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The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 10-06-13 07:50 AM

Dark Elves, the return of the svartálfar
so as the title suggests, this is going to be a dark elf project log. But before the army can begin to be made battle ready dawning their colours... i need to figure out a working colourscheme. Currently, I have done up a test model from a corsair. do not mind the unfinished job, as I am still debating on colours. I am done the dragonscale cloak though.



Thoughts and ideas about the armor would be greatly Appreciated.

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 10-06-13 09:23 AM

Ratvan 10-06-13 10:14 AM

The colours of the cloak work well, the bright blue not so much. Silver or Gold lining would look good on the armour, or black with a dark blue highlight for Black Leather Armour

Kreuger 10-06-13 01:38 PM

The revised scheme works much better than the first, but the colors are still too saturated for dark elves.
Are you planning some washes over this to darken things down?

If yes, then you might be fine.
If no, then you may want to pick less bright saturated colors

Saintspirit 10-06-13 02:05 PM

I personally find the colour on the skin a little strange; the cloak and armour is looking allright, it is mostly the bodyparts that not really works. The face and hair could really use some wash of some kind.

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 10-06-13 03:45 PM

all my pics are heavily over saturated due to the way i end up taking them with my phone

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 10-06-13 04:48 PM

so i decided i really liked how the purple green turned out on the cloak, and it gave me an idea for the armor... i actually kinda like it:




yes. this is the beginnings of one of the new dark elf kits.

Loli 10-06-13 05:22 PM

Okay first question, whats the cloak from?

I love the cloak colours. I really like the Blue armour. In the first pic I didn't think it went with the cloak at all, but in the second post now that the brown has gone, I actually think it suits the cloak in a weird way I'm not sure how to explain I just know that I like.

Did you use GW blues? If so which ones?

And in the first post the armour is shiny, is that intention with gloss? Or just camera accident?

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 10-06-13 05:27 PM

its the paints i use, Vallejo game colour. that made it shiny, needed to matte it down with a blue wash.


As for the cloak, i used snot green game colour highlighted with scorpion green game colour, dark purple wash (I use leviathian GW wash that no longer exists) to try and give it an indiresent appearance without actually makeing it indiresent.

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 10-07-13 10:42 AM

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