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nicegirl13 09-15-13 06:15 PM

suggestions for starting mission in dark heresy rpg
Hello everyone

At the moment am i working on starting my first dh campain, and have been collecting information for what a good starting mission,or what kind of mission the inquisition could assign a party to. I have a great idea on how the world and some of the issue would be. I want to involve some cartel issue and well some mystori. But its more why the party should be send down there. Hope it makes any sense

Thanks in advance

scscofield 09-15-13 07:36 PM

What is your setting (hive world, shrine world, battlefront, space, ect ect) and what level/ classes are your players. DH has a huge scope of mission potential, we need a bit more detail before we can give you good suggestions.

nicegirl13 09-15-13 08:10 PM

oh ofc, well i want it to be in a Mining world or Industrial World, with a cartel senate system, where i want to combine either some xenos weapon or artifact or experiment with geneseed/ mutation. perhaps have a murder that seems to be a bit odd that might wake the intereset of the inquisiton to investigate the unnatural murder or corps.

scscofield 09-15-13 08:12 PM

Could just make it a simple investigation of bad book keeping. The acolytes are sent in to see why the mining tithes are off and then you can have a chain of events happen as ppl stress out over the INQ being involved.

ardias 10-18-13 06:29 AM

There is also the Iocanthos starter campaign, I think it is in the primary source book, but I haven't read the Dark Heresy books in a while.

neferhet 10-18-13 08:21 AM


This can give you some ideas :)
I usually start very low ( a strange kidnapping, an heretical books black market discovery) and then begin upping the stake when the investigation advance.

Lexx 10-20-13 08:31 PM

Definitely agree you should make the initial brief of the story turn out to be but the tip of the heretical iceberg. Say there are reports of homeless and underhivers going missing in one underhive area. Nothing new in itself but it seems to be happening at a disproportionately high rate even for the underhive. When they get down there you find that the shanty towns they find are nearly ghost towns. If they can find any inhabitants they resist being questioned and look terrified. From then on the players have to figure out what on earth is happening down there. Lot's of room for tension building, maybe some of the cell memebrs spot movement in the shadows and the group feels eerily like they are being watched. The threat, whatever it is at this point could anything you choose, maybe it's a genestealer cult, or some sort of crazed chaos cult being run by a corrupt noble. Sacrificing the dregs of society to gain favour with his patrons and do what they feel is a service to humanity. Or maybe there's a group of logicians using the humans of the underhive there for illegal bioresearch and as fodder to fuel their heretek creations of war. it really comes down to what can you imagine given all the fluff you have to work with.

Wiseace 10-25-13 12:58 AM

Would I be able to join this?
I am a little new to this Dark Heresy universe so I might need some help but I do have a created character so I would just like to ask am I able to join?

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