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Lord of the Night 09-28-13 01:55 PM

Blood of Dorn
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Rogal Dorn, Defender of Terra and Master of the Imperial Fists. His Blood continues on, not in the form of a Legion of hundreds of thousands in the yellow of the Imperial Fists, but in the Chapters that call themselves his Blood and carry on his legacy. The fearless Black Templars, the daring Invaders, the fanatical Excoriators, the resurgent Celestial Lions,the stubborn Crimson Fists, the proud Iron Knights, the bloodthirsty Executioners, and above all the stalwart Imperial Fists. They are all the Blood of Dorn, and many legends across the Imperium speak of them. This is one such legend.


For the roleplay you will take on the role of an Astartes from the bloodline of Rogal Dorn; your Chapter of origin is up to you. You are veterans of your Chapter, not renowned heroes or something of the like, but you have served for at least three centuries and your names are known if not lauded. You are not specialists in rank but you are Veterans, and that is why you have been chosen for the honour that your respective Chapters have bestowed upon you. It is 451.M40, and you have all been invited to attend and observe, or participate in some cases, in the 702nd Feast of Blades.

The Feast of Blades is an tournament exclusive to the Blood of Dorn where Chapters send representatives to battle each other, the victor will earn honour and glory for his Chapter and earn custodianship of the Sword of Sebastus, the Dornsblade, and be recognized as a Champion of Dorn. For whatever reason you all have been invited to attend, one or two of you may even be participants in this illustrious affair, and you have all travelled to the warzone of Oriax IV where even now the Imperial Fists battle against the mutant hordes of Kysperina the Bewitching. Honour is awaiting you all, you merely need to claim it.

No matter what happens.

The Rules

1.) No God-modding.
2.) Respect your fellow players.
3.) For each post I want at the very least two paragraphs, and those paragraphs must have at least 5 sentences each of a decent length. I intend to give you plenty to post about so lack of material won't be an excuse.
4.) Updates will be once a week at the least, once every 10 days at most.
5.) Do not deviate from the character sheet.
6.) If you are unable to post warn me ahead of time, especially in a battle situation as your character will suffer injury if you don't post. That is a penalty for not posting and not warning me in advance.

Character Sheet


Age: (At least 3 centuries of service to your Chapter, otherwise you wouldn't be considered a veteran.)

Chapter of Origin: (The following Chapters are available for your characters. Imperial Fists; Black Templars; Celestial Lions; Crimson Fists; Excoriators; Executioners; Hammers of Dorn; Invaders; Fire Lords; Iron Knights. I do not want popular Chapters overshadowing the others so each Chapter is only available once.)

Appearance: (I want to know what your armor looks like in addition to how you look, Veterans can wear ornate armour so don't feel you have to be plain about it. And lets try to be varied in this as well, not every Space Marine is bald with a craggy and flat face.)

Personality: (I expect this to be the longest or at least the second longest part of your character sheet. Make your character unique, and explain your personality in detail rather than just stating facts and no background behind them. As Veterans you have served for centuries so don't skimp on the details.)

History: (Again as Veterans you will have served for centuries, and you are well known enough to be invited to the Feast of Blades or even asked to participate so feel free to put in some heroic deeds or famous battles. You aren't a new Astartes, so you've seen a lot and i'd like to see that kind of detail.)

Gear: (Your basic gear will be the same. MK VII Power Armour, Frag and Krak grenades, and a Combat Knife. But other then that you may choose what you like, as Veterans you would have access to advanced weapons. Take in mind your Chapter of origin when you choose your weapons and also try to be varied, lets not have 6-8 players with Power Fists and Plasma Pistols. I don't want to see a weapon being used by more than two players.)

Current Characters

I am looking for five players minimum, and eight maximum. We'll see how many we get.

1.) Inhuatli Esteban (Farseer Ulthris) (Crimson Fists)
2.) Marcus Alexander Helstrom aka Watcher (Kaiden) (Imperial Fists)
3.) Krixus Orison (Chaplain-Grimaldus) (Iron Knights)
4.) Isaiah Melech (Words_of_Truth) (Excoriators)
5.) Conric (Unxpected22) (Executioners)
6.) Caderyn (Dark Angel) (Fire Lords)
7.) Solomon Feunand (Deus Mortis) (Celestial Lions)
8.) Antaeus (Angel of Blood) (Black Templars)

And that is all. I hope that this RP gets to happen, because I have a very interesting plot in mind. And a quick note to all who read this and think it sounds simple, pay attention to the "No matter what happens" part.


