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revan4559 10-20-13 04:09 PM

Blood In Brettonia - Interest Check
This is an interest check to see who out there would like to do a Warhammer Fantasy Conquest roleplay that is set in the fair land of Brettonia. To give more interaction between players each of the armies will have a minimum of 3 players in it that will be its leaders, depending on how many people will join will depend on how many different races there will be. For any more information then feel free to pm me or post a message here and i will reply. Thank you for your time.

TechPr1est 10-21-13 11:03 AM

hi just wondering

what is warhammer fantasy conquest?

what armies are involved?

Romero's Own 10-21-13 11:06 AM

Well I'm just guessing here, but I think it's a Conquest RP set in Warhammer Fantasy. Just a guess though :P

Count me as interested though, I'd love to see another Conquest RP around the forum!

TechPr1est 10-21-13 11:08 AM

dumb question but, ive never done a conquest rp so...

whats a conquest rp?

Romero's Own 10-21-13 11:12 AM

This is a conquest RP.

Each player controls a "nation" and each turn your write what your armies/diplomats do. At least that's how I do it!

TechPr1est 10-21-13 11:24 AM

Holy shit that looks complicated


i shall be a skaven warlord!!!

(can i be a skaven warlord?)

revan4559 10-21-13 04:24 PM

All Warhammer Fantasy races (including Chaos Dwarves for those who have the Throne of Tamukhan) other than Lizardmen will be avaliable for the roleplay though not all races will be in it due to needing atleast 3 players per race.

Santaire 10-21-13 04:30 PM

Everyone, DE team up!

Romero's Own 10-21-13 04:51 PM

How would it work with three players controlling each nation? Isn't that relying heavily on the fact that the players will work together?

revan4559 10-21-13 05:05 PM

Three players per nation will help keep up interaction between all of the players. Each player is a leader in an overall Grand Army which is made up of those 3 + 1 NPC overall leader UNLESS the three can somehow agree on who will be the overall general of the army. For Skaven, Orcs+Goblins and Dark Elves an overall leader is generally going to be the one who is going to probably get killed so someone else can take over so for those its up to you if you risk it.

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