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Wilder 09-11-13 08:14 PM

New SM Codex and Blood Angels
I was wondering with the point decrease in a lot of the units in the new codex if that would transfer over to the other Space Marine Codices such as Space Wolves and Blood Angels(which I play)?

kiro the avenger! 09-11-13 08:46 PM

No, you want nice things, spend more money, it's what gw stands for really lol

fatmantis 09-11-13 09:33 PM

i would say yes..the DA codex was the first to show the way GW would go. less expensive pointed models on the table means more expensive models brought! so i would say that when you dex get updated you will see both a points decrease and somesort of new toys

Stella Cadente 09-11-13 09:34 PM

Sure, in 3-4yrs time, until then tough luck.

kiro the avenger! 09-11-13 09:37 PM

What I think he means us that does a tax squad cost x now like it does in the new dex instead of y, like in the B.angels

Stella Cadente 09-11-13 09:39 PM

Nope, the marine dex has no connection at all to the angel dex

Wilder 09-11-13 09:45 PM

From what ive seen in past codices is that marines cost the same across all the codices they are in. In both Dark Angels and Space Marine Codex it has marines listed as 14pts and Librarians as 65 pts. So reason seems to me that point reduction would also apply to Blood Angels

Jacobite 09-11-13 09:54 PM

Unless otherwise stated in a FAQ the points cost in Codex BA is the one to go off regardless of what other Codex featuring SM's say. As Stella say's the BA dex and the new SM dex have no connection, previously you generally needed the normal SM dex and the BA dex to play BAs. This is no longer the case.

scscofield 09-11-13 09:54 PM

If you are asking to apply new point costs to a different codex then no you can not.

If you are asking if they will get reduced when the BA get a new codex, then most likely.

You can not apply the SM costs to your BA dex though.

Chaplain-Grimaldus 09-11-13 10:17 PM

I think the best thing for BA would be supplement to SM like the old days. I'm
a BA player too.

Unit entry for sanguinary guard, death company, Baal and furioso, one paragraph for red thirst rule.

Jobs a good un!

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