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Ramshackle_Curtis 10-06-13 08:39 AM

Ramshackle Games
Well, I got emailed by one of the guys who runs the forum, and so thought I would join. I run Ramshackle Games. www.ramshacklegames.co.uk

I make resin figures and vehicles. I mainly focus on post apocalyptic models, but I do have ranges of military models, some VSF stuff and a fantasy orc set. I also sell all the parts separately, so you can get weapons, chasis, tracks, wheels etc etc from the "tridlins" section on the web shop.

I also have a catalog, which can be found here:


Here is a selection of images of the models I make, in no particular order?








Dave T Hobbit 10-08-13 04:46 PM

Those are some saturated schemes; I think I need sunglasses.

Jezlad 10-08-13 05:06 PM

slaaneshy 10-09-13 12:26 AM

Love the steam punk feel of some of these - kind of Dystopian Legions meets 40k.

scscofield 10-09-13 12:28 AM

I had planned to use those armored bears for Thunderwolf Calvary stand ins. They are awesome.

Dakingofchaos 10-09-13 12:49 PM

Some nice stuff here; payday draws ever closer...

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