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humakt 11-03-13 08:26 PM

Army Painting Challenge - November 2013
A new thread for this month.

iamtheeviltwin 11-03-13 09:00 PM

Well I am going to finish up the last of my Empire Warmachines (the mortar) for this month's challenge:


Khorne's Fist 11-03-13 10:54 PM

GrimzagGorwazza 11-04-13 01:01 AM

Adding another weirdboy to the hoard this month to give me a little more time to work on some of the dregs that don't form full units so can't be used in the AP challenge.


Jacobite 11-04-13 04:18 AM

emissaryofdark 11-04-13 08:54 PM

November entry
2 Attachment(s)
Going back to Tau this month and hoping to get the drones out of the way, i hate painting these but they need doing.
It is a mix of all the drones available, inc a sniper drone team, they will end up as:-
3 Drone squads of 6
3 Drone sniper team
mix of support drones to go with my Crisis suits

All done thank god i don't have any more to paint! Oh! i do but they go with next months entry.......

the black structure in the middle is spare weapons made into an objective not part of this months entry.

GrimzagGorwazza 11-05-13 09:52 PM

Well i've completed my model but apparently photobucket is having issues today and won't let me upload. I've had to host it on facebook.


And so another Weirdboy joins the waaaagh, say hello to Aaaaaaarng.

Iraqiel 11-06-13 06:30 AM

6 Attachment(s)
This month I'll be modelling, assembling and painting a Dreadknight. Call it practice for the Dreamforge Leviathan I just got in the mail...


Nice work there Grimzag, that was quick work and an awesome miniature! Also, I like the bells on the shoes and his nepalese style hat!

iamtheeviltwin 11-07-13 12:43 AM

Mossy Toes 11-07-13 02:02 AM

I'll be shooting for these Daemonettes this month around.


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