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Cleanser 10-13-13 09:33 AM

Manhunt (A Necromunda RP)
On the planet Necromunda, in the vast city of Hive Primus, lies the Underhive, a polluted and lawless area plagued by constant violence. The Underhive is home to a collection of gangs, mutants and many many more undesirables, and Guilders simply looking to make a profit from this rotten hive. While the violence has been kept under control by a uneasy ceasefire between the five Houses, there is tension rising that is just waiting to explode. This is not helped by the recent escape of the famed Pit Slave, Ripjaw, who lead a violent breakout out of the fighting rings and into the Hive Bottom, a stinking, diseased pit that only the desperate will find shelter in. Ripjaw had also sent out a threat before disappearing, vowing to have his revenge on the Merchant Guilds, and most distressingly, the Houses that sent him to the fighting pits in the first place.

Because of his reputation, a large bounty has been placed upon his head, for the the prize of 1,000,000 credits to those that came back with his head. However, this task is easier said than done, as not only do the hunters have to brave through whatever challenges the Underhive and Hive Bottom has in store for them, they will also need to face Ripjaw himself, a gigantic behemoth of a man, who has killed more than anyone can count.

It is up to you whether you go through this alone, or to forge alliances to better your survival.

  • No Godmodding
  • At least 2 paragraphs every post
  • Update once a week. If you fall behind on posting too much, your character could very well die
  • Stick to the character sheet
  • Respect fellow players

Character Sheet:

Name: (Obviously)

Age: (How old they are)

Allegiance: (One of the five Houses, Scavvie, Ratskin, or Independent)

Appearance: (How your character looks like)

Personality: (How do you interact with others? What do you like or dislike? What are their inner thoughts?)

History: (The character's background)

Combat Behaviour: (How they fight, their tactics)

Wargear: (Choose one from each, you will get more advanced weapons as it goes on)


Stub gun
Handbow (Ratskin only)

Primary Weapon
Musket (Ratskin only)
Blunderbuss/Scattergun (Scavvie only)

Hope you enjoy!

1. Kumil Naktar (VixusKragov)
2. Aldegar Rafe (darkreever)
3. Tarquin Hansar (Rems)
4. A5H-Worm5 (G0arr)

neferhet 10-13-13 05:24 PM

Aww...man i'd love to do this. Got no time... :( Hope it goes well! Cheers

VixusKragov 10-13-13 10:50 PM

Name: Kumil Naktar

Age: 38

Allegiance: House Cawdor

Appearance: Kumil stands at a height of 5' 7", and chooses to clad himself in thick swathes of cloth robe that belies the carapace chestplate over his breast, and the multitude of weapons secured across his body through bandolier and holster alike. He isn't particularly well-muscled, his form more wiry than stout, though not quite skeletal.

As most of his House, a mask is secured over his face at all times, spread across his entire visage and offering some tricks of it's own, such as air filters within the breathing tubes and headlamps built into it's design.

Personality: Kumil is possessed of House Cawdor's innate fanaticism, despising any who he views as going against the Imperial Creed, even going so far as to serve the Emperor's Justice by his own hand. This inevitably leads to problems if he, for whatever reason, would come to work with such abominations as mutants, heretics, or any who mock the Emperor with their pathetic lives.

History: Born into the rank and file of House Cawdor, and therefore the Redemptionists, the preaching of the Imperial Creed has washed over his mind since before he can remember, and he has forever been marked as a loyal servant of the Emperor's will.

When the Pit Slave Ripjaw escaped and began spewing his vile threats across the hives, Kumil saw the heretic for what he was. By slaying the servants of the Houses and vowing his vengeance upon even House Cawdor, with all of it's righteous duty, his nature shone true. Slaying Ripjaw is his holy duty.

1,000,000 credits didn't sound too bad either.

Combat Behaviour: He prefers to stay away from the front lines as much as possible, keeping at a distance and picking off his enemies through a scope. He prefers to assess a situation before acting whenever possible, forming a strategy that takes out as many who stand in his way as possible before moving in.

Leave no survivors is one of his favorite sayings.

