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Tawa 10-22-13 09:54 AM

Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing.

So I've heard a few people talking about this game here and there, and I was wondering, is there anybody here on Heresy that plays this?

It's something that I think looks like an interesting game, and I know that @Jezlad is considering a purchase but being a tight-arse Scotsman I'll be damned if I'm going to spend money on something if I may not like it :laugh:

So, if there is anybody could you please share your opinions etc of the game with me - and Heresy as a whole. What are the mini's like? How's the gameplay? What is the quality of the gaming materials involved?

Any and all information is welcome :)

EDIT: Squadron Builder

LazyG 10-22-13 10:58 AM

Watch the episode of tabletop featuring it. They simplify the rules a bit to show on screen (tabletop often does this, but they are fun to watch anyway), but it looks fun.

Tawa 10-22-13 11:18 AM

Cool, thanks for that :so_happy:

Khorne's Fist 10-22-13 12:29 PM

I'm actually going to try and get a game in next Thursday week. If I do I'll report back.

Tawa 10-22-13 09:35 PM

Good stuff, look forward to hearing about it :)

asianavatar 10-23-13 04:11 AM

I found its a really fun table top game. I scales quite well and you can easily just use the basic ships for a quick beginner game, or get into a full game with all the different ship and upgrade options.

The rules provide a good strategic game. Since most ships can't stop on a dime you do need to plan ahead. Also all moves are selected ahead of time before any ship moves. This does lead to trying to out think and out outmaneuver you opponent, so there is a psychological aspect to the game as well. Think of it as a game of poker going on. Also most ships have the option to take one of a number of actions per turn, leaving you with even more options.

Tawa 10-23-13 09:00 AM

I'm liking the sound of this more and more :)

Not that I'll be doing anything until NY at the earliest, but still, it sounds like a great game :read:

Roninman 11-20-13 10:28 PM

Basically its little evolved version of older Wings of War game with Star Wars theme slapped on top of it. Played game over 10 times so far and its been fun like Wings was. Planning getting most of ships, but we have agreed on gaming group to limit ships only on original three episodes if there will be clone ships and all that.

Android netrunner takes most of my playing time and money right now, but X-wing is also game that you can have few drinks and relax.

If you buy this game, get 2 boxes at start!.

Tawa 12-20-13 11:27 AM

shaantitus 12-27-13 01:03 AM

Damn they look good. I only recently got my tie bombers, b wings and Lambda class shuttle, these will add to the depth of the game nicely.

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