Farseer Ulthris 09-28-13 08:32 PM

I'll hop on board.
Name: Veteran Sergeant Inhuatli Esteban

Age: 405

Chapter of Origin: Crimson Fists

Appearance: In terms of appearance, Inhuatli is possessed of a dark reddish skin tone; no doubt a result of hailing from the more sun kissed parts of Rynn's world and is about the average Astartes' height. His head is somewhat bald, with the exception of a simple black, greying scalp lock laced with obsidian beads and a tattoo of the chapter symbol on the left side. The veteran's face alone can tell you of his story; though somewhat youthful looking, Inhuatli only has one natural, amber coloured, eye remaining. His right eye was taken by a stray Ork bullet during the defence of Somasi IV and now it is replaced by an azure glowing prosthetic. He also sports a simple beard, tied with a piece of cord.

Being a Veteran of the Crimson Fists crusade company, Inhuatli's power armour is ornately decorated to show this position. It is painted in the in the traditional blue colours of his chapter, as well as the red gauntlets and a red helmet with a white stripe to serve as an indicator of his membership of the 1st company and his rank of Veteran Sergeant. His right shoulder has a skull wrapped in a laurel wreath painted on it whilst the left is emblazoned with the symbol of the Crimson Fists. From his chestplate, hangs six purity seals, as well as inscriptions of worlds he has fought on. It is also adorned with a pure white loin cloth and his left knee is adorned with terminator honours.

Personality: A man of duality, outside of battle, he is a joker; always has been since before his initiation into the chapter and over 4 centuries of service in the Emperor's name has done little to diminish it. Inhuatli's sense of humour is dry, his sense of timing at inappropriate moments. Though his battle-brothers find his jokes tedious at best, but they wouldn't have it any other way. In battle however, the Veteran sets aside his sense of humour in battle, his encounters with the Dark Eldar teaching him that war holds no place for jokes, and becomes like a storm in the heat of battle. Many lifetimes of ranged combat have taught Inhuatli the true value of patience, knowing the appropriate time to act and when to hold back serves as his credo in the Chapter's Sternguard. As a result of the invasion of Somasi IV, hates the Greenskin hordes with every fibre of his being, having lost many a battle-brother to the bloodthirsty whims of the Orks, including those who served with him as part of a squad. However, it is also from the invasion that he has learnt to further respect the unaugmented humans of the Imperium for just as they are capable of the deepest cowardice, they are also capable of the greatest acts of courage when faced with desperate odds. Inhuatli still harbours a dislike of commanding officers who gained their ranks through prestigious birth rather than actually bleeding for it, but overlooks it if they prove to capable enough in their duties.

History: Inhuatli was born to a peasant family that lived in the more arid parts of Rynn's World. Life was hard, compared to the rest of the planet, there was no fertile soil. The locals were forced to hunt the creatures that wandered the wastes and those who were brave enough hunted in the toxic marshes towards the North. It was one day that the Veteran-to-be, aged 12, ventured into the swamps on his own. However, with more curiosity than sense, he had gotten lost. Were it not for his initiative and will to survive, the deeper parts of the swamp would have claimed him. A day into his sojourn, Inhuatli had stumbled across a ragtag group of youths in the swamp. Fearing that they were up to no good, he kept his his distance, but followed in the hopes they would lead him to safety. Four days of following through the most deadly parts of the swamps, Inhuatli's heart stopped as he came across a sight that he'd thought he'd never see; the Astartes of the Crimson Fists, the Emperor's Angels, were there overseeing these youths. With curiosity once more overcoming him, he walked out to see them up close. The chaplain at first seemed confounded at Inhuatli's arrival, but he wasn't the first young lad to randomly emerge outside of those originally chosen to undergo the trials. Alas, Chaplain Agosto was never one to turn down potential recruits who walk out of the mists. At the end of the day, Inhuatli was taken back to Arx Tyrannus, destined to undergo the procedures to make him into an Angel of Death

