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Miami 10-24-13 11:25 AM

A project log - CSM
My Army/Project Log Ė Chaos Space Marines

So Iíve decided to start this fantastic hobby again. I first got into it in sixth (2000-2001) grade when a friend of mine talked to me about it, I specifically remember him hyping the Dreadnought to oblivion. It got me totally pumped so I begged my mom to drive me to the local GW, and I bought one of those starting sets and starting paint sets. Unfortunately a sixth grader shouldnít get involved in this hobby; it will rob you of all your allowance! So I ended up quitting the hobby in like 2003.

So now with a larger monthly allowance I decided to start getting into it again. I know thereís a little gaming community and my town and Iím gonna look into joining them. But first I want to get an army painted fully and based and all that. Even if my army crashes and burns facing opponents, Itís gonna look damn good while doing it at least.

So hereís my army/project log. Iíve chosen Chaos Space Marines. When I started out playing I played Space Marines, and then switched to Tyranids. I enjoyed both armies a lot (Tyranids slightly favored) and their different play styles. Chaos Space Marines feels like a good option, as it seems they have a good mixture of play style/aesthetics of those aforementioned armies. Iím starting out with a flat out Black Legion army. I love the dark, ancient look of the scheme and the shame the army bears on its shoulders.

I plan on making installments of 250 points to my army as I start out. Right now Iím looking at assembling and painting my 500 point army consisting of:
  • Terminator Lord with a retinue of Terminators
  • 2 squads of cultists, resulting in 1 squad of 10 and another of 15, so 25 models in total
  • A Maulerfiend
I am not completely new to painting, having painted models some ten years ago. However the most technical painting I did then was drybrushing and some very squiggly highlights. I didnít even know what washes were. So Iíve done a lot of googling for nice tutorials and guides on how to paint and Iíve found a few that I really like. So my style and scheme will incorporate a few elements of those tutorials/guides and a little of my own interpretation. So this is my fourth week of painting anew. These are the models Iíve painted so far (excuse the poor quality of the photos):



Really enjoyed painting these cannon fodder models... which I guess is a good thing cause I've got about 20 more to be painted!


These are fun models to paint aswell. I do feel if I were to put in an extra hour or so on each model to fit in some more highlights they would look better however. Still have one more to paint as well as my Lord in Terminator armor.






This model was an experiment following this magnificent guide (credit given where credit is due):
I think it turned out pretty well, but my hand is still a bit shaky and my knowledge of painting isn't that great.

So Currently Iím painting another set of 5 cultists. After those are complete Iím going to give my Lord a shot. After heís complete I got 15 more cultists to go. Iím gonna put in an order tonight for a Maulerfiend and some additional paints, as well as some basing material. Iíll try to get some photos of the Cultists up and keep this plog alive!

Of course, any comments and suggestions/constructive critique is always warmly welcomed!

neferhet 10-24-13 01:43 PM

That's an impressive display of paintink skills! Well done Miami!!
Black highliting is a quality one. If i might, however, i'd say that the left terminator's tusks and the skulls on the rack on the 2nd on the right are a bit lacking.
I'm curios about the Maulerfiend!

Varakir 10-24-13 07:23 PM

Looking good so far mate, you can never stay away from 40k for too long...always end up coming back :grin:

Have to agree with Nef, your black is really good. What's the plan for basing?

Miami 10-25-13 04:01 PM

@Neferhet Thanks! The army Iím building is after a list you gave me in the Chaos Space Marines Army List section. I know there are quite a few things that I could add to the Terminators to make them much more appealing, Iíll see if I get to it once the rest of my army is paintedÖ

@Varakir Thank you! Iím gonna try out a new technique for the black when I do my lord, hopefully it will look even better. My plan for the basing is having a brown, deserty kind of base. I plan on painting them with Mournfang Brown IIRC, then gluing sand to be drybrushed with Rakarth Flesh and then Iíve also bought some ďBurnt grassĒ from the Citadel collection to add a feeling of the earth corrupting with every chaos-y step.

I placed a new order yesterday evening. I ordered a Maulerfiend and a few more paints to add some variety. As it is at the moment Iíve basically only got red paints for painting details, now Iíve added some blues and greens as well.

Hereís some pics of the progress Iíve made so far (after about four weeks):



Here are the five cultists Iím working on at the moment. Iíve applied all the base colors so far. The paints I use are:
  • Doombull Brown for the leathery and red-colored clothes
  • Rakarth Flesh for wool/twill clothes
  • Eshin Grey/Lahmium Medium for the black clothes.
  • Warplock Bronze for gun casings
  • Leadbelcher for metal parts of the guns as well as details
  • 3:2 mix of Xereus Purple and Rakarth Flesh for the skin.
  • Gehennas Gold and a Brass color (canít remember the name, sitting on a busÖ) for some other details.

The plan is now to basically wash leather, wool/twill, guns and metal details with Agrax Earthshade. The black and red cloth with Nuln Oil and the skin with Druchii Violet. Iíll upload pics when thatís complete.





