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Shamrok 07-01-08 08:10 PM

Question about Imperial guard/navy army
My guard army fluffwise is a group of naval troopers that specialize in ship to ship combat (boarding actions and the such) could they be called marines, Not as in Space Marines, but rather as regular shocktroops, i ask this because in none of the fluff i have read are any naval troops called marines, and that ship to ship combat is were the origins of most modern Marines of countries lay.

chrisman 007 07-01-08 08:25 PM

Hmm. I don't know. I wouldn't mind you calling them marines, personally, as long as you backed it up with fluff (which you have). So yeah, I don't know officially, but the concept sounds good.

Snorri O'dubhda 07-01-08 08:31 PM

The imperial navy will recruit and up keep its own fighting force and that specialised forces for boarding action will be especially trained in boarding actions. good idea ve good to see how they turn out.

Red Orc 07-01-08 08:37 PM

The thing is, the guys that specialise in the ship-to-ship boarding actions, in space, are called marines... space marines. They're the elite 'special forces' who get te difficult missions - clearing Eldar pirates, taking Hulks, that kind of thing.

The IG is more like... 10 billion tiny speed bumps to slow the enemy down as it inexorably rolls across a planet, giving the Imperium's elite forces time to organise a counter attack.

It's been said that 'space marines take planets, guardsmen hold planets'. That really sums up the different roles they have.

:fluffy cyclops:

Dirge Eterna 07-01-08 08:55 PM

Technically, the term "Space Marines" would apply to any army that fights in ship-to-ship actions. Also, the term "Grenadiers" applies to any army that uses Grenades. I don't think it would ever matter to me (or any sane player) how you name your force.


lomaxxdurang 07-02-08 12:15 PM

Actually the Naval combat force for boarding actions both commiting and defending, are called Arms Men. I am designing my current IG army along that idea.
You have different levels of Arms Men as well, you have your normal every day type that are somewhere between your normal IG trooper, to more specialized better armed ones that form personal security details as well as special operations types and these guys are all equiped more like stormtroopers. Also outside of the Armsmen you have the trusted crew who will be armed at times like these because an Imperial Warship of the smallest size is still going to have a minimum of 10-15k people on board.
Also you have the conscripted crew who serve in the lower decks doing the most dangerous work on the ship. These in an emergency may be armed with sticks and clubs and swords and sent to defend the ship as well.

So there is the actual basic break down of the troops.

rgw 07-02-08 10:14 PM

I always thought that Naval Troopers should be called Marines. Since thats what you call the armed men on a ship.

Call the Imperial Marines or something?

Storm Troopers would fill the role of the spearhead of a boarding action, heavy weapons teams could be made up of the defensive battery crews from the ship. If you wanted to land them on a planet you could take drop troops and have valkyries shuttle them in.

And I believe that the U.S. Navy has Men-at-Arms on ships. Which function as the police force onboard a ship.

Cole Deschain 07-03-08 12:13 AM

Imperial Navy Marines.

Hell, given some of the dialects spoken across the Imperium, you could call them the Dancing Susans if you really wanted to.

lomaxxdurang 07-03-08 07:22 PM

Iím just quoting from BFG and the few Battle Fleet based books.
They call them Arms Men, and it has to do with exactly what you say Men at Arms.

In my army itís based on a Black Ship and itís the force used to secure rogue psykers to bring for the Inquisition.
I have a Command Squad with a HSO, Independent Commissar, the 4 guardsmen with medic, standard bearer, and all of have storm bolters, I also took a Psyker and gave him the Honorifica Imperialis Mundanus so heís worth something carapace armor, and a force weapon, as well as a priest with an eviscerator and holy relic.

I have an Inquisitor and retinue, and I have a full pair of platoons and storm trooper (Inquisitorial) as well as a 5 man Ogryn squad led by a Commissar.

I didnít take Heavy Support and I made them all Light Infantry that could be.
The Command Squad, storm troopers, ogryns, and Inquisitor have Chimeras.

I made up for the lack of real tanks with tons of heavy weapons.

Israfil 07-07-08 07:31 PM

i dont think anyone would have a problem with Marines, Arms-men or Men-at-Arms. but i would give them a nickname like the Tanith "Ghosts". or personally i would call them like the 184th Naval Seige Corp.

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