By Astartes standards, Inhuatli's time in the Scout company was relatively uneventful; They were usually sent to deal with petty revolts and small xenos groups who strayed into their assigned protectorates. It wouldn't be until his first year as a Battle-Brother in power armour that he would enter his first significant battle. The fight was against the Eldar Pirates of Commorragh and when they were beaten back, they took numerous Astartes with them back to the Dark City, some were Inhuatli's squad. As a result of such a dark outcome, the Crimson Fist would silence his razor sharp tongue when in battle, believing that it would bring bad luck to make light of such a situation. The next significant engagement would be against a large planetary rebellion, alongside Imperial Guard of the Onerasi 29th. Though the campaign was successful, Brother Esteban was somewhat disgusted at the expenditure of Guardsmen like Heavy bolter shells; disgust then turned to silent outrage when he learned that most of the Onerasi officers were aristocrats who have not been serving for a long time, some Lieutenants were even fresh from basic training. From that day on, he would harbour an intense dislike of officers who gained their positions through prestigious birth rather than bleeding to earn their ranks.

150 years later, now a Tactical Sergeant, elements of the 3rd and 5th companies would be dispatched to the night-shrouded planet of Morpheus Prime to deal with a small warband of Traitor Marines. When the Crimson Fists landed, they learnt the hard way that the Chaos Marines were not the only danger on this forsaken world. Within the perpetual darkness, lurked alien predators whose very claws and wings can penetrate ceramite as though it were incorporeal. Patience was key here, the creatures relied on the impulsiveness of their prey to make the best of an ambush; however their metabolisms required them to feed constantly, should the prey stay clear then they will hurl themselves so they don't starve to death. As soon as this was realised, the Crimson Fists slowed their advance down, dealing with the Night-spawned creatures and traitors along the way. It would be five months until the Angels of Death finally cleansed Morpheus Prime of the enemy, but such slow advance was worth the small number of casualties. Captain Drakken himself reckoned that if the they rushed the campaign, more Battle-Brothers would have been slain.

The final shaping moment for Inhuatli, now a Veteran of the Crusade company, was Orkish invasion of Somasi IV in 350.M40. He was assigned to the Terminator squads that defended the Mechanicum forges from Greenskin infiltration and sabotage. Slowly but surely, their numbers proved detrimental against the blessed armour of the Terminators. A day before the Lord Hellblade's return, a stray bullet penetrated a weak point in the lens of the helmet, rupturing the eye ball as it pierced deep. Upon learning of the destruction of the thunderhawk that carried fellow Crusade company veterans was shot down and set upon by the Orks. Having to make do with a slapdash ocular prosthetic, Inhuatli was a part of the final charge that finally saw Somasi IV freed from the Greenskin menace by the reinforcements. Alas, he had lost many good brothers during the war, warriors he had known since his recruitment into the Chapter. For that, the Veteran has developed an extremely intense hatred of the Orks, killing any who dare threaten the Emperor blessed Imperium he serves and bringing vengeance to all the honoured Veterans who were so mercilessly butchered by Greenskin.

  • Mark VII Power armour
  • Frag and Krak grenades
  • Combat knife
  • Boltgun with Sternguard ammunition
  • Power fist
  • Melta bombs

Words_of_Truth 09-28-13 10:03 PM

I'll be up for this, is it ok if I have sometime to think on my character, going to Games Day tomorrow and need to get an early night. The chapter I'm interested in though is the Excoriators. Could I potentially have a power whip?

Deus Mortis 09-29-13 02:46 PM

Working on a Templar. Expect to see a sheet soon!

Kaiden 09-29-13 07:26 PM

Name: Watcher (Born Marcus Alexander Helstrom)

Age: 359

Chapter of Origin: Imperial Fists

Appearance: Youthful in appearance for his age, Watcher sports shoulder length dark brown hair and a lightly tanned completion. His facial features are strong and angular, broken only by a light scar across the bridge of his nose and his three metallic service studs. His jaw is covered with a light layer of stubble, "Just enough to light a flare" he often jests. Of average Astartes height and build, he looks every bit the part of a Sorn of Dorn, all but his eyes. A chilling combination of green and blue, almost ethereal to behold, and the last reminder of his once noble heritage.

Watcher has earned many distinctions during his long service to the chapter and his armour is adorned with dozens of honours and badges of glory. His left shoulder guard bears the chapter's sigil proudly, and his terminator honours adorn his right. Purity seals and imperial script decorate his venerable set of Mark VII armour. His most prized award is emblazoned on his helm, the seal of the Inquisition, a reminder of his term of service in the Deathwatch.

