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The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 09-19-13 10:14 PM

new movies that are full of themselves.
Why does the middle eastern fanatics think this is okay, but anything insulting their god or saviors are not?


to summerize, this movie portrays everything inverse to the truth. It feels like a massive propaganda brainwashing, especially since they claim its based on reality, even though everything in the myths portray the exact opposite of their claims. it sickens me that the most vocal about their own god being brought down, would bring THIS into their mainstream.

Chaplain-Grimaldus 09-19-13 10:43 PM

Because they believe they are right and everyone else's idea is little less than a joke so they don't see they are doing anything wrong here. Not to mention it is accepted and even encouraged to lie to unbelievers so a false representation of someone else's religious ideas is right up their street.

They are the most hateful and intolerant religion going. You are right that they would kick off if it was their religion and they should have some empathy but they don't see it that way.

DeathJester921 09-20-13 02:44 AM

And they're..... really trying to say they based the movie off of the myths and history of the Norse? Really? Wow...... anything to mislead the sheep who will believe anything or don't know any better.

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 09-21-13 01:06 PM


aaaand, heres their bullshit response and another response from the kind folks over at asatru community.

If they want to see extreme acts based on this film, maybe someone should call for THEIR heads for a cash reward like innocence of muslims had.

Chaplain-Grimaldus 09-21-13 01:09 PM

No because then you would be a hateful intolerant racist. See how they do that?

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 09-21-13 01:14 PM

pretty much, but it seems its the only language those ignorant pricks understand

Chaplain-Grimaldus 09-21-13 05:27 PM

Yep! I have no qualms with telling them I find their religion abhorrent. I welcome them getting agitated about it. Take a swing. Give me an excuse.

Stella Cadente 09-21-13 06:58 PM

You could just...not care, its really not an important issue, somebody makes a Shitty film, somebody complains, such is life, the world keeps turning.

Haskanael 09-21-13 07:36 PM

meh its nothing new that the Asatru community overreacts on movies and other fiction, taking things to serious and to personal. I for one preffer to enjoy the fiction the way it is supposed to be enjoyed, (hopefully) good entertainment that isnt to be taken to seriously.

on hte movie itself, the concept sounds ridiculus, especialy noting that one of those "artifacts" bears the name of a christian saint. how would thor have to get his hammer back? its his most priced possession he almost sleeps with it under his pillow, as a matter of speech that is.he only lost it once in the myths and thats only due to Loki's bastard tricks.

I choose to not take the movie serious, and to not be offended by the falseness of the "based on". its not my ignorance. above all its a waste of energy to wind youreself up over it. you could be doing something good, productive and/or fun instead.

The_Werewolf_Arngeirr 09-21-13 07:54 PM

the offensive part is that if you go check the movie on IMDB they claim to be based on historic FACTS. There are plenty of people in the asatru community who are quite calm and cool and dont overreact to most "interpretations" of the myths. including the Thor comics and the new movies that he appears in. The issues are not with someone using our myths as reference, its being ignorant enough to not only twist everything to its polar opposite to further push your own religion, and state its based on actual fact of history and the eddas.

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