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thudo 10-17-13 02:07 PM

Looking for script writers for some War40k units..
We're building a War40k game in the Real-Time Strategy genre and need some characters scripted to fit as a playable unit in the game.

The unit list compromises all of the Space Marine Deathwatch!

This includes Builders, Infantry+Sergeants, Commanders, and Vehicles!

Please PM me if you can offer your fluff/codex and writing knowledge/skills asap.

Thank you community!

thudo 02-18-14 05:54 PM

Afternoon Heresy Community!

Please enlist in the character script-writing guild of the Deathwatch! Any Space Marines writers, codex gurus, or TT players please step forward as we need your script-writing skills to build strategy dialogue for a Deathwatch faction!

Please enlist up as we need your input!

PM me for details as we use a voicing template to keep things nice and organized! ;)

thudo 05-01-14 01:18 AM

@Heresy -online Community..

Still looking for Space Marine Deathwatch dialogue/scripters to write lines as if written in a Real-Time Strategy like Starcraft or Dawn of War.

Please PM me or respond to offer your help!

thudo 06-19-14 04:41 PM

As above.. any Deathwatch/Ordo Xenos dialogue writers we could use asap as we're near completion.

Please step forward and offer your creative writing skills!

thudo 10-07-14 04:33 PM

Update for the community..

We're looking for script/dialogue writers for the following in War40k:

Ordo Malleus (for a select # of characters)
Dark Eldar (for the new minis)
Eldar (for two Phoenix Lords)
Tau (for the new FW model)

Thanks for all your support!

thudo 10-17-14 01:58 AM

We certainly could use your War40k fluff/codex knowledge on the above!

thudo 11-07-14 06:48 PM

We're still looking for fluff/codex experts for:

Grey Knights/Ordo Malleus/DaemonHunters
Dark Eldar

Please step forward if you can offer your help!

Thanks Community!

Silens 11-08-14 11:53 PM

Wish I was knowledgeable on any of those topics. :) Good luck with your project!

thudo 11-09-14 01:21 AM

Thanks Silens for the well wishes! :ok:

thudo 12-07-15 02:30 AM

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

We're looking for the following dex/fluff experts to help script write the following:

Adeptus Mechanicus (30K and 40K)
Ordo Hereticus/Adepta Sororitas

Please PM me for details!

Thank you Heresy community!

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