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alasdair 10-12-13 11:03 AM

800pts Goblins Tournament
Hi there

Going to be entering an 800pt tournament soon with a team, and this is the list I was considering running. It is extremely similar to the list I ran last year which won 3 out of 3 games.

Night Goblin Shaman
Level 2 Upgrade

40 Night Goblins
Full Command
3 Fanatics

3 Goblin Wolf Chariots

3 Goblin Wolf Chariots

Mangler Squig

Mangler Squig

I think this is 800pts exactly, as I am just reciting from memory. If I am under points I think the wizard may have a dispel scroll.

The general tactic is fairly simple. Use the Night Goblin Block (with the Shaman in) as a base core to sit back and fling out some fanatics and charge in if an enemy unit gets too close. I generally will have one wolf chariot running round the edge of the board looking for a flank charge or someway to get at warmachines etc, and use the other one as support for the Night Goblins when they get stuck in. The manglers of course just go straight forward and try to fling themselves into the meat of the enemy force, particularly looking for cavalry and heavily armored infantry. They also act as massive fire magnets even though they are the least expensive part of my force. While the magical potential of a Shaman isn't devastating, the magic mushrooms rule means I can get some key buffs out and the occasional magic missile off when it counts.

C&C appreciated!

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