Personality: An observer by nature, Marcus is a man of few idle words. While helpful and quick to wit among his brothers, he prefers to spend his down time in contemplation and strategy. Trained in warfare from infancy by his father's advisers, and reinforced by the Chapter, Watcher is always seeking to improve his understanding of battle and can often be found with a data slate or dusty tome on strategy. He is slow to anger and often among the first sought for council by his brothers, and despite the infrequency of his words, knows exactly how to inspire courage in his allies and dread in his enemies. During battle Watcher retains his cool and calm attitude, always seeking to strike for maximum impact with a minimum of wasted movement or ammunition. In his own words "Not flashy merely efficient."

In dealing with those of other chapters or the Imperial guard Marcus is doubly vigilant, outwardly polite and respectful where appropriate but always watching for the taint that tore his homeworld apart.

History: Born to one of the most powerful families of the Veridus system. Marcus was the sixth son of the mighty Lord Gerion Helstrom, a decorated hero turned politician. Around the time of his birth, disputes over future inheritance between his elder brothers led to a split in the allegiance of the family, with two of the later-born leaving to begin their own House. With the family's wealth and estates shared among the eldest sons, Marcus became the inheritor of the family's military tradition and was tirelessly drilled in combat and warfare as soon as he could understand it.

On the eve of his eleven birthday, war erupted. Marcus' treacherous elder brothers had returned to claim what they saw as their birthright, and they were not alone, thousands of the planet's formally loyal defenders made war upon the noble families of Veridus in the name of their new found chaos masters. Lord Helstrom hastily mobilized what remained of the PDF and his household guard and met the traitors in the fields around the estate, however it soon became obvious that this was a battle he could not win. The heretics had allied with warp spawn and even with his brilliant military mind, Helstrom knew this feud could not end in victory. Sending out a distress call with the the highest urgency his status allowed he sold his life dearly.

Eight days later, drop pods rained from the sky as the Imperial fists 4th company arrived to cleanse the taint of chaos, the Astartes were greeted by the sight of a corpse strewn warzone. The last few dozen loyal soldiers were garrisoned inside the Helstrom manor, dangerously low on ammunition, and held together by the courage and leadership of an eleven year old boy. The battle was won by the Imperial Fists but the eldest of the traitor brother escaped. Marcus was tested thoroughly for the weakness that had claimed his elder brothers, and after finding nothing but a fiercely loyal and disciplined mind was accepted as an initiate of the Chapter.

In his first months of service, Marcus quickly acquired his call sign 'Watcher,' he had a keen eye for detail and an even keener aim but seldom spoke outside battle. Seeking to rid himself of any lingering trace of his families weakness, he adopted the callsign as his own, and though officially he is Marcus Helstrom to the Imperium at large; to the chapter he is simply Watcher. As his talent and understanding of warfare increased, Marcus found himself drawn to the art of strategy and the broader aspects of warcraft. While exceptionally skilled with both blade and bolt as all Imperial fists are required to be, Marcus is most lethal with a Stalker Bolter, able to employ the weapon with deadly efficiency in both attack and defense which has made him an exemplary member of the Stern guard and a highly effective devastator squad leader.

Over the next centuries, Watcher mastered the arts and disciplines of the Astartes and became a fine leader and mentor to younger generations of imitates. His greatest test however was found outside of the chapter, in service to the secretive Deathwatch. Called upon to end the threat of newly discovered and hyper agressive breed of insectoid Xenos, Watcher led his team of Astartes into their planet sized hives and deployed the virus bombs designed by the Inquisition. The mission cost the Kill team two outstanding battle brothers, and after his term of service Marcus traveled to both Macragge and Fenris to pay his respects.

Gear: - Stalker Pattern Bolter
- Relic Power Sword "Xiphos"
- Frag and Krak Grenades
- Mk VII power armour
- MK VII 'Deatwatch' pattern helm

Words_of_Truth 09-29-13 07:34 PM

Sooo tired after GD today, will also get to writing my character tomorrow. Are Power Whips allowed, just wondering as I think it's characterful for the Excoriators.

Chaplain-Grimaldus 09-29-13 07:42 PM

May I join? I have not done an RP yet but would like too. Also seeing as you are looking for 8 but only list 7 options on chapters may I be a Blade of Dorn? My own home brew chapter who are obviously Dornian?

Lord of the Night 09-29-13 07:54 PM

151 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Chaplain-Grimaldus (Post 1417026)
May I join? I have not done an RP yet but would like too. Also seeing as you are looking for 8 but only list 7 options on chapters may I be a Blade of Dorn? My own home brew chapter who are obviously Dornian?

