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darklove 10-12-13 11:53 AM

Voice of Twilight
Voice of Twilight does not target any units, if it is cast from inside a Wave Serpent does it only affect the embarked unit or all units within 12"?

scscofield 10-13-13 10:59 PM

What is the exact wording of the power, it is a important thing.

Shandathe 10-14-13 12:01 AM



A blessing that targets all friendly units inside 12"
And that took bugging multiple Eldar for the wording as it's not in the main Codex, and apparently paying for another full Codex price just to get Iyanden isn't that popular around these parts. As it thus is targeting instead of 'saying otherwise', the Psyker runs into the Declare Target rules on Page 67 and can only target himself, his vehicle, or another unit in the same transport.

scscofield 10-14-13 12:25 AM

Aye, with that wording he would need to be outside of the transport to target other units.

darklove 10-14-13 12:56 PM

Ok, so inside the Wave Serpent he can only target himself and that unit.

If the Spiritseer is outside the Wave Serpent when he uses the power are units inside nearby transports affected?

Shandathe 10-14-13 05:52 PM

No, that's the other part of the rule on Page 67.


Similarly, a Psyker outside a transport cannot target a unit embarked within one.
Do note that this means Psyker powers can be targeted at the Wave Serpent itself, whether you're outside or inside it. Given the nature of most Psyker powers this is of limited relevance, but it can potentially work miracles with powers like Forewarning, Fire Shield, or in the case of Eldar the ever useful Fortune :)

darklove 10-16-13 06:22 PM

Thanks guys, that makes a lot more sense now :)

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