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welshnick 09-18-13 06:49 PM

1300 imperial fist,please help me add allies 700pts
Lysander 230

6 Terminators 265

5 scouts 84
Missile Launcher ,Sniper Rifle ,Camo cloaks

5 scouts 63
Heavy Bolter

Tactical Marines 170
Plasma Gun ,Plasma Cannon
Rhino 35

Fast Attack
Storm Talon 120

4 Bikes 159
2 Meltas ,Attack bike Multi Melta

Devastator Squad 150
4 Lascannon

welshnick 09-18-13 08:38 PM

Should probably add i was thinking of a different chapter of space marines or tau.

ntaw 09-18-13 08:54 PM

IF have shooting down nicely, your army would do nicely with some BA allies for CC goodness. Or you could try out a Hammernator squad with Lysander, making his backup unit add to his effectiveness in CC.

What do you want out of allies/what other models do you have to make an allied detachment with?

welshnick 09-19-13 01:01 PM

Thanks i have no spare models so buying from scratch. Was thinking along the lines of CC had considered space wolves or blood angels but dont know much about either.

Xabre 09-19-13 03:28 PM

You could ally with Iron Hands if you wanted:

Master of the Forge, Servo Harness, Power Sword (you already have Power Fist attacks), 3 Servitors.

10x Tacticals, Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Razorback w/ TL Las

Ven Dreadnought w/ x2 TLAC (elite)

Ven Dreadnought w/ x2 TLAC (heavy)

It gives you even more fire support, and probably still has lots of extra points left.

The other option would be Blood Angels. They're alot of fun. Everything can be mounted on a Jetpack, and there's a few for those points. With 700 points you could easily run two full squads of Assault Marines, a squad of Sanguinary flying Terminators, And a really powerful close combat HQ.

welshnick 09-19-13 07:24 PM

Ill be honest im swaying towards a new space marine chapter i would like them to be anti infantry/close combat.

Im thinking Black Templars,Blood Angels,Salamanders or Space wolves. Would anyone be kind enough to suggest setups for these thanks.

welshnick 09-21-13 12:20 PM

Hi thanks for all the replies still a bit indecisive ut have definetly narrowed it down. I only have 650-700 points so couldn't get all those.

Im considering Blood angels for CC ,aybe with a librarian dreadnaught
Space Wolves for anti psyker and CC
Salamanders because i just like Flamers.
Dark Angels again i like the models.

Final Time i will ask i promise,which of these 3 options these would compliment my Fists the best.

ntaw 09-21-13 03:58 PM

With IF I have been hypothesizing using my Libby in Terminator armour with the Shield Eternal. 4+ Deny the Witch rolls. Since I play him in an Assault Terminator squad I'm thinking he'll be in the thick when psychic powers get cast. Just something I've been rolling around in my mind.

As for a BA detachment:

Captain w/PA, PS, JP


Priest w/JP, PS

10 man RAS with one of two options: 2x MG for armour or 2x F and 2x HF on the sergeant for a more CC oriented squad.

This is 640 points with the flamer squad and 630 with the MG squad. Librarian Dreadnoughts are wicked fun. WICKED fun. Just be careful about how it's advancing and you're golden.

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