Hereís a Terminator I did in much the same manner as my chosen. I say he looks better than the four other Terminators. Takes forever to paint thoughÖ I made a pathetic attempt at painting the axe too look like a glowing/crackling power weapon, but Iím not too pleased about it. Anyone have any tips on how to make things like that look good?

Iíll be gone for the weekend so wonít get much painting done, youíll have to wait until next week for an update!


neferhet 10-26-13 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by Miami (Post 1426263)
Thanks! The army I’m building is after a list you gave me in the Chaos Space Marines Army List section.

I'm flattered! :blush:
This is a very good paintjob! Black legion to the bones!
The power axe: i like the result of your painting there. but if you want the crackling lightning effect i'll point you here:
and here:

BTW this pics you uploaded are a little bit too foggy..can we have the original version?
I'm looking forward to the next update! Have a nice weekend, man!

Kreuger 10-27-13 02:09 AM

1 Attachment(s)
These guys are looking pretty good, but @neferhet has it on the nose. Your photos are pretty washed out, and I'm guessing don't accurately represent your work.

I'd recommend you try out GiMP (which is free!) or photoshop if you have it to try and clean the photos up before posting them. I took a shot at your cultist photo, and did my best to bring the color and contrast back, but it isn't perfect.

I think the color scheme works, and looks pretty close to how they were painted on the box. it looks like your paint is a bit too thick though. The skin and cloth in particular have a rubbery look to them. You should probably thin out your paints on a palette before working with them on the models.

Keep up the good work!

Miami 11-01-13 07:52 AM

@neferhet & @Kreuger
Thanks for the feedback and those tips for the painting! I am testing out thinning my paints more often now and it does feel like the models better, itís just tedious and time consuming having to apply 3-4 layers to get a good finishÖ

I agree that the photos arenít optimal, but itís the best I can do with my scrappy phone camera. I wonít be taking anymore photos inside a box with that background, not until I can get some proper lighting at least.

So now Iím back with an update! Last time I left you with my cultists who had base colors applied to them but not much else. Now theyíre finished (took me about two evenings more than I anticipated at first) but I think the results speak for themselves.

Group picture, say cheese!

Champion, front
There are a few more things to be done such as the shoulder puffs and his sword, but Iím waiting for some paints that I ordered to arrive so I can continue.

Champion, back
I actually really like the result of this guyís trench coat; the lighting and shading are pretty good. Your thoughts & comments are most appreciated!

ĒThe other guysĒ
Cute cannon fodder!

So. Last weekend I was at my dadís house and went digging through my closet. Lo and behold, there I found all my old Warhammer stuff from like 10 years ago lying there. I even managed to find the first model I ever painted! Showed great promise, dontcha think? ;)

Now I plan on getting my Terminator Lord painted. I guess Iíll try to do some progress updates, as I have a feeling I will be spending quite a lot of time on him. Until next time!

Saintspirit 11-01-13 08:47 AM

I do like how the Term. Lord is looking so far, with the converted axe and that. Certainly looking forward to see him finished, with a base (mostly because I prefer having finished models based). Keep it up.

Oh, and one other thing - I understand you are planning on using a Black Legion theme, but what Mark will you be using mainly?

Nordicus 11-01-13 09:00 AM

Just stumbled across this - Excellent work so far! It's nice to see another Black Legion painter ;)

In regards to the terminators, my one tip would be to lighten the bone bits a tad. They look quite yellow in the pictures (though that could be the photo quality as well) and could use a drybrushing of Bleached Bone or the like. Just to take the yellow down a bit.

As for the cultists, I would maybe do another highlighting of a more pale ski mixture of some kind. The shading looks awesome, but they are VERY purple in their nuances. I think that if you put small highlight on them with a very pale skin, thats thinned down like 50/50 then it could get a feel that they're just very pale - Instead of alien purple.

Other than that, it looks great. Your grey highlights on the armor is excellent and that is a hard thing to pull off. Keep up the good work!

Miami 11-01-13 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by Saintspirit (Post 1428335)
I do like how the Term. Lord is looking so far, with the converted axe and that. Certainly looking forward to see him finished, with a base (mostly because I prefer having finished models based). Keep it up.

Oh, and one other thing - I understand you are planning on using a Black Legion theme, but what Mark will you be using mainly?

Thanks. However the Terminator model there is just another Terminator, not my Lord. He's only basecoated this far with no other paint. Gonna start working on him this weekend.

I'm waiting for a shipment from Wayland Games that I ordered last thursday to arrive with some paints and supplies for the bases, unfortunately there's something that's not in stock. If I had ordered from GW I'd have to pay a little more, but at least all my stuff would've been here by now...

As for what mark I'm planning on using, I honestly don't know. I haven't even played a single game yet so haven't gotten a chance to really try it out! Did you have something in mind painting-wise regarding the marks? Do you have any experience as to which mark is the "best"?

Thanks for your feedback anyways!

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