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welshnick 09-07-13 10:46 AM

1400PTS 6E Imperial fist please reccomend allies
Im looking for about 600 points of allies. This is my list they are imperial fists and im looking to add allies. Ideally i want them to make snse in a fluff way. I do not want imperial guard as im not a fan of the models. Thanks

HQ Lysander

Command Squad
Twin Linked Lascannon


6 Terminators

5 scouts
Missile Launcher
Sniper Rifle
Camo cloaks

5 scouts
Heavy Bolter

Tactical Marines
Power Sword
Multi Melta


Fast Attack

Storm Talon

4 Bikes
2 Meltas
Attack bike Multi Melta

welshnick 09-08-13 02:12 PM

Ive come up with these allies

ALLIES 1 Black Templars

Emporers Champion
Land raider crusader
Multi Melta

Crusader squad
Multi Melta
Grav Gun
Sword Brother
Power sword
Neophytes 5

ALLIES 1 Space Wolves
Rune Priest w/ Runic Armor, Runic Axe, Chooser of the Slain
Wolf Guard Pack x6
2 wolf claw
3 power weapon
Thunder hammer Storm Sheild
Razorback Twin Linked Lascannon

Troops 5 Grey Hunters
Plasma gun
Venerable Dreadnaught Twin linked Lascannon,Missile Launcer(would be imperial fist less points)

Manithus 09-08-13 05:47 PM

Before I get to recommending one of the ally options you listed I have to point out that you should not be listing individual Points costs for items in your posts. So I suggest you edit your posts or a Dev will and will give you a warning most likely. Now with that out of the way.

My knee jerk reaction would be to go with the Black Templars as your allies because the crusader squad would boost your troop choices, which are relatively light for what is going to be a 2000 point list in total. However, if you think you'll be seeing lots of psykers the Rune Priest in the Space Wolf allies will provide excellent defense against them.

welshnick 09-08-13 06:05 PM

Hi thanks,ive sorted that now. Im really looking for it to be an all round force so id like it to be able to be viable against most armies. Thanks

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