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venomlust 09-03-13 11:47 PM

Slaves of the Blood God
Hey everyone, I recently decided to finally take the plunge and play some 40k. I've been buying GW minis since I was a youngin', but I've never built an army or played a game.

A Chaos army was the only real choice, and given my love of bloodshed, Khorne was already waiting for me to start spilling blood and collecting skulls in his name. There is literally no way I'm going to buy products from GW, so I've been snatching up deals wherever I can on ebay. This entails a lot of paint stripping, hacking, and customizing -- which I'm totally cool with. I'm not so worried about being competitive at the moment, I just want to have some fun and learn the rules of the game.

I love any opportunity to be creative, and although I'm no expert, I'm happy with my work so far. I welcome any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism. I look forward to them, in fact!

1) Berzerker Aspiring Champion: This guy came to me via ebay with no weapons in his hands. He came with some 'zerker heads and backpacks, which I needed for my bikers. I love the metal aspiring champions, so the lack of weapons didn't bother me at all.


This was a relatively straightforward conversion. I decided to arm him with a power sword, taken from the WFB Khorne Bloodcrushers. The decapitated head came from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard, I believe. The backpack is a standard 6th ed/whatever Chaos Marine backpack, and the spike from metal Chaos terminators. The cape is from WFB warriors of Chaos. He was sculpted in a sort of triumphant pose, and to me there could be no greater trophy than the skull of a loyalist dog.

Coming soon: Daemon prince, bikers, lord on juggernaut.

venomlust 09-03-13 11:59 PM

Daemon Prince:

Included in the army I bought off ebay was the metal old school Daemon Prince. Easily one of the coolest models GW put out. Much better than the successor plastic model by far.


Obviously, I decided to equip him with the Black Mace. None of the existing 40k maces seemed appropriate due to being too tiny, so I decided to build my own. I was inspired by a conversion of someone else's Daemon Prince with a Black Mace that I found on the internet, and it worked out just fine. I used 6 WFB warriors of Chaos axes attached to a lance from the same sprue. The lower half of the handle is the top half of an axe. I simply attached a spike where the blade used to be.

Wings seemed like a must for a Daemon Prince like this, but one set wasn't enough! Really, I bid on 2 sets of wings on ebay and managed to win both (got both for like 10 bucks shipped, so woohoo). I used a metal cutting wheel attachment for a dremel rotary tool to cut the wings as necessary. I then drilled as needed and pinned the wings in place, supported by green stuff.

I plan to add some details (skulls, chains as befits a prince of Khorne) and clean up the green stuff. I was considering buying the plastic daemon prince tail bit off ebay, and may do so if I find a good deal.

venomlust 09-04-13 01:42 AM

Please delete this post, if possible. Or just ignore it.

venomlust 09-04-13 02:49 AM

And here we have the crown jewel of my army, my lord on juggernaut. Armed with the Axe of Blind Fury, because it sounds badass (and viable) to me. I wanted to convey a sense of movement, as if the juggernaut is charging at full speed. The lord needed to be suitably brutal, and in general give the impression of a complete, bloodthirsty lord of slaughter that makes his enemies piss themselves on his approach.


I yanked a juggy from the WFB Bloodcrushers box. The lord's legs are from Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry, cut and repositioned appropriately. Many bits (spikes, cape, shoulder pads) are from the WFB Warriors of Chaos box. The backpack is from the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord.

For the "axe blade" I used the crew platform from the WFB war chariot of Khorne, or whatever it's called. I cut/filed the edges into sharpened blades. I'm very happy with the result. I love huge 2-handed weapons. The haft is from the Skullcrushers of Khorne lance/spear weapon.

The helmet was built from a 'zerker helmet and a bloodletter's head from the bloodcrushers box.

The right arm is not currently glued (I dropped the thing by mistake!), so I when glued the arm and weapon will be raised up, as if the lord is getting ready to decapitate 10 Ultramarines or Space Elves at once.

I liked the idea of being attached to the juggernaut somehow. The bloodcrushers ride around gripping the collars of the juggy, but this wasn't possible given the pose I wanted for my lord. And I think with the speed of the charge combined with the dynamic action of combat, some sort of anchor was needed. Notice the left (forward) foot is inside of a sort of metal "strap" similar to what you would put your boot into on a snowboard.

I tried to position the chains bouncing backward, and the cape/purity seal on the trophy head on his backpack flowing as well.

Over all, I'm not *super* pleased with the pose, but it's the best I'm gonna get it. I can only break and reglue this thing so many times, and I don't want to damage the components. Sometimes "good enough" must be just that.

venomlust 09-04-13 02:51 AM

Hmm, not sure what happened there. Apparently a forum is too advanced for my mind to deal with.

Jacobite 09-04-13 03:09 AM

You're Dp has two sets of wings and that axe looks like quite possibly the most brutal weapon I've seen on a mini ever, really nice work. Looking forward to seeing these boys with paint on them!

venomlust 09-04-13 05:06 AM

Wow, that is high praise indeed. Thanks!

Truth be told, I'm terrified to paint my HQ units. I haven't painted a mini in nearly 10 years, and I was decent at best. I'm going to practice on some trash minis before attempting the army, but I don't want to play games with a plastic gray army either. I'll have to grab my balls and give it a go, sooner or later. I have a Vallejo paint set, unused and ready to go.

Khorne's Fist 09-04-13 11:25 AM

That jugger lord is awesome. Really brutal looking, and his axe conversion is a stroke of genius. What better way to praise the blood god than to kill with his very own symbol?

venomlust 09-04-13 10:33 PM

My thoughts, exactly. After all these years, I never realized Khorne's symbol was a stylized skull until I built that weapon. Thanks for the encouragement!

My "bikezerkers" will be coming next, but I totally screwed them up. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to prime them in direct sunlight on a hot day... So I'll be stripping the primer and redoing them. They're all grainy and textured and after all the work I put into them, I don't wanna settle for a crappy looking paint job.

Mossy Toes 09-05-13 04:02 PM

Yeah, that Skull Cannon kit was what finally clued me in to the idea that Khorne's mark was a skull, too: in my case, I was clued in by the back of the throne that comes with the model (since I assembled the cannon and then made the Herald of Khorne seperately, then finally turned that extra throne into an objective marker).

To make my Juggerlords, personally I just used the Skullcrusher models, rather than the Bloodcrushers. Still, the Juggersurfing Lord looks like a badass all the same--especially with that axe. Excellent stroke of innovation there.

Two pairs of wings on the Prince looks nice, but has to be heavy as hell, I imagine.

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