I have added two more Chapters to the options. I would very much prefer you use an established Chapter as it means I can use what is written about that Chapter to create situations unique to characters from that Chapter, things that will speak to them directly as a part of that Chapter rather than generic things.

@Farseer Ulthris

I like it. Accepted.


Chaplain-Grimaldus 09-29-13 08:55 PM

Ok, first time doing this but here we go!

Name: Veteran Brother Krixus Orison

Age: 370

Chapter of Origin: Iron Knights

Orison is a touch shorter than an average astartes though is muscular and broad even by their standards. Hailing from a high grab world this is natural to many who originate there and his stature is deemed acceptable within the parameters to have been labeled Homo sapiens, but only just.

Orison has a broad face with a strong jaw line. His hair is cropped short in a militaristic fashion and he bears 3 service studs above his left eye. The right side of his face is marred by a scar running from the temple to his lip, giving him the appearance of a permanent sneer.

Orison wears a suit of Mk7 Aquilla power armour though his left shoulder plate and greave are both studded heresy variants awarded for valour earlier in his service. Like all of his chapter he wears a small shield bearing his chapter logo upon the left of his chest. He wears a tabard at his waist detailing his many battle honours and his armour bears 4 purity seals placed on the shoulders, chest and backpack. The icon on his chest is a stylised aquilla. His helmet is a standard Mk7 variant with enhanced optics on the right eye. His service stuffs are mirrored on the helmet above the left eye. He bears a Crux terminatus on the knee pad of his right leg.

On his waist Orison has his 2 marksman awards on a chain as well as the skull of the arch sorcerer Mathletox who he personally decapitated. The skull is encased in gold and embossed with the aquilla on its forehead.

At his hip is a black scabbard held in place with golden chain, engraved on the scabbard are the names it's previous owners. Sticking from this is the golden hilt of his power sword.

Orison is known as being blunt and to the point, he will not suffer time wasting and dithering nor is he one for wasting time on idle chatter when actions could be made. This has led him to e a somewhat uninspired leader. Whilst he excelled in the position as a squad sergeant within the third company he is not destined to rise much further. He may one day command a stern guard squad but will more likely find his place in a post as a company champion or even the honour guard. This is a
Situation he is more than happy with.

Orison is a man of actions not words, though when he speaks it is usually of import, Orison thinks carefully about what he says. His attitude towards idle
Chatter extends to himself also.

A man who places much in skill at arms and honour Orison is well known in the chapters honour cages, readily able to settle disputes with blade rather than words. He will fight furiously to defend his brothers as well as those who he perceives to be honourable or those who show him honour and respect on turn.

Orison does not remember anything of his life before astartes save occasional flashes of deep cold and mountains of the chapters homeworld. Orison began his service with a devastator squad after being promoted to Initiate but found his home once he was promoted to the 4th tactical squad in the 3rd company. Orison preformed many feats of skill at this early stage in his career, gaining his first marksman's honour whilst half blinded by an Ork blade that later scarred his face. By his first century of service Orison was appointed as Sgt of 4th squad after his predecessor was slain during a boarding action against the Eldar.

During the Astelcross crusade Orison earned his position within the 1st company as well as his 2nd marksman's honour after shooting an eldar Aurtarch who was aboard a falcon that was moving at speed, placing his round into the xeno's head as the door was closing. Once on the 1st company he joined one of the Sternguard squads. Whist serving here he ended the Mathletox schism after he decapitated the possessed sorcerer with one blow.

Orison has proved his skill at arms many times, being awarded a magnificent power sword after slaying the Ork Weirdboy Zapzagga in personal combat he also slew no less than 4 Khorne Bezerkers in hand to hand defending the Beta 459 listening post from invasion. For these deeds and many others he was selected to attend the feast of blades.

Mk 7 plate with studded left pad and greave.
Frag and krak grenades
Bolt pistol
Power sword
Modified Bolter with Sternguard ammo and enhanced optical link targeting scopes. (Orison favours the longer range Kraken rounds and usually has these loaded)

Lord of the Night 09-29-13 09:05 PM

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Originally Posted by Chaplain-Grimaldus (Post 1417048)
Ok no worries.

I would like to reserve the Iron Knight

Post Reserved for Character sheet to follow by end of Tuesday night.

No reserving. I will only allow a Chapter to be claimed when a character sheet has been posted and accepted.


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