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1k-termie 07-02-08 03:19 AM

Daemons, daemons, daemons!
OK. So I finally got some Tsons, and want to pick up some lesser daemons, but therare flamers, screamers, and horrors. I thought horrors would be the obvious choice, but then thought about the rules. What are the rues for the 3 types of daemons? I might have just forgot to read ALL of my codex, but any help would be great. Peace

Druchii 07-02-08 03:28 AM

As a fantasy player I love screamers.

royemunson 07-02-08 09:04 AM

If you are using the rules out of the chaos space marine codex then they would all just count as lesser daemons, but horrors would really be the best choice. there are rules for the three types in the daemon codex but unless you are playing apocalypse you cant use them in the same army as Tsons.

1k-termie 07-02-08 04:18 PM

alright, that makes sense. It's just all the armies I see say somehing like, "3 screamers would help my flamers from taking hits so they can use the template" or some bullcrap like that.
Another question: is it just me, or is games workshop lowering their prices? I went in there and found my Tsons, but looked at the new Daemons, and Bloodletters were 20$CND! Same amount of pieces for any other box set would cost at least 40$CND!

Pseudo 07-02-08 07:07 PM

Because those new bloodletters are plastic (most other daemons are metal) and you only get 10 in a box IIRC. But yeah, the prices are coming down a little.

As for daemons in your TSons army, as has already been said, they'll all count as generic lesser daemons, ruleswise. They're really not worth their points cost either, so unless you just want to take horrors/flamers/whatever for fluff reasons (or you like the models) those points would be better spent on more TSons.

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