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Crimzzen 09-27-13 07:03 PM

What happened to all my REP?
Haven't logged on in awhile but I've noticed all my nice pretty rep disappeared. What happened?

Djinn24 09-27-13 07:07 PM

Russian hackers jacked the site. Want to guess the item that was corrupted during the back up?

Stella Cadente 09-27-13 07:42 PM

It is a shame, a had a fair chunk of rep from just being me and occasionally posting pics, its amazing how much rep you get being a jerk who isn't afraid to speak his mind haha

Crimzzen 09-28-13 07:00 AM

Huh that sucks. I had a bunch of rep for my painting/modeling :(

ChaosRedCorsairLord 09-28-13 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by Crimzzen (Post 1416674)
Huh that sucks. I had a bunch of rep for my painting/modeling :(

At the end of the day it's just a number. I'm sure with your painting and modelling skills it will shoot back up.

Djinn24 09-28-13 12:33 PM

Yep because mine had launched back up.... At this point the rep system could disappear and I wouldn't care. Lost damn near 3k and as dead as the forum is good luck getting it back.

Serpion5 09-28-13 01:26 PM

Well the new system is one point at a time. So the standard for high rep now is much lower. Once you're used to it things won't seem so disappointing. :)

Kreuger 09-28-13 02:14 PM

And it means more now. 1 point at a time directly matches the number of times people approved of your posts. Previously rep didn't represent approval very clearly, a single repping by a senior member often counted more than half a dozen approvals from other members.

LazyG 09-28-13 02:50 PM

This way round avoid 'rep hyperinflation' which I've seen on other forums. The regulars/power users were giving out huge amounts of rep, largely to one another, so it was a sign of regularity not quality. THis way round avoids that to some extent, because everyone gives the same amount so the speed at which you get massive rep inequality is severely reduced.

Magpie_Oz 09-28-13 02:55 PM

Only tossers get heaps of rep

ntaw 09-28-13 03:06 PM

When I first logged in to Heresy some dude gave me 30 rep as a welcome to the boards I guess. Now when I get rep it's one point typically for list advice, the occasional solid joke, and my painting skills (that are improving largely based on the critiques offered me as a result of my postings). With the exception of Magpie's undoubtedly well deserved heaps of rep there, the numbers may be smaller but the meaning is much more well defined.

scscofield 09-28-13 03:44 PM

If your active you will build up rep again. The old system was a joke as others have pointed out. It had way to much inflation built into it. I got a few hundred rep in a day at one point for a comment. Amount of people giving that rep was not a few hundred, it was ten ppl or so.

MidnightSun 09-28-13 03:50 PM

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Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz (Post 1416741)
Only tossers get heaps of rep



Old Man78 09-28-13 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz (Post 1416741)
Only tossers get heaps of rep

Not so, I toss like a champion and have diddly squat!

Djinn24 09-28-13 10:02 PM

The issue is all the old content a lot of us provided that got us rep are so buried that we never see gain from it. Even if it was 1 at a time from the get go I know I would have 300-400, not 20.

scscofield 09-28-13 10:05 PM

Nothing stopping you from redoing those tutes and getting rep again.

Kreuger 09-28-13 10:37 PM

I'm sure from djinn's perspective that's not terribly equitable, but I recall a mod saying there was no mechanism under the old system which tabulated the number of times rep was given.

I suppose you could update them or bump them and see how the population responds.

Djinn24 09-28-13 11:02 PM

I am redoing them Scofield and I would update them except you can't edit older posts. At one point I had editing ability in the tutorial section but not anymore.

scscofield 09-28-13 11:11 PM

The old system was wiped, it is gone, all of it. If you want rep you have to do like everyone else that has posted since that wipe and earn it. There is no past rep to base anything off of. Anyone who currently has rep of a decent amount has actually earned it and it is a true reflection of what they have earned since the site was borked.

The system in place is a reprsentation of those that are helping the site since it has been reborn. Consider this a second life of the site, the past is gone. In terms of that consider any old tute in the section gone also. Do not try to edit them, post new and fresh content based off of them. Site traffic will not improve from old posts being editted. The hacker blew those old posts off the search engine hits. If the tutes and other content is redone and posted as new sites then they fall into new search engine hits.

In otherwords consider anything pre hacker as gone, even if it is still here on the site. If you want rep, create a new reputation.

emporershand89 09-29-13 02:35 AM

Agreed Scscofield, it was needed.

Djinn24 09-29-13 04:41 AM

Um. Sorry but i call bullshit. My tutorials on Heresy still rank very high in search engine requests, same with my painting posts etc.

And I am coming up on 6 years on Heresy. I don't need someone who has barely been here for 2 to tell me what I need to do to make a reputation here.

scscofield 09-29-13 05:09 AM

Then quit crying about it.

Serpion5 09-29-13 07:59 AM

This topic is utterly pointless. I wish there was some way I could make this whole thread just stop...

Oh wait! :crazy:

It was pixels and digits. Just like your post count and your awards, and you still have those anyway right?

Move on.

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