guards too stupid to unload the merch they were transporting. we'd gotten cocky, never even thought twice as the Arizona wind picked up, let alone the shadows on the horizon. by the time we noticed something felt a bit off about the static on the radio it was too late. Claude came running back towards the corpses of the merchants and mercs we had killed in the raid with terror in his eyes. Claude was no slouch, he was a big man and stood about seven feet tall and had a habit of mounting severed heads on the metal spikes of his armor, this was a man i never thought I'd see run in terror a day in his life. he kept yelling at me but i couldn't make out a word the man was saying. next thing i know Claude's skin catches on fire as he's running towards me, the flesh and meat burn away from his bones as he screams in pain, his skeleton dropping to the floor and his head rolling towards my feet. I grab for my assault rifle and look in the direction he came running from only to see Clide pinned to the side of a dead brahmen with some kind of steel spikes sticking out of him, or at least what was left of him. his head and legs were missing, the only thing left of him was his torso and arms. right as I'm starting to shout for the others to flee they descend upon us like prophets of doom. these were monsters among men! they shot fire from their hands, their eyes burned like the sun, and no amount of bullets stopped them! it was like shooting a death claw, all you did was make it angry. I did what any sensible raider would do in this case, I ran for my life and i left every last one of my friends behind. I could still hear their cries as i ran along the road where we had been raiding. The scene was the same no matter where i looked along it. bodies upon bodies upon mutilated bodies! looking back on it now the last thing i remember seeing was a skull hanging from a sign post saying welcome to Arizona, two steel bolts pierced it's temples like a set of crossed bones. I'm never going back there, rather be thrown into a pit of rad scorpions.
And there you have it, All across the main highway leading up to Arizona towards the new Arizona trading post a bloody path of death doom and destruction was cut into it.

J1Jz: This just in folks, grab your news time fedoras and glue your ears to the radios! Several raider camps all along the new Arizona highway leading up to a local trading post have been found to be absolutely decimated. the area known as raiders pass is now nothing more than a graveyard and scalded sand. A group of NCR troopers responding to sounds of a firefight were the first to arrive on the screen. They described a group of men laying down some swift and heavy wasteland justice to the raiders all along the highway. It is speculated that over 200 raiders apart of the wasteland gang the Red Sand Raiders lost their lives in the assault. Wanna know what the only clew we have on who did this is? If you answered a skull with two steel spikes in it like a set of crossed bones than you'd be right. For whatever reason folks the Dungeon Delvers have cut a bloody swath all along the highway and it's now free of raiders. We asked the NCR for a comment but they couldn't make one at the time on the notion of the Dungeon Delvers doing a job they've been wanting to do for a good long time now. We did however get some comments from a few anonymous sources within the NCR on the matter. "You dont know how many ranger's we've lost out here, I'm happy we wont be loosing any more to these raiders.". What do you think people of the waist land? let us here your thoughts! tune your CB radio to j11j.03 and we'll take your thoughts.

This is J1Jz waistlander! what are your thoughts on the purge of raider's pass?

The delvers just wanted to do a good deed is all. whatever their reason is for killing those guys doesn't matter. all i know is now i have a new route for my caravan that doesn't lead through scorpion's gulch.

Next up waistlander! what are your thoughts? let our listeners hear em!
I think the NCR paid em to do it. they didn't want the chance of casualties on their end or some commander or whatever got fed up with the guys up top and paid the Dungeon Delvers to cleanse the pass.

What about you waistlander? what are your thoughts?
I dont know what the others are talking about. good deed, paid to do it? nah. I saw this one guy with a metal arm marching up that way a few days ago. said something about tracking down some Paladorn fellow for a job up past raider's pass. Way i see it, Raiders were just in a bad spot, in between they dungeon delvers and their next job.

Radio Black Gold: Foreman Oilslick here gents, And you're right about the time on your pip boys and your clocks. It is indeed that time again! another riveting story about those Great guys and galls the Dungeon Delvers. In this weeks Episode, Cries of a dead world in raiders pass...

tyranno the destroyer 11-11-13 09:30 AM

did some poking nothing on my end my apologies

RoleplayKutu 11-11-13 07:09 PM

I am still trying to find, I will be saving this bio though because its one of the good ones I have written imo.

Can't wait for a tick to get this started!

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