Wargear: Knife, Laspistol, Lasgun.

darkreever 10-14-13 04:57 AM

Name: Aldegar Rafe

Age: 34

Allegiance: House Goliath

Appearance: A walking wall of flesh if ever there was one; standing at a massive height of just over seven feet tall and nearly as wide, Aldegars tanned body is packed by muscle, scars, and tats of mostly crude design. His head sports a mohawk common of those associated with house Goliath, died a dirty blue to match his eyes. The rest of his face and head are a testiment to a life in the pits, old scrapes and scars marking the flesh in a variety of ways while his squat nose has been broken more times than he can count and more than a few teeth are either broken or missing.

Most of Aldegars frame is covered by torn trousers and a rough vest, both ringed with chains as either intimidation or support, or both. His feet are clad in rough metal capped boots, tipped with crude spikes. Both of Aldegars arms are bare, to expose their muscle, except for his arms which, like his clothes, are wrapped in chains.

Personality: Cruel and blunt are words that can sum Aldegar up best. The brute of a man derives a measure of pleasure from causing others to suffer, more so when there is money involved. Much of this comes from his long dead former owners, who had been planning to use him as a pit fighter and hunter of escaped slaves.

History: Not much can really be said of Aldegars past, bought in his youth by pit slavers and initially used as little more than practice for the actual fighters. A tenacity to simply not die, and at times to actually cause harm to other fighters, resulted in him being trained as another destined for the pit or to put down others who needed it.

In his later years, Aldegar was taken by his masters to track down an escaped slave, simply due to the two knowing one another well enough. Though Aldegar did just that, an ensueing firefight saw his minder outright killed and his owner wounded by the escaped slave. Taking up his minders shock maul, Aldegar proceeded to beat his soon to be former owner to death and taking what little the man had on his person. When approached by the slave they had been hunting, Aldegar quickly did him in, if only to kill off anyone who knew where he had come from.

From there Aldegar initially worked as a thug for some of the lower gangs, eventually elevating himself up to bounty hunter (self proclaimed) when he had the chance. And for him, life has never been much better.

Combat Behaviour: While no frothing berzerker, Aldegars grasp of tactics is generally limited at best. If he can cause his prey to suffer, he will aim to do so; unless he is angry in which case most things in his way won't be breathing for much longer.

Wargear: Large calibre stub revolver, shotgun, two handed axe

Cleanser 10-14-13 06:46 AM

Some nice characters, guys. Going to wait for a couple more and this shindig is set

son of azurman 10-14-13 10:20 AM

ill get a sheet up tonight most likely if not then tomorrow morning

Rems 10-14-13 12:07 PM

Sweet, Necromunda.

Name: Tarquin Hansar

Age: 25

Allegiance: House Van Saar

Appearance: Of middling height Tarquin is lean and fit; the result of an insufficient diet, the cramped conditions of a Hive and long hours fighting and running. He keeps his brown hair cut short and spiked and a very short beard, little more than thick stubble. He wears amber tinted goggles over brown eyes and seems to be always puffing on a lho-stick.

Like all Van Saars in the field Tarquin wears a bodysuit. His is black, with reinforced sections on the knees, elbows, shoulders, chest and abdomen. Patches of the lighter sections underneath change to a dull red as airborne pollutants are detected.

Personality: Calm and laidback, Tarquin approaches situations logically, preferring to use wits over brawn. Though sensible and intelligent he is also laidback, a witty quip or sarcastic remark ever ready to spill from his lounge. Insecure; Tarquin is easily provoked to jealously or resentment, feelings he with cover with a façade of indifference.

History: Born to menial parents working in the high tech manufactoria of House Van Saar, Tarquin was expected to do as his parents did; work himself to an early grave. That was not to be however as by some quirk of genetics Tarquin was born with a fierce intelligence, one which caused him to find the tedium of manual labour repellent and enabled him to claw his way up from the bottom.

Wanting more in life the young Tarquin saw that those with power enjoyed the good life. With power came wealth, women and followers. To attain power you needed money. To get money on Necromunda you needed to be able to fight. Fighters were noticed, people who used force were able to exert their will on others.

