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emporershand89 09-29-13 02:37 AM

Krewella: GET WET Album
Honestly cannot say enough on these folks here. Talented Club music that has only gotten better and better. Anyone out there feel the way I do (Like rocking out to this stuff in the car on the way to work type)? Or fellow Disc Jockeys, thoughts?


Djinn24 09-29-13 04:35 AM

I sampled their album yesterday and liked it. I know they had a bit before and have been trying to remember it without looking out up.

Off topic kinda. Fuck they are both smoking hot and that guy has the look of the friendzoned.

emporershand89 09-29-13 06:47 AM

That they are, but I hear they are real chill. I will find out when they come to the House of blues in my hometown of Bostn, MA. I'm working Lights and DJ's part of the after party being thrown at a local club. It will certaintly be a fun experience; i just hope I can control my excitement.

Else I'll be the next one being freindzoned :P

Vaz 09-29-13 02:32 PM

Eh, it's... okay. Not really my style, but I was in love with Rahizel's remix of Come and Get It for a while. My music tastes have changed with the season though, back in love with Citizen Cope, and it's a bit of a change in styles, lets say.

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