So Tarquin became a fighter, at first running in street gangs with other hab kids, then graduating into a solider for the larger gangs and cartels of House Van Saar. As a young man he fought as an enforcer with others from his House against any who threatened the interests of House van Saar. Life was dirty, dangerous and exiting.

Tarquin slowly worked his way up the ladder, earning his superiors trust and favour. Until that is he charmed the wrong girl. Who he thought was a local hab girl turned out to be the kid sister of a local boss. Some thought it was hilarious, more were friends or allies with the boss. Soon there were areas of Van Saar territory it simply wasn’t safe for Tarquin to go.

Then came Ripjaw’s escape and a fat 1,000,000 throne reward. A million thrones could go a long way; it could buy him pack into the good graces of his house or perhaps he could start his own gang, there’s not much a million creds doesn’t get you.

Combat Behaviour: Tarquin prefers to engage at range and favours stealth and cunning manoeuvrers over the direct assault. The ideal enemy is a dead enemy, one killed before he even saw you. In combat he will situate himself in cover and provide accurate fire with his lasrifle, trusting in the weapons power to punch most men off their feet and reduce their flesh to red ruin. Used to the Van Saar way of war he enjoys meticulous planning and co-ordinated attacks. It is not enough to outfight the enemy, one must out think him.

Wargear: Knife, Laspistol, Lasgun.

Farseer Darvaleth 10-14-13 06:29 PM

Would you accept an ex-Enforcer?

Cleanser 10-14-13 06:38 PM

He could go under Independent, so sure.

Btw, is there going to be any female energy in this group?

G0arr 10-14-13 06:46 PM

Name: A5H-Worm (A5H Pronounced Ash)

Age: 23

Allegiance: Ratskin

Appearance: A5H-Worm stands just over five feet tall with black hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is pale and tightly pulled over a thin athletic body. Thick, ragged, and stained worker breaches cover his legs, and pair of well used combat boots (taken from a dead bounty hunter) are either warn on his feet, or hung from a leather belt. He has a pair of thick fingerless leather work gloves that he wears.
As is the custom of warriors in his clan A5H-Worm has a great rat pelt. This black pelt is warn over his back. His chest has several ritual scars, and marks from the hectic life of the Underhive. He has a bandoleer of shotgun ammo with several trophies that runs from his right shoulder to left waist. Only on the coldest of days does he wear a torn dark grey oil stained vest (taken from a noble who was dumped in the deep hive). A5H-Worm paints his skin with thick grease or oils found in the underhive making him very hard to spot in the darkness.

Personality: Quiet and patient best describe A5H-Worm. He believes in a natural justice that only the Mother Hive can bring, and one must be prepared for it. The young warrior is distrustful of newcomers and often speaks in short sentences. A5H-Worm hates wastefulness, and those with no respect for the Mother Hive and her sacred places.

History: The child born to a small tribe beneath Reactor A5H was given his name when an passing patrol referred to his tribe as, “A bunch of worms. They wouldn’t be worth the shells to kill them.”

A5H-Worm has spent his life learning about survival in the Underhive as his tribe moved. He became a brave at the age of 16 when he single killed a dire rat. Within the last two years he has began serving as a scout to the ‘Up Hivers.’ He still has no real idea on how thrones work.

When the bounty for Ripjaw was announced A5H-Worm quickly noticed how many Up Hivers began to come. Despite his limited knowledge of thrones A5H decided to join. If people were willing to kill each other for this man then there would be something for him, bodies with items were as good as thrones in the Underhive.

Combat Behavior: A5H-Worm prefers to use the Hive itself against his foes. He uses a series of sudden assaults designed to pick a foe apart. These ambushes often last no longer than it takes for him to empty both barrels of his shotgun, or make a slash with his blade as he sprints past into cover. If forced into a prolonged fight A5H-Worm constantly moves, never giving an easy target.

Sword- A length of black steel the length of A5H-Worm’s forearm with a leather wrapped handle this weapon is kept as sharp as A5H-Worm is able.
Stub gun - Taken from a dead body this revolver has been painted dull black and kept in a belt holster.
Shotgun – A breach loaded double barreled shotgun that has been wrapped with stained cloth.

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